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29 October, 2021
Hybrid Operating Mode a New Working Model for Companies

In the current evolving world, with pandemics, you will least expect the resumption of normalcy in the work environments. For these reasons, most companies, organizations, and other crucial businesses have a turnabout in working. The point here is the significant change from the standard ways of working into remote working. However, the gradual adjustment into…

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Best Practices for eCommerce Mobile App
20 August, 2021
Mobile eCommerce Best Practices

Online purchases have been one of the most significant considerations in the current world. Therefore, almost everything marketable can be sold or bought via an online platform. With the continued usage of online sites and…

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b2b ecommerce website development
24 June, 2021
Importance of B2B e-Commerce Website Development

In recent years, the world of B2B business has been growing and expanding significantly. This means that the industry is set to outshine the B2C market in the future. According to the latest trends, B2B…

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video communication
12 June, 2020
Importance of Video Communication for Remote Workers

Technology keeps advancing, gone are the days when communication with a person far away was through letters. Technology has made it possible for peoples to pass ideas via mobile phones. What is more attractive is…

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cross channel customer experience
5 June, 2020
How to Develop a Cross Channel Customer Experience

Cross channel customer experience can be defined as the process of utilizing all possible channels for the sake of interacting with customers or consumers to attract them to take part in the services provided. Cross…

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agile estimation india
30 January, 2020
Agile Estimation in Product Development Success

We as human beings are prone to errors, especially when it comes to estimation. Talking of human estimation, it can either be under-confident, meaning underestimation or overconfidence meaning overestimation. For this reason, more software product…

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Single Page Application Advantages and Disadvantages
25 November, 2019
Single Page Application Advantages and Disadvantages

In the ever-changing world of technology, business persons have to find tips and tricks to make it grow and stand out in the market due to the advanced technology. We are living in the digital…

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30 July, 2016
Do you know the Future of Augmented Reality Apps?

Do you know the Future of Augmented Reality Apps? In today’s technical discussions, augmented reality (AR) has been considered as a hot and trending topic. So, what exactly is it? Why people are concerned about it?…

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1 July, 2016
Wearable Technology: The Future is Here!

Wearable Technology: The Future is here! According to a research carried out by Jupiter Consulting, the Global wearable tech market is currently assessed at $1.4 billion. This is set to explode in the coming 4-5…

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15 June, 2016
eLearning With Latest Technology: The New normal in Education

eLearning with Latest Technology: The new normal in Education Technology has transformed our lives like no other. In today’s digital era, technology has eliminated unnecessary manual intervention and has proved to become more than just…

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1 April, 2016
Customers in the Digital World: Get them Engaged!

Customers in the Digital World: Get them Engaged! Customers are becoming more demanding than ever before. And technology is providing them the much needed impetus! With the world coming close, consumers are increasingly steering the…

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