Single Page Application Development Cost
30 September, 2022
Single Page Application Development Cost

Each day in the modern world, a new invention occurs in web development. The evolution of the Web user experience over the last decade is unimaginable. Users began to expect faster-loading websites, entire material on…

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top b2b multi vendor marketplaces
28 September, 2022
Top B2B eCommerce Platforms for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

A B2B (Business-to-Business) eCommerce marketplace is a sort of marketplace in which sellers (such as brands, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers) often sell in bulk to other companies (customers). In a B2B eCommerce marketplace, both vendors…

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Best eCommerce Technology Stack
28 September, 2022
eCommerce Technology Stack in 2022 and Beyond

The creation of E-Commerce solutions is unique in that it necessitates the use of specialized frameworks and technologies. Fortunately, there are many E-Commerce software development technologies and tools available. The retailer's unique business requirements determine…

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Swift design patterns
27 September, 2022
Top Design Patterns in Swift for iOS App Development

Swift is a powerful programming language that enables developers to construct adaptable programs for many operating systems (albeit most often used to make iOS applications). Swift is a relatively new programming language, and as a…

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auction app development
24 September, 2022
How to Build an Auction App?

In the eCommerce world, one of the significant worldwide trends is the online auction app. We know that almost 80% of the market switched to online marketing after the covid breakdown. Through online auctions, apps…

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23 September, 2022
eCommerce Pricing Strategies to Boost Sales

A well-executed pricing plan has the potential to make or ruin your online company. Do you maintain low Pricing to remain competitive but at the expense of profits? Or should you raise your rates to…

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Virtual Job Fair Platform Development
22 September, 2022
Virtual Job Fair Platform Development

There have been hundreds of job fairs lately, with participation from firms of all sizes. Participation in a virtual job fair makes connecting with recruiters, hiring managers, and career consultants easy. Employers often gather resumes…

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Practo like App Development
21 September, 2022
Practo like App Development and Cost

In this technologically evolved society, individuals rely on mobile applications. Therefore, creating an app for scheduling doctor's appointments has become crucial to people's lives. Several individuals dislike going to hospitals for treatment. This is why…

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Bad User Experience
19 September, 2022
Characteristics of a Bad User Experience

Do you know the difference between the largest and most lucrative firms in the world and others in the same industry who, despite their best efforts, are not as successful? The solution is contained in…

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landing page design inspiration
13 September, 2022
Inspiration for Designing the Best Landing Pages

Most people will agree that physical appearance effortlessly defines something to conclude efficiently. A good example is the dressing code most of us use. The type of occasion always accompanies designing; formal occasions work well…

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ansible and jenkins difference
9 September, 2022
Ansible and Jenkins Difference

The success of any software development firm relies on its culture and adherence to the appropriate development principles and methods. DevOps has been at the peak of these "correct development principles" during the last decade.…

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gitlab vs github difference
6 September, 2022
Gitlab vs. GitHub Difference

Talking about web-based repositories, we often hear the term GitHub; many of you may be familiar with GitHub as it is the primary source of code repositories cloud-based. But another term many beginners’ programmers may…

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Difference Between Azure DevOps and Bitbucket
1 September, 2022
Difference Between Azure DevOps and Bitbucket

One may choose from various alternative control systems when doing business in the market. Git and Mercurial are the two that have been discussed the most. Git has been given a full version on the…

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Challenges in Mobile App Development
1 September, 2022
Biggest Challenges in Mobile App Development

The realm of mobile applications has seen enormous excitement in recent years. Most entrepreneurs have already developed mobile applications for their businesses or are planning to do so shortly. It is critical to recognize obstacles…

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Gradle vs. Maven
30 August, 2022
Gradle vs. Maven: Which is Better

Gradle is one of the Java development tools covered in the Comprehensive Java Developer's Guide by Stackify, although it is not the only build automation tool to consider. Maven is an older and widely-used option;…

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Ansible vs Puppet
29 August, 2022
Ansible vs. Puppet: Which is Better

DevOps specialists manage more servers and apps than ever before in the present day. Dozens of configuration management (CM) solutions, such as Ansible and Puppet, have been launched to address the increasingly complicated responsibilities. According…

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26 August, 2022
TDD vs BDD vs ATDD: What’s the Difference?

What is Test-Driven development (TDD)? This is a development approach where software requirements are converted into unit test cases before the development of the software. Since it pre-defines the test cases before development it is…

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Recipe App Development
25 August, 2022
Recipe App Development : Features and Cost

Recipe App Development Features and Cost Numerous individuals choose cooking as a pastime or a vocation since it enables them to transform an ordinary meal into a compelling and captivating one. During the first period…

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What is Digital Engineering
24 August, 2022
Digital Engineering and Its Benefits

What is digital engineering? This is the holistic building of digital models to come up with a complex product or system. It completely digitizes product development from planning, creation of 3d models, and digital prototyping…

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human centered design vs design thinking
22 August, 2022
Human-Centered Design vs Design Thinking

What is human-centered design? This is a problem-solving technique in design that real people are put at the center of the development process. This enables developers to create products that resonate and are tailored to…

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