The role of manufacturing in the national economy is paramount- it influences the GDP, performance and growth rates of all other sectors and hence, the overall economy. With such immense importance to this sector, it is essential to be advanced and productive.

Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Today manufacturing has changed by leaps and bound. The influence of Information Technology has changed the way this industry operates. Earlier, traditional manufacturing processes involved rigorous unit production on an assembly line. The objective of the entire function was to produce more volumes to gain low cost advantage by achieving economies of scale. This involved long work schedules. Each line had a manager who gave orders to their set of workers and resolved labor issues. Overtime, labor union issues became a regular phenomenon. The industry compensated labors on hard work and employees expected a lifetime job security with their employer.

Today manufacturing has reached a turning point. The modern manufacturing approach is centered around technology; combining best practices in strategic management and technology adoption to achieve volumes and lower costs. The middle management layer has disappeared. There are no orders; labor is now empowered to make strategic decisions with the help of tools of technology.

An Integrated Product Team (IPT) approach is followed where people collaborate and work in groups with a project leader chosen from amongst the team mates. Suppliers are also involved in the manufacturing process. Employees, managers, suppliers, and customers work together as a team to achieve the production goals.

Role of Information Technology in Manufacturing Transformation

The New era of Manufacturing is based on intangible assets – organizational knowledge, ability to innovate, and value added services – rather than tangible assets such as factories and equipment. Automation through information technology has been the primary driver of change in the manufacturing industry. Not only has it increased profitability and reduced costs, it has increased productivity of the industry and have made manufacturers more competitive, making the economy more healthy and less volatile. As information technology evolves, this trend is ought to continue and graduate to higher levels.

Executives in manufacturing domain are increasingly seeing their role as creators of value and wealth. After a series of downsizing and restricting measures, today, the manufacturing industry is sailing past the mast. By leveraging technology, the industry has started to make profits for the company, employees, and the stockholders. This is the result of huge cost savings created from automation and intelligence weaved at each step of the manufacturing process by information technology.  Companies can now control their inventory and production without having manual intervention at every step. The overall view of the business is easy to understand with the use of techonolgy.

Advancements in Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing information systems form the backbone of the daily operation and production functions of manufacturing organizations. These functions include activities associated with planning and control of the processes used in producing goods and services for customers. Intelligent software and automation devices like computers are at the heart of these processes. Computer-based manufacturing information systems deliver immense benefits to manufacturers. Few of these are as listed below:

  • Simplification of processes and complete automation leads to increase in overall efficiency
  • Production facilities are utilized better
  • Advanced inventory management and production processes like Just-In-Time leads to reduced investment in production inventories
  • Enhanced levels of customer service

Further, advancements in the worldwide web and telecommunications industry has paved way to creating successful business models and healthy growth in this sector.

In the near future, the manufacturing industry will reach a limit on downsizing and continue to use IT to enhance their competitive edge, reduce overall costs and increase profitability by selling more in the international markets.  A unified strategy will dominate the market where players will come together and utilize technology and worldwide web to create profitable business models while adding value to the economy. The ones who do not change will perish!

Manufacturing Software Solutions and Services at Aalpha India

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