The information technology industry has transformed businesses significantly over years. The prime driver for the same has been automation of business processes. There has been a radical shift from a mechanistic view to a business to an advanced information perspective. This has accentuated changes in organization, their management, roles and responsibilities, creation of new designations, more importance to policies & procedures and the core competencies to create winning business propositions.

Information technology has evolved through the phase of infancy. A new era- the era of information technology is in process. With the rapidly evolving business landscape and the increasing pace with which businesses interact, new systems are much needed.  Hence, the information age is characterized by systems built for increasing business revenues and profitability and reducing operational costs and manpower expenses.

With information gaining prominence, both quantity and quality along with the speed of sharing, it is taking on to become the primary factor for customer’s buying decision. Hence, organizations need to embrace technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Not only is technology the key enabler for processing, as information becomes obsolete fast, information technology is also a key information churning machine- it helps generate/ fetch crucial information and speedens up the decisioning process. With increased focus on customer experience, streamlined communications, easy to use systems and memorable pleasant user experience count more than anything. Advanced technology platforms and interactive software available across channels is the key to reaching to customers and conveying our message. This is not just limited to customers, but communication amongst colleagues/ employees is also important for productivity at work.

Innovative practices have shortened the life cycle of software products today. With new technologies sweeping the market, consolidation creeping in and competitors throwing new products, software has become omni-present. All organizations need to pay heed to is “speed”.

In background of the changing dynamics of technology and industry, companies need to:

  • Fasten development process while supporting multiple software platforms. Companies need to be focused on quality, adopt agile methodology and adapt to market dynamics quickly
  • Leverage latest technology offerings to enhance customer experience and improve ROI and profitability
  • Maximize customer opportunity through constant innovation and developing new offerings for new markets or penetrating existing markets further.

Combined, this has led to soaring high expectations from an offshore product engineering services provider.  Software companies need more than just an offshore services vendor; they need a strategic software engineering services partner who can help companies design and execute long term strategic vision for software products.

Services at Aalpha India

At Aalpha India, we create winning business models through innovative product development practices. Committed to delivering the right value, our custom developed software solutions bring a competitive edge to our customers. We follow an agile development approach while constantly evolving in implementation of solutions on popular and trending platforms faster and ensuring high quality projects on time and within client’s allocated budget. We achieve this with fewer resources and lower costs by adopting and standardizing best practices and state of art development tools, and leveraging development accelerators as much as possible.

Our world class products are a result of pre-built frameworks, reference methodologies and automation tools which further improve bottom line, software development costs and fasten time to market. Our approach is based on value analysis and engineering, leveraging pre-built globalization tools, SaaS enablement framework, cloud-based load test framework and professional services.

Our Offerings

At Aalpha India, our portfolio of custom software development is spread across:

  • Conceptualization & Requirement planning of software solutions
  • User Experience Design and Prototyping of software solutions
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Software Development & Testing

Product Globalization and Professional Services

At Aalpha India, we offer end to end product development and end to end execution- architecture, UI development, functionality development, QA and security testing. Our full range PDLC services, from Design and Development to Sustenance and Support, Platform Modernization and Application Management bring immense value to our customers.

Architecture Design

We also provide designing services exclusively for software development customers. Our architectural designs are adaptable, portable to varied environments and easy to interface with third party applications.

Quality Engineering

At Aalpha India, our QA, Test and Usability teams and Quality Assurance Centers of Excellence helps clients streamline test cycles, improve coverage through test planning and execute manual and automated tests.

Customers are at the forefront of our business. With our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we deliver cutting edge solutions to address our client’s business requirements and bring value to their business and numbers to their financials. Masters in software product development, our team is completely adept with latest technology platforms, market trends and industry knowledge.

Aalpha India is your one stop destination for all bespoke software product development requirements.

Come, partner with us and experience the difference!

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