You may require to grow the software product when the need arises, in order to stay strong in the competitive market. We present you a dedicated software development team which could be adjusted for size, depending on your needs. If the requirements change, resources could be conveniently switched on or off. Software developers with precise skills can function on as-needed basis or they can also become a part of your in-house team. For continuous development, our flexible engagement model facilitates you hold complete control over project management as well as scheduling, as per your priorities. The dedicated programmers from us are incorporated into your corporate structure and function entirely for you.

Starting at US $10/hour

Why Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team like us?

Those companies which target to have cost-effective extended development resources allocated solely for them can be benefited a lot from a dedicated software development team. The team also helps them to retain their exclusive domain knowledge. A dedicated software team would be as effective as the team manager is devoted to be. The below points to highlight the aspect of hiring a dedicated software team like us:

  • We hold an experienced team manager enriched with the understanding to create software development teams as well as to implement the project plan with the correct output, considering quality and productivity.
  • The team will make sure the use of the correct technical knowledge as well as skills to satisfy the precise project needs.
  • We present teams consisting of programmers, custom software developers, QA professionals, business analysts, UI/UX designers, etc. With the help of the appropriate team, you can attain success.
  • Prepare your own dedicated software development team consisting of experienced specialists.
  • We work with software developers who merge innovation, technology, and experience to accomplish projects, irrespective of scope and size.
  • Stay in continuous connection with your teams via phone, email, or IM.
  • The inclusion of qualified developers is devoted to working with you flawlessly, reporting and advancing your company with their widespread experience.

How can our Dedicated Software Team help you?

Without knowing the ways in which our team assist you, it would be impossible to know the importance of our dedicated software team. Let’s have a look at them:

Comprehensive Flexibility

Our team of software developers can work directly with your employees or they can even work independently. You can utilize our dedicated teams for your project, on a short-term and long-term basis. Without any need of going through the lengthy process of hiring or downsizing, you can choose how to use our developers.

Save Time and Money

With the assistance of our dedicated developers, there is no need to allocate resources on recruiting, housing, or equipment. We manage the recruiting and selection procedure of developers to save your resources and time. Without wasting any time, our dedicated teams can start working on your project directly, providing you with a quick time to market and offering you an edge over the competition.

Affordable Rates

From us, the dedicated team contracts usually start with a six-month agreement. Once the initial period is over, we work on to review the project on regular basis and we also plan to adjust team size or structure when required. The service of regular assessments from us allows us to propose team changes, considering your future needs. The kind of efficient management of the teams leads to efficient utilization, and the same is reflected in our affordable price structure. We present you pricing options as per your needs. You can conveniently choose between onshore or offshore developers as per your budget.

How do we Succeed?

Our methodologies consist of below-mentioned key activities which help us to succeed:

  • Business strategy and goals review
  • Proof of concept(s)
  • Requirements and use cases
  • Architecture and design
  • Implementation and testing
  • Production deployment
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Interested in working with a Dedicated Development Team?

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    How we Work

    Free & Effective Consulting

    It is quite understandable that confidential consultation is crucial in order to effectively get the software projects done. We consult via in house visits, calls or Skype to know our clients’ needs and issues. Till now, we have already developed several hundreds  of software systems including the hardware and software components. How we stand unique is we inform our software development team to take software development quality standards seriously; Hence, it will be capable to not only build trust but also put off vendors from auditing your business right in the first place.

    Result Driven Strategies for Audit

    The goal of our software development process is to implement result-driven strategies for every single projects we do. We carry out an audit on a wide range of services ranging from software project analysis, development, design, testing in any product delivery lifecycle. Our development team reviews the software development product on a variety of technical tracks. This may include software code base, automated build & release processes, production infrastructure setup, production infrastructure security, technical solution, etc.

    Strategic Development Process

    We implement test-driven development as well as continuous integration, in order to make sure that the development process is as per the planned strategy and capable to meet the requirements precisely. While carrying out the audit process, we keep the development cost and simultaneously we focus on high-quality results. In order to suit the development process as per the plan, we incorporate different experts into our team. Our team includes software developers, software architects, audit manager, tester, UI/UX designer, etc.

    Continuous Assessment of Processes

    With a view to effectively control the development work process, we carry out the continuous assessment. We carry out work on reports on a continuous basis so that we can know the progress of the process and status of the issue. With the help of demos and progress reports, we collectively decide on the extra inputs if needed, features, priorities, and deadlines. If need arise we organize meetings with the clients to assess their needs of a software audit.