What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter offers an Application Development Framework for the rapid development of web applications, especially when your developers are building the code from scratch. It is the right platform for PHP developers looking for a powerful framework with a small footprint. It is an open-source platform supporting agile development and offers a simple yet elegant toolkit for creating fully functional web applications

Like CakePHP, CodeIgniter is also based on MVC architecture. CodeIgniter is fully compatible with standard shared hosting accounts, PHP versions across developments and customers with deadlines. This platform is a proven solution for developing the next generation of web applications and has found a niche amongst the developer community in a short span of time.

CodeIgniter facilitates the fast development of code by providing a rich set of predefined libraries for common tasks. It also provides an intuitive and simple user interface and logical structure to access these libraries, making it developer-friendly. This also increases developer productivity and lets them focus on creativity and business problems rather than wasting the time of writing code and fixing unnecessary bugs.

CodeIgniter proves very useful for developers looking at a simple MVC framework with zero configuration and offers a rational approach to extending functionalities through extensions and plug ins. It offers exceptional performance and still does not require developers to follow the command line, encourages coding rules and favors simple solutions and clear, thorough documentation. This IS THE reason why CodeIgniter has become popular amongst small and medium businesses looking at projects that require low-cost solution without compromising on quality and time to market. Fresh applications can be rendered easily by using existing codes/ previous work easily using CodeIgniter. This helps reduce development costs and time. At Aalpha India, we have a talented pool of CodeIgniter development specialists. Using our CodeIgniter application development solution, we can deliver search engine optimized applications, flexible user management with role-based access control, custom admin interface, custom CodeIgniter app development, QA Testing, an effective application using multiple platforms and support and maintenance services.

Key features of CodeIgniter Development Services

  • Model View Controller-Based System

With the use of MVC architecture, developers can easily find complex models and create applications rapidly by utilizing controllers and views. Core libraries can be built with CodeIgniter assistance while developers can integrate existing scripts with the database in a seamless fashion.

  • Error Handling

CodeIgniter offers extremely user-friendly interface. This facilitates quick and easy detection of error functions throughout the application globally. Instructions are passed to error logging class which in turn allows debugging messages to be saved as text files. All errors can be found in one place and sorted easily.

  • Form Validation

This is a great feature offered by CodeIgniter. Using an effective validation framework, CodeIgniter helps developers write the entire code in effectively one line. Error-free code is generated using this framework while ensuring placement of control structures within the HTML form.

  • Migration

Another USP for CodeIgniter is the seamless migration capability offered to move data across servers. CodeIgniter, with its migration functionality, helps developers manage database schema updates across various web application fields easily

  • Configuration and Customization

CodeIgniter effectively accelerates the development process and makes it developer-friendly and fast by allowing developers to create what they need to develop based on the web applications. Existing files and code can be easily edited without confusing beginner-level developers to develop a new life. Customization and Configurations can be performed in a matter of minutes in a swift fashion.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework Application Development

CodeIgniter Development Services offers immense benefits as an application development framework-

  • It is very easy to install and deploy
  • It offers an impressive documentation schema
  • CodeIgniter drastically improves coding productivity by making the task easy and quick
  • It supports developers with internally defined libraries and helpers
  • Powerful URI routing control makes the framework robust
  • It also helps the developer to create both front-end and rear-end of a web application effectively and easily in a secured manner. Migration can be performed very easily.

At Aalpha, we offer a comprehensive bunch of CodeIgniter development services. The list includes:

  • Application development on CodeIgniter
  • CMS Development on CodeIgniter
  • Template Design on CodeIgniter
  • Portal Development on CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter Custom module development
  • Engineering rich web portals with CodeIgniter & MySQL
  • Up gradation of CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter Development Services
  • Web development on CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter integration, configuration and deployment
  • Component development with CodeIgniter
  • Backend support and maintenance
  • Payment gateway integration with CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter customization
  • CodeIgniter Integration
  • CodeIgniter extension development
  • CodeIgniter AJAX based Shopping Cart development
  • CodeIgniter website development and maintenance
  • Ecommerce business setup using CodeIgniter Framework

Having deep domain expertise and years of experience in delivering successful CodeIgniter projects across industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality, e-commerce and more, we are the pioneers in CodeIgniter development services. Come and experience our services to lead the wave of change!

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