The era of web app development has bloomed in the last decade. With development of technology and widespread use of internet, web development has seen a rise. With increased demand for web applications across businesses, there is a need for advanced programming languages for developing modern age applications. Perl development services is an answer to the needs to today’s web applications.

What is PERL development services?

PERL is a widely used programming language for development of dynamic websites and web applications. Popularly known as “the duct-tape of the Internet”, it is an interpreted, dynamic framework which can be easily run over different platforms (portables and mainframes).

PERL compiles itself every single time before running. It is an extremely flexible platform; it offers Perl interpreters and Perl documentation for UNIX, MVS, OS/2, Amiga, VMS, MS/DOS, Macintosh and other operating systems readily. PERL offers an easy to use development interface; it is highly efficient, complete and supports both procedural and object-oriented (OO) programming.

As a highly capable scripting language, PERL offers a powerful built-in support for text processing. It provides them more control over websites being an interpreted platform. Enhanced flexibility and intuitiveness of PERL framework enables developers to develop dynamic web pages and perform system management tasks in an efficient manner.

In all, PERL development services offers an easy to use, accomplished and efficient language useful for the following:

  • Dynamic website and web applications development
  • Powerful word-processing data
  • Graphics programming
  • Database application
  • CGI programming on the Web
  • System administration
  • Text files manipulation
  • Network programming

Key Features of Perl Development Services

  • Combines the best of all programming languages like C, awk, sed, sh and BASIC
  • Supports both object-oriented as well as procedural programming
  • Simple yet powerful object-oriented programming syntax makes it easy to learn.
  • Supports rapid development cycle.
  • Code written on Perl can be run across different platforms with almost no modifications. This is why it is called cross-platform language.
  • Provides a ready interpreter which can be easily embedded into other systems and web servers to speed up processing
  • Capable of handling encrypted Web data, including e-commerce transactions
  • Provides features like auto subroutine upload and regular expression enhancement
  • Being highly versatile, developers can code and learn using their own style on Perl framework
  • Provides text transformation support with a regular expression engine. This makes it a favorite amongst the developers for both command line and we programming.
  • Complete XML support, Graphical user interface support and embedded Perl scripting facilitated by an inbuilt comprehensive module library.
  • Provides multi platform support across Windows, Microsoft DOS, Linux-Unix, and Apple Mac’ s and several other mobile platforms like Android, iOS etc.
  • Supports innumerable unbundled modules, compilable and lexical scoping
  • Supports third party database like Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL using its database integration interface DBI
  • Can easily interface with external C/C++ libraries through XS or SWIG
  • Highly extensible supporting over 20,000 third party modules from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)
  • Unicode enabled and Y2K compliant

Benefits of using Perl Programming Language

Perl boats of a plethora of benefits to the developers which ultimately trickle down to the end users. Perl offers a clean programming environment which is highly modular & reusable. Object oriented programming makes it extensible. It is compatible with multi platforms and allows multiple and simultaneous DBM implementation. It provides complete control of front end web applications to the developers.

At Aalpha, we have been powering enterprise application development on Perl development services for years. The applications developed using Perl are extremely fast, versatile, scalable and flexible. Our Perl customers have always come back with more than satisfactory comments and feedback. With such expertise and experience across industries, we provide the following Perl services:

  • Perl Website Development

This includes complete development and modification of computer programs in real time. It is also inclusive of compilation and installation. The complete service set includes addition of new features, debugging, seamless integration with external web-services by means of REST, SOAP or other API interfaces, troubleshooting and optimization of performance for high load, modification and support for legacy CGI Perl scripts, developing test and review codes, installation of perl scripts on client server and installation and upgradation of Perl modules.

  • Perl CMS Development

Content management system (CMS) development services from Aalpha provide complete management of huge website including content creation built on different frameworks.

  • Perl Programmers

At Aalpha, we provide expert and certified developers capable of developing flexible and intuitive applications loaded with feature using the PERL scripting language

  • Perl Web Hosting

Our web hosting services ensure fast loading speed and great up time.

Our applications are scripted on PERL and powered on the latest technology platforms. Technology we use to support applications scripted onPerl development services are:

  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows (across all versions)
  • Web servers: Apache, mod_perl, FCGI
  • User interface: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Data store and databases: MySQL and NoSQL databases (inclusive of simple ones)
  • Data and file formats: CSV, JSON, XML, HTML

At Aalpha, we are committed to delivering the next generation of web applications scripted on best scripting platforms to deliver fast, efficient, secure, scalable and flexible solutions providing enhanced user experience. Our expert team has fulfilled these expectations across industries like retail, hospitality, ecommerce and many more.

Come and partner with us to experience the change yourself!

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