At Aalpha India, we deliver expert development and outsourcing services for the professional services sector. By taking on to the professional’s job, we turn our client vision into reality quickly at effective price points with minimum possible risk. Our team of experts is adept at the latest technologies and delivers a flawlessly implemented project bringing global best practices to each customer engagement.

Professional Services Industry

Deep domain expertise and innovation are the pillars of success in technology industry. Reliable information at lightning speed and fast servicing are essentials to delivering a memorable customer experience. With professional services, you can develop the next big idea for your business.

At Aalpha India, our professional services portfolio is spread across project management, software development, custom technology solutions, operations consulting, web development, training, launch Support, consulting, training and testing for services industry professionals like lawyers, teachers, accountants, auditors, marketers, sales people and more. Solutions developed for these professions increases productivity of their functions and yield much better results faster!

A few use cases for our services for professionals are as under:

Project Management

Our Professional Services team partners with clients right from initial development stage to fine tuning. From creating pleasant customer experience to meeting compliances, our services take complete care of the project assigned. This is particularly useful in IT development and development of accounting software for accountants.

The approach to this includes the following steps:

  • Access and Design

This includes analysis and identification of business requirements and turning them into an actionable plan.

  • Implementation

With the help of precise scoping, we deliver customized projects on-time and within budget. This is achieved through trained and certified professionals working across different installation and implementation programs.  The entire process includes planning, design, configuration, reporting, and tuning, all in a single packaged offering.

  • Optimization and Graduate

Once the basic project is deployed, we offer expansion of services for improvement in efficiency and productivity.  Aalpha India offers flexible, customized options for graduation of professional services to the next level- with enhanced protection, supervision, tracking and deployment.

This is all followed up with regular health checks. This includes review of the product and associated attributes, identification of updates required, implementation of the upgrades followed by regular monitoring. This brings in the advantage of saving time and IT resources and delivers an improved performance. The compliance requirements are fulfilled while third party integrations are designed and developed in a swift manner. All this comes to our clients at low costs and justifiable ROI.

Third-party Product Integration Design and Development

At Aalpha India, we are not only focused on delivering world class products, but also help clients in streamlining their business processes by integrating our solutions with existing IT and security systems. Be it a small module or enhancement to a full blown product, our dedicated professionals work round the clock to serve the best by leveraging deployment expertise and ensure smooth interaction between our solutions and other third party technologies. This is particularly useful for manufacturing operations, automation development and logistics companies.

Training and Testing

Professional approach to delivering solutions calls for a systematic approach in making users experts in using them to extract the maximum value. To facilitate this, we deliver regular workshops from expert consultants to assist in designing client’s staffing model, training administrators, and monitoring SaaS apps, websites, files, and critical databases according to best practices.

Consulting Services

Professional Services from Aalpha India helps clients create custom solution packages to meet their implementation challenges. Our experts ensure solutions delivered on time and within budgets. This is a consequence of working across hundreds of implementations across the globe with diverse experience across networking, security, software development and data protection experience. This is particularly useful for lawyers, accountants, marketers, operations and business functions.

Extending arms and legs

At Aalpha India, we help clients augment their staff and maximize productivity and lower turn around time for complex and fast moving projects. From staff requirement for managing operations, incident response assistance, to security, development, logistics and designing, we offer best in class services to help our customers build profitable business models. We also assist our client with relevant training and certification to strengthen their in-house expertise and reduce dependencies.

In all, our services for professionals act as enablers to our client’s businesses by helping them develop and design solutions fast, train their staff to enhance productivity, seek implementation support, solve operational and business issues with expert consulting, train and test solutions with assistance of expert teams and streamline business operations with core strengths while outsourcing support functions.

Our dedicated and qualified staff has experience across domains and industries and works round the clock to serve customers who are at the forefront of our business. Come, partner with us and experience the change.

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