Blockchain: Enabling the Business of Tomorrow In December of 1974, Kahn and Cerf revolutionized lives of billions by designing the TCP/IP Internet network protocol. Developed to facilitate any computer to connect and communicate with the ARPANET, the project blossomed exponentially. This was followed by the invention of the Hyper Text […]

CRM Solutions and Why Use It Relationship management is the most important thing for a business these days. Success of a business depends immensely today on relationship management process. Moreover, most of the businesses are adopting robust as well as cutting edge relationship management systems. In order to stay in […]

Do you know the Future of Augmented Reality Apps? In today’s technical discussions, augmented reality (AR) has been considered as a hot and trending topic. So, what exactly is it? Why people are concerned about it? Why technological experts want discussions and debates on it? Well, many of us have not […]

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