What Web & Mobile Application Development Costs in India? Over a span of time, as the Indian IT sector has grown to become a key player in the tech world, the markets have traversed through a wild wave of technological enhancements and performance optimisation. With the much created hype of […]

Decoding the Buzzword: Blockchain Technology The world has lately realized the unexplored potential of blockchain technology. If we turn the first leaf of this epic, it’s not hard to understand that block chaining is a trending technology very closely ‘chained’ with bitcoins. As the Wall Street, banks, related organizations and […]

Recent Cloud Service Trends 2017 Cloud governance and a lot many takeaways from 2017 Confident Governance is the Real Game As the world has been going deeper into enterprise cloud services, the need to recollect and reiterate the setup and maintenance processes has gained paramount importance. With an in-depth research […]

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