Cost of Building a FinTech App in India

Technology has a role to play from the most superficial industry or economic subsector to the most complex and advanced ones—one of the common areas that rely on technology in banking. Most of the financial institutions in most regions rely on app development to make financing more manageable. On the same line, the hottest trends get clear day by day, and each technological trend works towards advancing the banking industry to a better level. FinTech app development is one of the formal talks in town regarding the FinTech industry and banking. The commonness of Fintech sources from the capabilities of…

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Creating a Roadmap for a Software Product

In most cases, software developers concentrate on the Agile principles to accomplish the tasks faster, give room for making changes, and meet the deadlines. This implies that development teams do not need to plan for a longer period. However, many investors prefer long-term plans. In such instances, the product roadmap becomes essential. The basis of the product roadmap is to help the investors understand the growth of the product. If you are a developer, read on to understand everything about product development roadmap, build one for different projects, and why the roadmap is crucial for businesses. Above all, you will…

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Robust Order Capturing/ Management System for Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is a world wide leader in manufacturing eye health products, like contact lenses, lens care products, medicines and implants for eye diseases. Bausch + Lomb designs, develops, manufactures and sells critical medical devices and products through their vast sales distribution network to major international companies in the healthcare industry worldwide. Bausch + Lomb was facing problems with their sales network with regards to capture orders and they approach Aalpha to develop a web & mobile application for their sales resp & managers.

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Enterprise Grade Content Management Web Solution for Travel Company

A popular mass-market Internet based company in Turkey, Istanbul operating tours in all major cities of Turkey. with a large cluster of websites – both large and small – client used lot of vendors to develop websites and the websites were developed using different content platforms mainly open source & few were custom made which was causing major problems to maintain and update regularly, client wanted to develop a centralized CMS that serves a growing online visitor base from USA, Europe & Asia, wanted an automated yet simple to use content management solution deployed to manage the content serving and…

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Enterprise Sales Force Automation Successfully Delivered

A leading international Pharma enterprise with active sales forces and high intensity campaigns across Europe was seeking an efficient CRM/ SFA solution to ensure cohesion and direction in business development & Customer retention. Their main goal was process efficiency and greater manageability in the salescycle, with an effective automation of routine CRM/ SFA tasks while maintaining the stringent pharmaceutical standards, client approached Aalpha with apprehension weather to outsource or develop locally, after initially meeting client was convinced with Aalpha's recommendations and communication.

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