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MoneyWellth offers a comprehensive Software as a Service financial management platform, the fintech platform developed for iOS, Android, and web, tailored for significant life events such as home purchases or family planning. It enables spending tracking, savings automation, debt management, and credit building.

Additionally, it focuses on investing, retirement planning, loan navigation, proper insurance, and wealth growth. MoneyWellth is designed to assist users in building a robust financial portfolio and making informed financial decisions across various devices.

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Sparrks provides premium 1:1 business coaching for leaders and talents, leveraging digital methods and select executive coaches. It’s known for a 76% boost in individual performance, 7x ROI, and 50% better retention of top talents. Key features include a focused approach on essential development needs, an effective coaching format, top-tier coaches, easy setup, and excellent value. The platform is adaptable for enhancing development programs, supporting leadership teams, and aiding in change initiatives, focusing on vital business competencies.

Integral to Sparrks’ functionality is the robust SaaS coaching platform developed by Aalpha, with a microservices architecture and real-time video calling, facilitating an interactive coaching experience.

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Bibagu, developed by Aalpha, is a SaaS platform designed to enhance team motivation and well-being. Utilizing daily email surveys, it collects feedback on various work aspects to gain insights into team sentiment. This data guides Bibagu in recommending targeted improvement actions and reinforcing positive practices.

Built with PHP and Laravel for the backend and Angular for the frontend, Bibagu provides customized reports to track and assess team well-being. This SaaS solution, leveraging advanced web technologies, is an effective tool for boosting team dynamics and job satisfaction in a user-friendly, scalable manner.

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VisaBud, developed rapidly by Aalpha, is a marketplace-as-a-platform solution crafted to eliminate the complexities of the visa application process. This innovative platform, accessible via smartphones, laptops, or computers, simplifies the visa acquisition journey. It provides users with an easy-to-navigate interface where they can find visa information based on their citizenship and intended destination.

Recognized for its user-friendly approach and highly regarded in the industry, VisaBud is celebrated for its technological innovation and efficiency. This platform stands as a testament to Aalpha’s capability in swiftly creating effective digital solutions, making VisaBud a go-to resource for hassle-free visa applications.

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AgileHRO is revolutionizing business expansion and remote team hiring, thanks to a robust SaaS HR tech platform developed by Aalpha. This platform, built using a Microservices architecture on Laravel and Angular, seamlessly integrates technology and industry expertise to empower businesses to grow efficiently and effectively.

AgileHRO’s innovative solutions enable legal employment of local staff, payroll management, relocation of foreign employees, and access to international talent. AgileHRO provides a solution to common expansion challenges, offering an agile, flexible, and scalable platform. Aalpha’s development ensures the platform’s robustness and scalability, making it a pivotal tool for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of global expansion and remote team management.

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Harrier Candidates, an innovative platform, evolved from Harrier Search, a traditional recruitment agency specializing in law firms, LegalTech companies, consultancies, and in-house legal operations. While Harrier Search offers headhunter services, Harrier Candidates diverges from typical recruitment models that rely on expanding consultant teams and charging significant fees. Instead, it provides a platform-based approach, ideal for employers with clear hiring objectives, offering them control, speed, and substantial savings.

Aalpha played a pivotal role in developing this robust solution, utilizing the MERN stack, Reactjs, and Nodejs. This technical foundation not only ensures current efficiency and reliability but also positions the platform for seamless future upgrades, addressing evolving recruitment needs.

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Yourmovie is a dynamic marketplace platform as a service, designed to connect users with skilled videographers and editors. Its mission is clear and heartfelt: to transform cherished memories into captivating short movies that truly encapsulate the spirit of your most precious moments. Recognizing that everyone has a unique story to tell, Yourmovie leverages the power of video as a medium to capture and share these narratives in a way that is both simple and practical.

To ensure a seamless and efficient user experience, Aalpha has developed a scalable solution for Yourmovie, incorporating several third-party API integrations. This technical infrastructure not only enhances the platform’s functionality but also ensures that users can easily access and utilize the service to bring their personal stories to life through high-quality video content.

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Funding insider

Funding Insider assists in launching crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wadiz, Makuake, and ZecZec. Initially, collaborations with top crowdfunding marketing firms led to underwhelming results, high fees, and even fraud. To help others avoid these pitfalls, a crowdfunding consultation startup was established, offering end-to-end support for creators.

Aalpha developed Funding Insider, a comprehensive platform enabling creators to manage shipping fees and upsell products globally. This platform, crafted with intricate business processes and logic, is highly scalable and features automated payouts via Stripe Connect. It stands as an advanced, tailored solution for the specific challenges of crowdfunding logistics and financial management, ensuring a smoother, more reliable crowdfunding experience.

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Projsite is an subscription based delivery planning software platform for construction sites. Projsite contains the most important parts for streamlining construction projects such as resource planning, delivery calendar for construction supplies, construction logistics and safety at the construction sites.

Aalpha developed a easy to use intuitive interface to add and manage delivery plans on a calendar view, since the application is mostly used by non tech savvy users.

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Decofetch is a destination for extraordinary home decor design. Decofetch is a unique E-boutique that exists for the love of design, featuring the most beautiful pieces from brands round the globe.

Decofetch a London based Boutique approached Aalpha to develop a robust ecommerce platform that is high end luxury looking UI/UX focusing on fast loading website across devices, Aalpha developed a custom solution based on Reactjs, Nextjs, Nodejs.

Decofetch is highly satisfied with the work delivered in this phase and in talks to scale the solution further.

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PREFD provides a professional business outsourcing ecosystem that helps in building long-term relationships with businesses. PREFD was founded in 2020 and was headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

PREFD approached Aalpha to develop a robust services Marketplace platform thats first of its kind in Malaysia. Aalpha developed the platform on Microservices Architecture along with PHP, Laravel, Lumen, Angular & MongoDB.

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Zaffori through its platform will connect with designers from all corners of the globe and together will showcase their products to consumer markets across the world. Through key partnerships, and organic and sustainable growth.

Zaffori approached Aalpha to develop the commerce platform which is modern, fast loading, B2B & B2C solution, Aalpha developed the platform in record timeframe with complex 3rd party integration like Wise.com to automate vendor payments, UPS to automate shipping, etc…

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Styletheloop is the leading website in Middle East for desirable pre-loved fashion. It is dedicated to transforming the fashion industry for a more sustainable future by promoting the circular fashion movement as an alternative to over consumption and the wasteful practices of the fast fashion industry.

Aalpha developed a P2P marketplace, our client wanted simple yet feature intensive ecommerce platform, The solution we developed has web backend to manage the customers, orders, shipping management & POS system with Omni channel solution & dedicated dashboard for each seller.

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Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office – online! You can communicate and work with your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be. Wurkr headquartered in United Kingdom, approached Aalpha to develop an SaaS based solution on WebRTC, we implemented the solution over SFU/ MCU topology along with PHP Laravel, Angular, Nodejs, Mongodb.

The MVP has currently over 1000 clients actively using Wurkr platform. We are currently enhancing the platform with new functions and features.

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Hidden is a discovery platform, offering all the best virtual and live experiences in over 30 cities around the world. Our client based in Australia approched us to develop a Human-centered user experience design for Web & Mobile platforms.

Client is happy with the outcome of the project and in talks to roll out new features in second phase.

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Kosmocity is an idea that brings millions of sellers around the world to offer their products to Cyprus and Greece market, and it’s probably the 1st marketplace for Greek Market with such variety of products and services. Our existing client approached is to build an multivendor ecommerce marketplace with extensive features for vendors to manage their business online with easy to use Vendor management tool.

Aalpha developed the solution with complete open source technology stack mainly Prestashop with custom built module to suit client needs, the solution was fully developed in 5 man months.

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Echapaa is the first of its kind web platform in Africa to compare and apply for Business, Home, Car & Personal Loans. Echapaa.com helps consumers maximize their financial decisions by putting the power in their hands to compare loans, and make informed financial decisions, Aalpha developed an easy to use interface to quickly compare and apply for loans.

Our client is happy with the way the project was delivered in strict timeline, Aalpha is already developing new modules for insurance comparison and mobile apps, which will be launched shortly.

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LuxeStreet, established in 2018, is a Miami, FL specialty finance company that provides inventory backed capital to commercial and online jewelry dealers of luxury timepieces. Luxestreet client approached us to build a web platform thats easy and intuitive to use with minimalistic design. Aalpha developed a robust content & client servicing management system.

Aalpha is already working on several other projects for Luxestreet right from basic corporate front facing websites to highly complex business applications.

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Jump Time

Jump Time is an event management web application for the efficient running of sport horse competitions and riding lessons. It is being built specifically for the sport horse industry so that it can grow and prosper. It is an independent platform to improve and simplify the experience for both you the organiser and the rider. Aalpha developed the solution using PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL.

Jump Time is getting lot of positive feedback with the solution we developed and the client is now speaking to Aalpha to develop new functions and mobile apps.

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BIAS delivers innovative IT solutions, leveraging Oracle technologies, for some of the world’s leading companies and public sector organizations. Bias approached Aalpha to build an Content Management Solution for their business & corporate website, after extensive due diligence client selected Aalpha as their development partner.

Aalpha developed robust Content Management Solution on WordPress.

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Instaclinix – Next generation digital healthcare platform developed by passionate Medical professionals in Association with Indian Medical Association to make healthcare more available, accessible and affordable to all. Aalpha rapidly develop telemedicine solution that is fast and easy to use with features like instant video consultation, language routing algorithm, Single Platform for Doctors across, Queue management, etc…

Aalpha developed the solution using Angular, C#, MySQL, WebRTC.

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Lydia is an SaaS based solution for construction industry, our client based in Sweden approached Aalpha to develop a multi platform application for Web, iOS, and Android. With Lydia construction companies can manage everything from reporting accidents, incidents or deviations to performing digital protection rounds, the mobile apps are designed to work online and offline if there is no internet connectivity.

Client is pleased with the outcome of the SaaS software product and now the client is considering to setup a Offshore development center with Aalpha for product support & management .

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Regional Container Lines (RCL) started as a Common Feeder Operator, operating its first feeder container ship in 1979 between Bangkok and Singapore and soon went on to become Asia’s one of the largest shipping line. RCL wanted to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android to track the Sailing Schedule, Cargo Tracking, Long Term Schedule & Rate Inquiry for the benefit of its customers.

Aalpha developed Hybrid Mobile apps on Ionic Framework.

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Ozone Showrooms is an international sales platform, brand showcase and multilevel fashion agency, giving designers, talents and brands the access to the market of world’s main fashion cities. Aalpha developed ecommerce solution for Ozone that connects budding designers, buyers & retailers with easy to use communication tools such as chat, messaging system, etc.

The admin panel allows client to manage every activity on the platform. Ozone has reported business growth with the solution.

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Our client a major Singapore based eye wear retailer contacted us to develop an Augmented Reality based ecommerce solution to sell eye wears online through mobile apps, Aalpha developed a MVP mobile application on iOS and Android. The application allows users to try specs & goggles before buying by simply facing to camera, we developed the Augmented Reality solution on Unity3D.

We developed ecom marketplace solution along with vendor management portal & admin area to take care of all back office activity.

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Eventeas is Spain based Startup Company that’s unique Global Booking SaaS Enabled Marketplace that connects event organizers with more than 3k vendors of 100 different categories (venues and professionals), our client approached us with an idea to build a marketplace where users can book pin to plane for their events.

We developed a robust web & mobile apps for Eventeas, client’s business is growing and we are working on next phases of the project.

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Spares World

SparesWorld is leading ecom marketplace in Kenya. The client approached Aalpha to develop marketplace ecommerce solution to connect buyers and sellers across Kenya to find genuine auto spare parts, speareworld has tied up with several top manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of automotive spare parts. The solution integrates with 3rd parties for fulfillment & order processing.

The marketplace has extensive features to manage the business seamlessly with less human interaction saving client overheads.

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Lince Market

Lincemarket a startup in Brazil contacted Aalpha to develop its SaaS based software product that caters restaurants & hotels, bridging the demand supply gap for restaurant business by connecting restaurant owners with vendors selling inventories like dairy, vegetables etc… The solution provides real-time price comparison of all inventories to the restaurants on a single click.

We delivered one-of-its-kind marketplaces to the restaurant industry helping vendors earn revenues and restaurants save.

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Crest Service

Crest Foodservice is a leading provider of foodservice equipment and supplies based in USA, approached Aalpha to develop their ecommerce solution. Aalpha developed an ecommerce website with modern functions that enables client to sell products all over the USA with very little human interference, website is integrated with their ERP, CRM & Order fulfillment systems.

The solution we developed has web backend to manage the orders, shipping management & POS system with Omni channel solution.

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Our client is a leading used car marketplace in Kenya with more than 50% of market share, Client pproached to develop a website for buying, selling used and imported cars. Aalpha Developed a robust web solution & integrated with 3rd parties for information exchange.

Motorshop has grown YoY after we launched the website & the client comes back to Aalpha for new projects.

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Clothcare is a premium laundry based in Bangalore, India. Client approached us to develop a MVP android based mobile application to collect laundry orders online, Aalpha developed a robust MVP that could be scaled to a full blown app, the app is developed on Native Platform and is coded in Java. We have recently upgraded the app and added a range of new functionalities.

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