The PoC ‘Proof of Concept’ is usually considered as the finest possible approach to start the implementation of your ideas when you just sought a vision. Our dedicated team of Business Analysts and Solution Architects will collaborate with you, in order to create quick mockups that you can go through to decide on the idea that you bear in mind. In our Proof of Concept development services, we assist our clients in clearing their product or application concept. We carefully analyze the planned design with the theoretical design and devise the tactic and feasibility analysis to carry on with the testing phase.

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What are the Specialties of our ‘Proof of Concept’ services?

The below points will let you know the specialties of our services:

The Absence of Bureaucratic Delay

Just planning the idea without any valid support cannot take it forward. PoC focuses on thinking on your feet and coming up with a unique solution. Contrasting to several big tech vendors who take several months for sign off and set-up process, we accomplish the same in a matter of few days.

The crucial component of PoC application development is the swift speed at which team could turnaround the PoC. With the experience of working with many different startups, we understand the significance of PoC and we function towards building speediest POC possible with the implementation of the suitable agile development methodology.

Allows Deeper Evaluation

You can determine the viability of our products implementation and obtain answers to your queries quickly. Depending on the stated requirements, we assist you to build a solution in
form of a proof of concept (POC), in order to show how it can be accomplished. In order to let you thoroughly test the solution, we incorporate unlimited usage of tables and rows. With our PoC service, you can dive deeper into evaluation and boost your success in order to make the correct decision.

Polyglot Teams

We assure you that our PoC service always comes with the best solution as we have team players with proficiency across OS, back-end, and front-end technologies. For all the exploratory needs of our clients, we can be a great partner. Whether it is software or technology of any kind, we adopt a one-stop expertise structure. While carrying out the proof of concept designs, our team emphasizes the core concept of the application, in order to show the idea to application’s potential users. This kind of cautious approach of the team allows keeping the focus on reducing risk in the project. This would make sure that the application idea will surely work.

Receive Expert Help

The PoC project comprises of product licensing as well as support service for the span of six months. You can get expert help from us as our support staff is capable to answer questions regarding the product and assist you to fix the technical issues. In addition to that, we even offer a dedicated product expert for maximum 10 hours of consulting. In a matter of one business day, consulting sessions gets scheduled. Our experts work with you over the phone, email, and screen share in order to let you avail a feasible solution for your precise use case.

The Two Major PoC Categories we Handle:

Below are the two key categories we work on

Web Proof of Concept (PoC)

We are proud of our POC MVP team, competent in accomplishing the proof of concept tasks via web environment, regardless of the version used or technical interfaces. Therefore, the businesses application could be assessed in their native environment access, and this asserts your application behavior exactly replicating their live domain.

Mobile Proof of Concept (PoC)

There is no point of compromise with the technical advancements even though it proceeds at a lightning pace. The business can get the PoC services for seamlessly evaluating their mobile application. The appealing aspect is that we own lots of nuances in the testing domain to scrutinize mobile application effectiveness. In order to make a sustainable web enterprise business, discuss with our PoC service experts and perceive the unprecedented success in your business.

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    How we Work

    Free & Effective Consulting

    It is quite understandable that confidential consultation is crucial in order to effectively get the software projects done. We consult via in house visits, calls or Skype to know our clients’ needs and issues. Till now, we have already developed several hundreds of software systems including the hardware and software components. How we stand unique is we inform our software development team to take software development quality standards seriously; Hence, it will be capable to not only build trust but also put off vendors from auditing your business right in the first place..

    Result Driven Strategies for Audit

    The goal of our software development process is to implement result-driven strategies for every single projects we do. We carry out an audit on a wide range of services ranging from software project analysis, development, design, testing in any product delivery lifecycle. Our development team reviews the software development product on a variety of technical tracks. This may include software code base, automated build & release processes, production infrastructure setup, production infrastructure security, technical solution, etc

    Strategic Development Process

    We implement test-driven development as well as continuous integration, in order to make sure that the development process is as per the planned strategy and capable to meet the requirements precisely. While carrying out the audit process, we keep the development cost and simultaneously we focus on high-quality results. In order to suit the development process as per the plan, we incorporate different experts into our team. Our team includes software developers, software architects, audit manager, tester, UI/UX designer, etc.

    Continuous Assessment of Processes

    With a view to effectively control the development work process, we carry out the continuous assessment. We carry out work on reports on a continuous basis so that we can know the progress of the process and status of the issue. With the help of demos and progress reports, we collectively decide on the extra inputs if needed, features, priorities, and deadlines. If need arise we organize meetings with the clients to assess their needs of a software audit.