With the advent of smartphones and penetration of the internet, the digital age has gone through a revolution of a kind. Portable handheld devices have changed the way how web content is viewed and presented towards the API. Businesses are increasing focusing on reaching customers on the go across multiple channels. The entire business model is changing towards an online mode. Mobile applications have become crucial as customers are increasingly moving to handheld devices for commerce and consuming services in their hunt for convenience and luxury. In such a context, technology can help organizations lead the wave of change! Organizations need to have advanced programming tools and talent to beat competition and stay ahead in the game.

Javascripting frameworks are being extensively used in development of mobile applications. The online enterprises in today’s world need highly efficient, organized and scalable platforms for developing customized mobile applications for their businesses. It also calls for the need to streamline server communication held by the API. It needs to be flexible and scalable.

Backbone.js Development Services framework offers a scalable and efficient platform for development of such mobile applications. It is simple and easy to learn and offers a highly efficient and easy to use platform to the developer community.

What is BackboneJS Development Services?

Backbone.js is a frontend development tool designed for developing single page, light weighted web applications easily. Backbone.js helps in defining structure for web applications. Powered by models, key-value binding and customized events along with a repository of rich API functions, backbone.js streamlines web application development process. It also enables views with declarative event handling while connecting all existing APIs over a REST full JSON interface.

As per backbonejs.org, “Philosophically, Backbone is an attempt to discover the minimal set of data-structuring (models and collections) and user interface (views and URLs) primitives that are generally useful when building web applications with JavaScript.“

With Backbone.js Development Services, developers can use the entire set of features of a JavaScript library as well as utilize the MVP(Mode View Presenter) code design paradigm. It also makes it easier to give names, run functions and share device data that can be managed, manipulated, deleted and saved in the server. Backbone js makes use of domains like Underscore.js, Require.js, Key-value binding, procedural workflow, MVVM design pattern, HTML, CSS3, DOM and several others, making it more powerful and efficient than its peers in development community.

Advantages of Backbone.js Development Services

  • Simplified and faster Application Development: Backbone facilitates reorganizing JavaScript coding into views and models. This simplifies development as well as improves the speed of implementation of the same.
  • Balanced Content view: Event-driven communication from Backbone.js balances the content that is displayed on the view evenly.
  • Scalable and Flexible web application development: Backbone utilizes various models, views, events, collections, routers plug-ins to yield flexible and scalable web applications.
  • Easy to use: With backbone, adding, editing and removing tasks is very simple
  • Real time and Flexible: Backbone.js architecture does not follow a fixed guideline set. Hence, a coherent real time application development approach can be implemented easily.
  • Backbone allows handling of the DOM in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner.
  • Neat coding: Backbone supports neat coding constructs and well-documented code along with useful utility libraries. This in turn leads to memorable and enhanced user experience
  • Backbone also supports a useful utility library
  • Event binding, restful services and easy customization makes development easier.
  • Grid Re-Renders Automatically Upon Data Changes
  • Easy API Integration and self-Contained Building Blocks like makes developing experience smooth

With backbone.js Development Services, developers can build highly responsive applications which are well equipped to react to multiple AJAX requests raiding a web application.

At Aalpha India, we have a team of certified Backbone.js developers. Our team of professionals have years of experience in developing numerous mobile applications with Backbone.js and integrating these applications. With this expert setup in offshore centers in India, we guarantee highest quality and cost effective web applications to all our clients.

We follow a project management approach with regular feedback and interaction sessions with our clients. Every project kick starts with expectation setting and requirements gathering from the customer. This is collected in a business requirement document post which our teams of intellectual brainstorm and debate on the best solution to address client needs and problems. This is then discussed with the client for a buy in. Post detailed discussions and requirement mapping; the final solution is developed and then full blown into the end result. Throughout the process, we are in constant touch with our client for feedback across multiple channels. All this is coordinated by project managers who ensure quality solution delivery within stipulated timelines and facilitate smooth communication and handovers.

Come and partner with for Backbone.js Development Services us to enhance your customer experience and get access to our expert services and talent at reasonable price.

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