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Importance of Video Communication for Remote Workers

Technology keeps advancing, gone are the days when communication with a person far away was through letters. Technology has made it possible for peoples to pass ideas via mobile phones. What is more attractive is that you can communicate with a person far away, yet you can still see the person. In the year 2020, many people globally have been on stay and work from the home norm. But then, how will local and international business matters go on? It can only be through video communication based on WebRTC.

Every company must strategize how to communicate with remote workers to increase productivity effectively. Apart from increasing productivity, top managers need to find ways of making the whole team work updated by giving instructions, guidelines, and upcoming activities despite workers being in different locations. Unity in an organization also promotes the right image for the company.

A dedicated leader understands the value of communication among the workers. And for an organization to have effective communication, there must be a unified team of workers. In the end, what business aims at is to fulfill the needs of the customers diligently.

As a manager, you will manage your remote workers effectively without much straining through setting up video communication platforms.

Video Communication Applications

During a hard times covid-19 pandemic crisis, a business should not go down. Instead, use the following apps to keep your business growing better every other day.

Wurkr – is a video platform that replicates your physical office – online! You can communicate and work with your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be. Login and work with your teammates as if you are in the same office. Do your daily stand-ups, invite your clients in for a meeting or simply just work together and have fun. Feel like you are sitting with your colleagues from anywhere. None of the fuss of arranging video conferences.

Disclaimer: Aalpha is Wurkr’s development partner operating captive Offshore Development Center.

Adobe Connect — with adobe connect, you can conduct a video conference through polls, simulations, quizzes, and polls.

Goto Meeting — if you want to conduct a meeting, then goto meeting app is the solution for you. It is a platform that has an option for recording meetings for video conferences and webinars for remote workers.

Zoom — Zoom is available on the desktop and the phone as well. One fantastic feature about zoom is that you can invite other teams to join the conversation without any difficulty. Zoom can as well hold up to 1000 participants without experiencing any technical issues. The various zoom plans create opportunities for grand remote team-communication.

Slack — When video calling on slack, it can only hold up to 15 people who must subscribe. However, slack makes it possible for screen sharing that creates an excellent platform for learning sessions.

Microsoft Teams — Microsoft Teams is a global app that facilitates video communication for any type of business, be it education, healthcare, corporates, or any other business.

How Video Communication Apps can be used for Businesses

One aspect of video communication is that it reduces the cost of renting office space and saves time that you take to commute to the workplace. It is beneficial in crisis times because, despite the issues arising, the business goes on as usual. However, as you try to save the business through video communication, remember to put the welfare of the employees first. After all, the remote workers play vital roles in ensuring the continuous operations of the business. Below are some of the advantages of embracing video communication in a company.

  • Helps in Learning and Training

Learning is a continuous process. Even in businesses, there are new skills or new ideas that emerge that can benefit the entire organization. Both business owners and remote workers will benefit from learning new concepts. As for the managers, they can learn new management skills that can help them handle remote workers effectively. On the other hand, remote workers can learn new skills or ideas on how to approach a specific matter; for example, a simplified means of payment for service delivered.

It is through video communication that a manager can communicate with remote workers and highlight to them new strategies to operate the business efficiently. On the other hand, the remote workers can as well talk to other team members about a newly learned skill. In the end, both business owners and remote workers benefit most from video communication. The best part is that these videos can be recorded for reviewing later on.

  • Maintains a Good Relationship between the Business and Clients

In most cases, live events and physical meetings between business owners and clients. The meetings strengthen the bond and make the relationship better, and at the same time growing more extensive business connections. However, in pandemic times like recently, where many workers have been confined in their homes, it becomes difficult to hold such meetings.

Such factors should never hinder any focused business people from keeping up with other workers and clients. Technology has provided alternative ways to keep up with communication. Webinars are the best option in such cases. There will be no more live events and physical meetings, but the webinar app can be used to conduct live seminars and video presentations. In the end, both parties can learn and feel part of live communication because they can air their views and ask questions.

Also, webinars create an excellent image for a leader since you can bring together your remote workers effortlessly.

  • Promotes Communication and Engagement for Employees

As things change from bad to worse, most workers tend to loose moral and the urge to face new challenges. As a boss or their leader, you must think of ways on how to keep the employees stay motivated. So, how do you promote a serene and continuity work environment for all employees? How do you ensure your business stays up? And, how do you maintain trust among the workers? And how do you plan to organize awards for your employees? As custom awards are great for raising employees’ motivation and enthusiasm. All these questions have one answer; video communication.

In the middle of a crisis where workers cannot meet physically and work, as usual, the leader must think of ways to communicate via videos for the wellness of the business and employees. When a leader takes chances and implement video communication, then then the relationship and trust among the remote workers will improve in the following ways:

  • Creating a room for new Ideas

Video applications help to create a strategy of tracking remote worker’s challenges, progress, and sharing new ideas. The workers can conduct some research separately and share new innovative ideas with other business teams through video communication. In the end, business leaders can learn something useful that will change the usual operation of the business.

  • Maintaining Openness of Desired Goals

When everything seems shut, and workers can’t meet physically and set goals to be achieved, it is not the end of everything because video communication helps to track set goals and set up new goals to be delivered. The leader can explain the goals and strategies to use to fulfill the objectives. In the end, the employees will feel as if everything is normal, and they will strive even hard to achieve their dreams.

As a leader, do not overlook your workers. Allow them to air their views and concerns, ask questions and answers. In this manner, everyone will feel valued and that their voices count.

  • Creates a Caring Implication

The covid-19 outbreak has brought about mixed reactions globally. Some employees are unsettled because they aren’t sure of what tomorrow brings. In the end, they feel anxious and stressed to some extent. Some are almost giving up because they think they are almost losing their job. However, whichever situations they are facing, as a leader, you can take the initiative of communicating with them via video call to give them morale and motivate them to face tomorrow with courage and hope. Also, you can deliver them gifts for their dedication and enthusiasm, meanwhile raising their motivation. By doing this, they will feel secured and have faith and trust with your organization.

  • Getting Professional Employees

The outbreak of covid-19 has hit the economy hard. Many organizations can no longer maintain their workers due to minimal or no revenue to cater to their needs. In the end, many employees have lost their jobs while others aren’t sure of what is in store for them. However, if you have a well-established organization that can manage remote workers appropriately, this is the best chance to hire potential workers that are highly qualified. The hiring team can conduct interviews through video communication apps and hire great talents that will bring value to the organization.

  • Creates a Better Working Environment

In previous months, the idea of working from the office has changed drastically. However, the view cannot hinder the continuity of the business. The only thing that will happen is employers and employees missing fellow workers physically. Video communication apps have made it possible for people to continue working in the comfort of their homes. Other business organizations are going to the extent of introducing virtual coffee and lunch breaks for the employees. The breaks are meant to discuss other issues not related to work to break the boredom and encourage one another. During such breaks is when you can ask about the welfare of one another and how they are coping with remote working. The another option to create good work environment is organizing some game activities and competitions encouraging them with amazing selection of glass awards.


Any business-minded person should always be ready to save the business whenever a crisis arises. Create alternative means of operating a business in case there are no more physical meetings. Video communication is the best solution to overcome such a crisis. It will help you keep your business high without necessarily having to guide and manage your workers physically in an office.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.