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My name is Stuti Dhruv & I am senior consultant at Aalpha, primarily working on pre sales, consulting with clients on latest technology trends.
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A Distinction Between .NET Framework and .NET Core

Developers and programmers can use a single platform to integrate several programming languages, thanks to a unified software framework known as .NET introduced by Microsoft. The technological advancement has made work easier for developers and programmers in an organization, especially the ones connected to the server apps.  The two, .NET Core and .NET Framework, are […]

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Application Development Cost Breakdown

From Entrepreneurs to enterprise C-suite, the question about the cost of application development is always top of the line. It’s a very complicated question because the cost of application development depends on several factors. These factors include the complexity and size of the project itself to the choice of Application developer partner. In this article, […]

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Why Should We Outsource App Development?

Sure, there is a trend out there where companies are adapting mobile-first or mobile-only strategies. The topic of whether to keep the Application development in-house or to outsource it is highly debatable. This is because keeping the application development in-house to keep better control over the process, comes with extra costs that can range from […]