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My name is Stuti Dhruv & I am senior consultant at Aalpha, primarily working on pre sales, consulting with clients on latest technology trends.

Industries where AI is set to Grow

Artificial Intelligence has unbelievable potential for what it can achieve. AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies are being adopted by many organisations in completely different sectors. If we can master AI, then we will be able to automate almost everything. There would be no need for double checking for mistakes, and menial tasks would […]

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Mobile App Development Pricing/ Costing: A Detailed Guide on How Much You Should Spend in 2020

In this guide, you’ll learn how much it’ll cost you to develop a mobile app. All mobile apps are not created equal. Some will cost a few thousand dollars to develop, while others will eat deep into your company’s budget.  What do you get when you spend $1,000 for an app compared to $100,000, or […]

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Understanding the Importance of Software Architecture

The greatest determinant of software development that can stand out in a competitive product market is a robust foundation in the initial stages of development. But the creation of software that has a powerful foundation just doesn’t occur instantly. Instead, several considerations are put into the concern to ensure everything turns out to be right. […]