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How WebRTC is Changing Real Time Communication?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is intended to provide real-time application. It is basically a free and open-source project that serves web browsers as well as mobile apps with real-time communication (RTC) by the help of application programming interfaces (APIs). When you use it, you can perceive that it enables audio and video communication to function within the web pages, by facilitating direct peer-to-peer communication, removing the requirement to install plugins or to download native apps. The technology is supported by popular companies like Google, Opera, and Mozilla. It was designed with the idea to create real-time communication apps for different mobile devices, browsers and the Internet of Things (IoT). WebRTC is working in direction to change real-time communication, let’s see how it does it:

Reduces hassles of download and installation:

Lots of prevailing communication protocols have already directed to the variety of chatting software. When there are lots of options to choose from, the task becomes easy. However, the nonexistence of the possibility to exchange texts as well as to make video calls amongst different apps might seem frustrating. It is necessary that you make sure that all the participants, like friends, family members, colleagues, or relatives own the same communication app as you. Also, every time when the app developer makes some modifications in communication protocols, you need to download and install the latest available version of the app. WebRTC technology can save you from all these hassles.

The key objective of its developers was to facilitate real-time audio and video communication, in absence of additional plugins as well as add-ons. You only need to have your web browser. Moreover, you can easily open a web app which functions as a calling point and establishes the connection with your interlocutor. In response to that, the recipient must avail access to the website that functions in form of an end-point and accepts the call. With the use of WebRTC, there is no hectic process of downloading, installing and updating to any third-party plugins. It is true that such irritating practices can reduce the joy of communicating.

Real-Time Communications generally means ‘Call Me’:

Before the inception of WebRTC, the picture was that real-time communications make use of a plugin or a native app. It poses the requirement on users to download, install, update, launch, configure or even troubleshoot different issues to get their tasks done. Presently, you can use different applications for real-time communication, like Skype, Google Talk, Facetime, iChat, Yahoo Messenger, GotoMeeting, and All these applications do not involve the VOIP phones, positioned on your physical desks or every RTC apps present on your tablets and smartphones. There are many other RTC apps, available on your computers which you have already downloaded and used just once, or they got downloaded as Flash or Java applications whenever you took a visit to different business websites and utilized their live chat utilities.

Facilitates Optimal Implementation:

The optimal implementation is the aspect people usually look to have while carrying out real-time communication. For instance, suppose you are a bank customer who got a credit card statement. When you look through the list of your latest transactions, you had found something fraudulent. So, you made the decision to contact the bank for support and found out that there is one button, located on the right corner of your screen, labeled as ‘Talk to an Agent’. When you clicked on that button, you get connected with an agent, the person who owns access to each and every detail you observe when you are logged in. This particular agent can interact with you, with the help of the speaker and microphone on your computer. In case you allow them permission, a two-way video chat session can be arranged as well.

The appealing aspect of this type of interaction is that you need not pass through every step of calling the contact center. You have the convenience to avail the automated system by just pressing the appropriate button to interact with an agent. Ultimately, you need to recognize yourself and submit authentication, in order to prove the fact that you are the official account holder.

Just by clicking on a button, inside your web browser, an agent gets available to interact with you and resolve the issue. They will later be capable to work on the issue as per the inputs provided. Thus, WebRTC is positively changing real-time communication to simplify the connection between the customer and the organization.

Guarantee security for buyers

WebRTC is a secured form of real-time communication because it makes use of data encryption. Your browsers like Firefox or Chrome would also make a request to the users to validate whether it wishes to permit a website to avail access to its audio/video data. Thus, buyers need not to concern about security and the good things are that marketplaces can seamlessly connect with them, eliminating any obstruction.

Several companies would too prefer to use WebRTC over apps like FaceTime and Skype as they would perceive that the network would get more exclusive. It is found that the appealing aspect of the application will be the use of its in-built safety measures and the same aspect will enhance the program security. In addition to that, the WebRTC system would even encrypt all your video as well as voice over the SRTP. Therefore, the process of recording or eavesdropping would not be possible. Also, customers need not go through the annoying process of download or installation of any third party software such as Skype to establish a video conversation. This, in turn, avoids malware attacks.

The direct connection among the users:

Companies usually look to establish a direct line to the customers. Not only companies but even the customers need to have a hotline with companies, in order to get customer support and assistance. The WebRTC seamlessly offers this kind of direct connection. Also, customers or the personnel need not install any plugin or software, because everything is shown on the webpage or marketplace. The seller only needs to login into the seller panel and then they can begin their video call. It is known that this is one of the simplest approaches to link customer online and also it will change the manner in which customer service functions in the future.

Enables Real-Time Connection:

The WebRTC system facilitates a direct and a real-time connection among users. The specialty of this feature is unique because, with its help, companies can directly have a video chat with clients on a real-time basis, directly from the web browser page, with a single click. Apart from that, as the WebRTC would serve as a peer-to-peer network, you need not get additional bandwidth or resource. Your existing server can be used by you. The aspect lets you save costs, for buyers as well as sellers. Customers can save money with this system.

Multiple device and platform support:

There are billions of internet users present globally, so you may always suppose that WebRTC will tap this huge market automatically. It is true that the internet is categorized into various platforms and browsers, so this app needs to be omnipresent to work as per the anticipations. The good thing to note is that WebRTC functions on multiple platforms, so it can quickly and effortlessly reach out to lots of households as well as users. In addition to that, marketers and sellers can apply this technology to interact, with audio and visual aids, with the simplicity of a mouse button click. This lets the entire program to be feasible and helpful for buyers and sellers.

Other than this, the program can function as a video conferencing tool. Nowadays many companies are working relentlessly to provide users the convenience of video conferencing on this application. Almost everyone is making use of this application, so it may be of no surprise if the video conferencing utility comes with improvement and advancement in future.

This technology lets it easy to have audio and video calls, easily share files and screens, everything into the browsers like with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome or on iOS or Android apps, Windows Mobile, or a plug-in. This feature has allowed the entire industry to get occupied with WebRTC powered services, varying from audio/video conferencing to screen sharing services.

Surprising Benefits of the WebRTC based video system for buyer and sellers:

The WebRTC video chat system can convey lots of benefits to all types of users whether buyers or sellers. For diverse market segments, this benefit could be overpowering, because the app would facilitate them with the power to unlock opportunities to meet the needs of customers and clients, in an innovative way. With the use of this network, companies can now establish real-time as well as live video chats sessions with their customers. Moreover, they can use it to provide assistance to customers’ issues.

Concluding Note:

Now you have acquainted yourself with the ways in which WebRTC can change the way users communicate with one another in the future. This technology has countless possibilities once the network becomes omnipresent and everybody begins relying on it. If you are looking to hire developers to develop your webrtc application, then connect with us for free consultation.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.