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How to Build No Code SaaS MVP
1 December, 2023
How to Build No Code SaaS MVP

Setting up a successful business was once deemed a complex goal to achieve. The need for technical professionals and more cash investment were among the top challenges limiting those who want to set up long-lasting businesses. However, the need for skilled and professional expert shouldn’t limit you from establishing your dream business, especially in the…

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Risks of Offshore IT Outsourcing
29 November, 2023
Offshore IT Outsourcing Risks and How to Avoid

Advanced technology has enabled businesses to scale higher by getting top talent from different countries across the globe. Outsourcing such talents has proven to be beneficial in many ways. In fact, business owners can now…

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Intelligent AI Model development
27 November, 2023
How to Build an Intelligent AI Model

Over the past decade, deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have been the top technology trends that have been rocking the airwaves. In fact, many businesses and organizations are now implementing artificial intelligence in…

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ADA website compliance
24 November, 2023
How to Make Your Website ADA/WCAG Compliant

In the current era, most businesses thrive thanks to online visibility. Through websites, many potential customers and clients can access the products & services you are offering from anywhere across the globe. Building an interactive…

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what is Embedded Software Development
22 November, 2023
All you need to know about Embedded Software Development

The inception of embedded systems began over 50 years ago.  Currently, the system is broadly prevalent due to the advancement of machine learning and AI. Most devices equipped with computer chips and circuit boards include…

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MERN Stack for Scalable Web Application
8 November, 2023
MERN Stack for Scalable Web Application

The user experience is crucial in today’s cutting-edge digital world. High performance is inevitable to deliver a seamless user experience. Certainly, a sluggish website or app can disappoint users and make them look for other…

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How to Find a CTO for Startup
6 November, 2023
How to Find a CTO for a Startup in 2023

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position is relatively new but a pivotal addition. Many are yet to understand the role the person plays. What blend of experience and expertise is…

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3 November, 2023
Outsourcing Projects from the USA to India

Have you ever wondered why several American companies seem to head the Indian side when they need to outsource a project? Several businesses from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa are turning…

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CTO as a Service
31 October, 2023
The CTO as a Service : Costs and Benefits 2023

Every business looks forward to remaining ahead of the curve even in the increasingly competitive world. Achieving business success and staying ahead of the curve, however, requires a strategic approach that incorporates the use of…

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Cerner VS Epic Comparison
26 October, 2023
Cerner VS Epic Comparison

In the field of EHR, you will hear both Epic and Cerner as they play significant roles in varied ways. Both are platforms that offer seamless cloud-based solutions to enhance communication and customer experiences. It…

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eCommerce Architecture
25 October, 2023
The Complete Guide On eCommerce Architecture

Online infrastructure is essential for every successful e-commerce venture. The architecture of an e-commerce platform is crucial. The venue a business employs to do e-commerce deals with fundamental features that impact performance and ultimately determine…

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AI In CRM System
20 October, 2023
AI In CRM System Benefits And Examples

The demand from consumers has shifted in recent years. The maturation of the software industry and the proliferation of available options have left consumers spoiled for choice in recent years. Therefore, companies need to make…

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