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Top Reasons To Hire Software Developer From India

Do you want to know the top reasons to hire software developers from India? If yes, then without making a delay, have a look at the guide to understanding everything about hiring talented software developers from Indian. 

Who is a software developer?

A software developer is the one who has a creative mind over computer programs in a most effective manner. Some developers develop certain effective applications that let people do the most extraordinary tasks on a PC or any other device. Some others will develop certain underlying systems that control networks or run the devices. Moreover, software developers are also known as a programmer. 

Why choose Indian software developers?

In order to enhance the software technology to the next level, many companies from European and US countries are eagerly looking to hire software developer India, who has more experience. The lack of experienced and talented experts in the west side has made companies go with the custom software development outsourcing. The process of offshore software development helps a lot of companies to stay highly competitive and it can increase their ability to enlarge their market into various countries.

To be frank, India is having a lot of talent in all kinds of fields. More importantly, in the IT field, there are abundant talents are waiting to expose their talent to this world. Basically, India is having a bright growth prospect and a huge youth population and it is the most preferred offshore hub for hiring. Currently, India is leading away by handing top-notch offshore projects in its funs than any other country. With the help of the Indian software developers, many highest funded projects have become more successful. 

offshore software development

So, what is the reason to hire a software developer from India? 

India has become the preferred spot for custom software development and therefore Indian software developers have stood very unique. 

Before getting into the top reasons to hire a software developer from India, you need to understand the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing.

Difference between outstaffing and outsourcing:

There are 2 most important models that the vendor can able to use. Those models are the IT out staffing model and IT outsourcing model. 

IT out staffing is otherwise known as staff augmentation too and it is completely about enhancing the experience and skills of the staff in a most advanced manner. In this model, you can able to hire top-notch software technology companies for certain projects within a certain time. The software developer from Indian after completing their project can able to provide their service to their clients based on their demands and requirements. In the outstaffing model, each and every software developer is hired for a suitable project to get directly managed by the client. 

On the other hand, outsourcing represents the process of hiring a third person for delivering goods and services very effectively. Specifically, IT outsourcing represents hiring a third party based on your IT requirements based on the custom software development process. In the IT outsourcing model, the vendor can work with the software development team very closely and take care of the whole product development. 

Top reasons or benefits of hiring software developers from India:

  • Availability of huge talents

Software research conducted in the year 2018, have clearly reported that around 45% of the applicants or employers are finding it a mysterious task to get placed in the IT positions. The major reason for this is the lack of talented and skilled individuals. It is especially in most of the western countries, the representatives are struggling to hire a highly-skilled developer with proper knowledge in the software field. 

To be frank, there are a lot of talented software developers that are available everywhere, but it is hard to pick them and fill in the position. By considering these factors many companies have decided to consider offshoring outsourcing to enhance their software development in a top-notch manner. 

Most of the companies are able to focus on organic growth through the method of outsourcing their requirement of custom software development to the Indian software developers. As already mentioned, India is really having huge talents and these IT engineers are experts in their area of specialization. 

  • English speaking programmers

At present, companies are also searching for most ultimate offshore software development firm based on their language compatibility premise in a most effective manner. To be frank, India is the best country where most people can able to speak English very fluently without any blunders. The Indian education system is also completely based on the English subjects and hence software developers who have completed their studies out there will have good English speaking skills too. Recent research also confirmed that, after the USA, India is considered as the second-largest country to speak English. 

A good software developer should not only do well in programming and technical skills but also they must have proper English communication knowledge. It is mainly since a software developer has to handle the client from all over the world. During that time, communication is a must and hence English speaking skills are very much important. Especially, these developers from Indian are trained to interact with clients through all mediums. 

By considering these geographical challenges, highly talented software developers from India are prepared and communicate with the client effectively. It is also to be noted that, software developers are available 24/7 in India and hence there will be no problem in the change in time zones. Even though there are cultural differences, but still the client can get quality output from Indian software developers. 

  • Cost-effective

Software developers in India are very much cost-effective. Really this is one of the most extraordinary advantages which these experts can provide. Companies can reduce IT spend via around 20 to 30% offshore their software development projects too by hiring software developers, coders, and programmers in India. You have to understand the fact that, cost of living in India is very much less than the western side.

In India, Bangalore is said to be the hub of the IT talent pool and is considered one of the most expensive cities in India. But still, it is 140% cheaper than the total amount of cost that you are going to spend to live in India. Here, it implies some of the basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing which are very much expensive in western countries. You can also compare the price of the expensive cities in India with western countries, sure India is less expensive. 

The Indian employee will have a disposable income and it is more when compared with many countries. Surely it is suitable for companies to hire software developers from India at the time of their custom software development. Therefore hiring software developers from India means hiring an experienced and skilled set of developers without denting costing analysis! This kind of process sounds good!!!

Starting a software firm or hiring the own team will not be practical and expensive at all even companies does not require to hire deserved talent in India. Choosing an offshore option is also needs investment like payroll, property leach, and some more factors. But here the expense will be less than what companies have been spending when they start it on their own land. 

Another research has confirmed that around 45% of American software companies are having a branch in India. There they are giving opportunities for the software developers in India. 

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  • Best attitude over their work

Each and every year, India is producing around more than 1.5 million engineers and it can be somewhat tough to make your stand over the blue blood. But when certain companies have decided to go with the offshore custom software development companies, then it is the right choice to hire individuals who are having a great attitude and nature towards their work.

The software developers in India are having strong technical knowledge and they are having the best attitude over their work. These developers from India are not only hard-working but also work very smart to handle all kinds of complex projects. Very innovatively they will execute all kinds of software development tasks. When this set attitude is there in developers, companies that are hiring will be in a most profitable position. 

  • Having good technical knowledge

The software developers or programmers in India are not only educated but also have a most extraordinary level of technical skills and knowledge in a top-notch manner. The experience and technical knowledge of the developers help them a lot to provide amazing iOS and Android apps, web applications, and promote your business to the next level. 

You can effectively hire world-class and highly experienced developers, QA testers, and designers in India. You can able to easily hire your most suitable programmer for various frameworks and programming languages such as Java, React.js, Indian, Angular Js, Python, Android, iOS, Full Stack, Web, and some more base on your business needs. 

  • Time zone advantage

As there is a time difference between other countries and India, the software companies in India are working 24/7. Therefore based on their time, the software developers will work for them and deliver their project on their suitable time in a most extraordinary manner. Most of the business regularly requires projects to be completed on time or else before. 

By keeping this in mind, the software developers in India will split into the team and work day and night to complete their projects on time. Most of the time, they will deliver the project before the fixed time. In case, the company could not able to deliver the project on time, then sure they are lacking in something. To overcome all these factors, hence consider all kinds of factors involved out there. 

Have a look at below to find out the time difference:

  • India is ahead of the USA by 9 hours 30 minutes
  • India is ahead of Europe by 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Here India is ahead of the UK by 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • India is behind Australia by 4 hours and 30 minutes

At the time of working with the US-based company, it is very much easy for the Indian companies to interact and communicate through calls at the time of ample flap period. Really, countries like the UK and Europe are having very little time difference when considering the work pressure involved out there. 

In case your business is also considered as the in-house development and also you have hired a custom software development company, then they can work 24/7. The outsourced software developers can able to effectively work for complex projects when the inhouse developers could not able to deliver it on time. This kind of process can be a somewhat expensive plan and therefore it will be suitable for big companies. 

  • More transparency

You have to understand the fact that, more transparency means happier clients and better production. The major reason considering transparency is that it can able to build trust among clients. If the work done by the developers is clearly visible means then sure you can trust them a lot since they are open about their work. 

You can hire Indian software developers and then can able to consider the two most important things such as integrity and transparency. The process of transparency in custom software development helps you a lot to reduce a lot of hidden charges in real-time. This transparency is only for the clients but also for the code. Therefore, this kind of process can make the client have more control over this project and be aware to take the total responsibility of the project in a top-notch manner.

  • Never get a compromise with quality

Most of the clients all around the clients are most preferring to with the Indian software development companies due to a lot of reasons. The main reasons are their price range charged for every project they are handling. The software developers from India will always execute the custom software development project at the most reasonable and affordable cost. Even though the cost is less, but still they will never get a compromise with the quality. 

Focusing on the quality, they will start their work and finally give you 100% successful work. Sure you can able to feel the quality of your output after you receive the project from them. These developers are specially trained to handle the client’s projects with more care and also make them feel happy about the output they have got. 

You can also check out the ISO certifications of companies in Indian. Most of the software companies in India are ISO certified and the workers out there are highly skilled to implement your project in a most extraordinary manner. This certification will never be issued to everyone. This will be issued to the organization for their quality work. Therefore by considering this, many clients prefer to hire Indian software developers immediately. 

  • Flexibility

To be frank, flexibility is one of the major reasons, that most of the companies are hiring software developers from India. It is mainly since there is more flexibility one can able to experience while hiring these experts. Based on your budget you can able to hire a proper developer from India. It is an added advantage of them. In case your project cost is less and looking for a suitable developer, then here you can flexibly pick them without any issues. 

  • Various range of software developers

You have to understand the fact that, the software developers in India are offering a wide range of services for their clients. You can able to find various developers by considering the huge youth team specialized in multiple ranges 

The above-mentioned services are offered by the software development company, so you can choose your most required one and grab the effective advantages. Each and every developer is specialized in particular skills and hence you can understand all the factors involved in it. 

Not only technical knowledge but these developers are also all-rounder in all kinds of work and hence it will be easy for clients to have a close discussion about their project. 

  • 24/7 support service

As already mentioned, time zone difference occurs between countries, so here you can able to find the software developers 24/7. There are multiple developers are available to handle your project and there all the time the work will be going on. Without any break, the developers will complete your project and deliver it on time. 

You can easily pick up the most suitable custom software developers and dedicatedly they will work for your project in a most extraordinary manner. These developers are getting a better salary for their performance and support very effectively. They will work on a shift basis and hence they won’t find any difficulty concentrating on the software development project in a most enhanced manner. 

The offshore development team has been equipped with all kinds of communication channels and tools to provide 24/7 support and maintenance. In case any critical issue occurs after the launch and development of the project, then you don’t need to wait for more time. The current development team from India will have the complete needed communication tools and can support you all the time whenever you face any issues. 

  • No hidden charges

At the time of choosing the team of software developers from India, you are really assured that there are no hidden charges. You can make use of this chance in the most ultimate manner. Really you can able to find a lot of transparency which can help you a lot to make the best choice. There are a lot of competitions are going among many companies and hence you can choose the best developer from the professional at no hidden charge. 

Fair estimates and comparisons:

Here, in this section, you can find an image that clearly talks about certain facts about staff augmentation and outsourcing. 


Below you can find the comparison between the USA and India about their average annual salary and hence you can understand the benefit of working with developers from India.

developers average annual salary


When compared to various countries, Indian still ranks more and has a lot of potential in it. Below you can find the recent reason done by popular global services over the five countries. 

developers average annual salary


Here the comparison over various regions has perfectly shown that Indian country will charge per hour. When you consider Eastern Europe, the Latin American countries are charging more and perform their work in a most advanced manner. 

The competition is more within around but here you can find some facts which indicate that both China and India have more software developers. But still, other countries are trying hard to reach this level in the most ultimate manner. 

This comparison related concept is effectively useful in hiring Indian developers in a most advanced manner. The most suitable developer’s teams are needed in case you want to augment and increase your online presence. You need to concentrate on value since the cost is most reasonable out here in a top-notch manner.

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Types of software developers in India:

In general, the field of software engineering is huge with various roles based on the complexity involved in the application very effectively. Based on that, engineering functions will consist of various types of software developers in their team very effectively. Have a look at below to check out the different types of software developer’s roles in India. 

  • Front end developer

Software developers in India are effectively specialized in the user interface development known as the front end developer. Here, the user interface mainly includes various visual elements such as aesthetics and layouts in a most effective manner. The front end developer mainly deals with fixing bugs and cross-browser compatibility to make sure a top-notch visual presentation of the user interface. 

Hence they have been working with the code which is running on various user devices, operating systems, and browsers in a top-notch manner. A front end developer from India can able to effectively develop a responsive application for their clients by following all the procedures properly. 

  • Back end developer

Software developers those who are specialized in the underlying performance and logic of the application are known as back end developer. Often, the back end developer design and implements important logic and consider the scalable process. This kind of process can be possible via integrating this with caches, data systems, and email systems utilizing API – Application Programming Interface.

  • Full-stack developer

A software developer who is having the capability to handle both the work of front end and back end is known as the full stack developer. They are having the most extraordinary skills which are needed to create the most effective functional web application

  • QA engineer

Software developers who are responsible to write software and to validate the application quality in it are known as Quality Assurance – QA engineer. These experts can able to effectively create automated tests, methods, and tools to ensure that products and processes can able to run as expected. 

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  • DevOps engineer

The software developers those who are having knowledge about the technologies needed for the system development. It is mainly to build, integrate, deploy, and manage distributed systems and back end software is known as DevOps engineers. These experts can able to manage various application infrastructures such as servers, database systems, and much more. 

  • Security developer

Software developers those who have skilled in creating procedures, systems, and methods to test various software security system and develop and solve the security errors is known as a developer. This developer can able to work as the “white-hat” ethical hacker and try to go through various systems to determine vulnerabilities. 

  • IT consultants

The software developers who can able to overcome your technical challenge and then update your project workflow better are known as IT consultants. Through their service, you can able to achieve everything you want in a most enhanced manner. They will suggest to you the best expert who is knowledgeable in your most suitable field. 

  • Web app developers

Those who are having more skills in building robust, secure, and scalable web apps for your business are known as web app developers. Mainly they are useful for various businesses those who want to develop multiple applications in a top-notch manner. 

  • Mobile app developers

The software developers or programmers who have the potential to build the tailored hybrid and native mobile applications for your need are known as mobile app developers. Most probably, they are in demand in this generation. As there are a lot of people are using a mobile phone and hence the requirement of a mobile app can be got increased. This kind of process is effectively useful for all kind of process now. 

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  • BI consultants

These BI consultants are also a software developer or programmer who can help you a lot in analyzing various business data to display outputs and useful insights on dashboards. 

  • Cloud developers

The cloud developers can able to effectively build scalable, interactive, and secure cloud-based mobile and web-based applications. When the data is saved into the cloud-relating factors, then sure you can experience the top-notch impacts now. 

  • Maintenance Engineers

You have to know that the offshore software developers in India can able to help you a lot to fully maintain and support your current software. Apart from that, keeping the software to be up to date is the legal responsibility of maintenance engineers. 

  • Big Data Experts

Those who have the knowledge of making use of the latest technologies such as power BI, Hadoop, and much more are considered as big data experts. They can able to extract and analyze useful information to develop various types of business solutions. 

  • AI/ML experts

The software developers who can able to build AI-based software solutions and data-driven products based on your needs and requirements are known as AI/ML Experts

  • AR/VR experts

If you hire the software developers from India, then you can get the AR/VR apps to improve customer experience and this kind of process can be done by AR/VR experts. 

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  • API Developers

The software developers from India will work based on your needs and requirements. Those who have a lot of coding knowledge and are able to build scalable and secure APIs for your mobile and web applications are known as API developers. These developers are really responsible for handling all kinds of tough projects in the most ultimate manner.

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  • eCommerce Developers

The software developers are also having experience in the field of eCommerce and hence they are known as eCommerce developers. 

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Apart from the above-mentioned types of software developers, there are also many software developers from India available. But, they are working over offering a flawless user experience of their application in a top-notch manner. 

Salary of the software developer in India:

The salary of the software developer in India is completely based on various factors such as experience, location, and technology. 

  • Experience

The software developers in India are divided into junior, middle, and senior experts based on their experience. Some clients prefer to hire middle experienced developers since they are skilled enough and their rates also very reasonable. Apart from that senior developers are suitable for the large organization which wants to face a huge development. The junior developers are perfectly suitable for startups and those who are having less investment. 

  • Location

Based on the location, the salary for the software developers in India will vary a lot. Basically, the living standards are more in capitals; hence software developers get more pay. But, it does not mean that software developers from India are working more effectively in a top-notch manner. Hence, it is better for you to consider a different location to outsource around one country. 

  • Technology

Software developers, those who are having the most ultimate programming skills can be paid more when compared with any other field. It is a huge demand and hence this is the major reason for more salary for software developers. Therefore one can able to reduce the cost by choosing the cheap language. 

Finally, now you can find the approximate salary of software developers in India. Basically, India is one of the most popular and oldest places for the purpose of IT outsourcing. However, the price out there is very cheap. An average software developer in India is able to get around $6K to $7K per annum. In Delhi, the lowest prices are available. There a programmer earns around $6,300. Therefore based on your suitable need, you can hire a professional software developer. Even though they are reasonable, they can still deliver you high-quality work. 

What does an Indian software developer do?

The software developers are completely responsible for developing the operating systems and the computer programs which everyone is using in their day to day life. From websites, word processors to games, the software developers in India are having a huge experience to design this system effectively and the output will be in a top-notch condition. 

If you outsource software developers from India, then you can able to get the below-mentioned work from them.

  • The software developer will identify the challenge which needs a computer program in the most ultimate manner.
  • Then they will design a program and then say how they have to look and useful for the end-users.
  • Communicate or interact with the programmer who can able to effectively write the code effectively.
  • They will thoroughly test the final output before it is reaching to the client in the most ultimate manner. 
  • The ongoing basis is completely responsible for offering software maintenance checks and regular software updates too. 

Demand for Indian software developers:

At present, it is the perfect time to get into the process of software development to enhance your growth to the next level. Current, more aspects of everyone’s lives are completely dependent on the computer, so there has become a huge demand for software developers in India. 

According to Computerworld, the number of vacancies for software developers has been in certain parts of the world by around 30% in 2020.

In addition to that, the software developer’s demand means that there is increasing pressure on the salary of software developers and many UK businesses are eagerly trying to find suitable developers in India to fill the positions. They know the worthiness of the Indian software developers and hence one can able to gain the most ultimate advantages.

Challenges faced by software developer:

The software developers can able to come across various difficulties and problems in their work. Here you can find some of the important challenges faced by software developer:

  • Communication

You have to understand the fact that the software developers are important to ensure that projects have to be completed on time. Moreover, it must need the input of various stakeholders. Problems basically occur when people are struggling to interact or communicate in the most effective manner. 

  • Technical

The software developers are having certain most effective programming capabilities where the industry can able to change the modern codes consistently today will not be the same as tomorrow. Therefore here these experts are in need to move ahead of the game and then identify the most suitable technology for any kind of the system in a top-notch manner. 

  • Operational

Along with the communication, dealing with the kind of technical knowledge, providing creative ideas for maintaining operations, new software, and faults, and meeting customers to discuss a project. The software developers are having all kinds of time frames at the time of managing conflicting interests and it is a most important challenge in all kinds of the process. 

How can software developers overcome challenges?

In order to overcome all the challenges, the software developer will require a huge range of technical and managerial skills. They also must need customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills to interact with more number of stakeholders very effectively. 

In order to complete the project of the client on time based on their budgets, they must require time management, resource allocation, and project management skills. By having all these skills, they are perfectly completing the project of their client and submitting it on time in a most enhanced manner. 

Finally, the real task of developing the functional and innovative software for various ranges of clients needs creative knowledge, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking ability on the regular basis. They put their complete effort to overcome those challenges.

Final verdict:

From the above-mentioned scenario, now you have understood the top reasons for hiring software developers from India. Therefore there are a lot of reasons that are available to hire highly skilled software developers from India. Basically, India is the best destination to outsource the software development process. 

With the huge talents and skills, they are standing unique in the crowd and are in demand to work for abroad clients. Most of the clients want them for their quality work in the most effective manner. The aforementioned reasons are able to make various large enterprises and startups from European and US countries choose the experienced and most talented software developers from India to enhance software technology. 

Hope you’ve got the idea, for more information feel free to contact Aalpha.


Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.