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How to find a Best Outsourcing Company in India

How to find a Best Outsourcing Company in India

The idea of establishing a business comes with many responsibilities, which seems confusing and difficult at the first instant. Whenever you determine to establish your own business, actually it is difficult to judge whether it is more exciting or daunting. Successfully running a business involves many things to take into consideration, many decisions to be done –all these before you have started offering your service or building your product. When the responsibilities increases, the business owners usually decide to outsource some of their tasks to a proper outsourcing company or a relevant provider. Choosing the finest software development outsourcing company could prove to be a difficult task. Though the outsourcing company may provide excellent service, it is important to check on your own that whether the service offered is reliable or not.

Whenever you carry out your research, it becomes simple to discern that the offers are very different from one another. It is true that outsourcing companies function differently; they apply diverse technologies, and offer extensive range of prices. In case you get confused about how to pick the finest outsourcing company for your business, read below:

Consider the Product you will get:

The quality of the delivered product is the aspect that sets apart a good outsourcing company from the bad one. The good and experienced outsourcing company achieve it by the help of the comprehensive development process. This includes selecting the appropriate tools, automated testing, applying continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), fixing high code quality requirements, etc. It is most significant aspect to check while selecting an IT outsourcing company. Beginning your start-up with the assistance of an outsourcing company actually does not imply that you will always be willing to work with them.

During some point, it is possible that you may decide that it is best to hire your own team. Moreover, it will be significant for them to attain a clear and high quality code that will be simple to understand and capable to develop further. In case it turns out to be of bad quality, it is true that the new team would need to devote much of the time to get into it and it might not be successful. It is known that in the worst scenario, the team might need to rewrite the code right from the start. Furthermore, it is always recommended to inquire several outsourcing companies that you have in your mind to provide you or show you few code samples in order that you can easily check if the quality is acceptable or not.

Deciding the Outsourcing Goals:

The setting up of outsourcing goal is the most crucial thing a company can carry out prior making an agreement with any of the outsourcing providers. Outsourcing is actually not a solution, and this can prove to be effective if it meets the expectations. Lots of excellent, creative, professional relationships are bankrupted by incapability to define proper goals from the starting. It is a fact that proper goals are kind of solid tasks like building an app to desired specifications or increasing the performance metric to a particular level. The baseless and unclear expectations like willing to improve the profits or develop something new that your customers will prefer, usually would not generate the promising results.

Guarantees Good Communication:

The day-to-day tasks and logistics are a huge consideration in selecting the appropriate outsourcing partner. It is a fact that an expert team is of no use when your local management is incapable to seamlessly communicate with them. The aspect is significant while considering a nearshore or offshore solution. The contemporary workplace is developed on the basis of communication and collaboration, as verified by the enormous assortment of messaging as well as file-sharing software suites such as Slack and G Suite. There is no software developed till date which can essentially surmount a language barrier. Besides, the hassle of a team that is asleep in the office’s business hours can rapidly compensate any advantages received by their expertise. Thus, it is necessary to consider the fact of functioning with a nearshore team. Though, case studies, certifications, and other “paper qualifications” are significant, they are not as important as your situation.

Focus on how they Work:

A competent outsourcing company must not only capable to write a decent quality code but the company should be able to comprehend the business needs. With purpose to deliver project that fetches profit, they must serve you with sole talents, a strategy on how to spend your money competently, without useless costs, and should be capable to serve the product within the deadline.

The suitable example of the correct approach is the lean approach. The approach’s key rule is that you work on to improve your value proposition and do not focus on the manner you develop your final product. It suggests that as an alternative of devoting time, effort, and money to develop a complex product centered on your goal, you essentially develop the minimum viable product (MVP) and work on to develop it as per the requirements and commendations of its users. It is extremely vital because the earlier you get the tracking, the earlier you would attain the positive cash flow. Once the outsourcing company aptly comprehends this approach, they would be able to build the MVP efficiently, keeping time-to-market as low as possible.

How you work with them:

It is vital to check the methodologies for managing product of the outsourcing company you intended to work with. The corresponding methodology of work in the particular outsourcing company must assimilate the flexibility of the specific project with the finest habits of the concept used. You should analyze whether you would have insight within the entire process of developing your product and also you should analyze how huge your impact would be. Whenever the company subsumes an outsourcing company for the task of product development, the particular outsourcing company becomes a member of the team. The aspect gives the particular outsourcing company all the control that is required like, the outsourcing company can observe the progress and interfere if the process is not going as per the plan.

Compute the Final Cost:

Let’s take an example to understand how to compute the final cost while choosing the finest outsourcing company. For instance, Company A charges $30 for a man-hour whereas Company B charges $80. The Company B charges almost three times the price as that of Company A, so which one to choose is a question. Whenever you begin your research on the outsourcing companies, it is common that you would have perhaps noticed that their price range for a man-hour is wide. The price range relies on the location (because certain regions are comparatively cheaper than others), the work methodology, experience, technology stack and several other factors as well. The question arises that is it possible that the company B is actually cheaper than company A. The answer is yes, because when you compute the final cost of recruiting a remote team of developers, it is vital that you should consider price for the man-hour as well as the anticipated time-to-market.

As discussed in above example, company A assesses time-to-market for the product to be outsourced as 8 months whereas company B boasts to utilize certain special tools to accelerate the time-to-market which is assessed to be 3 months. This suggests that costly outsourcing company usually does not cost you higher than the cheap one and also it saves you around 5 months of time-to-market. Thus, after the span of 3 months, you would begin selling your application and would get positive cash flow.

Match the Price and Choose Payment type:

After you have decided what to outsource and when to outsource, it is significant to focus on the price of the outsourcing company while choosing its services. There arise some situations where outsourcing companies usually hide non-qualified and inexpert labour behind the small cost. Such type of companies may cost higher in long run in terms of maintenance and fixes.

Whenever you decide to make the agreement with a particular outsourcing company, select a fixed quote in order to control cost. Some outsource providers may perceive it difficult to provide an ideal proposal based on your requirements. Under such situations, choose a proper time and material required to compensate for the work. It is known that there are projects that have controversial requirement wherein you can utilize both the payment types. 

Make Comparison:

The performance and efficacy of the outsourcing company is vital to focus on. It is true that a competent and well-known software consulting could prove to be advantageous for you in long term. It is necessary to check customer reviews online when selecting the outsourcing company. Furthermore, ask the criteria for project delivery as well as availability.

Concluding Note:

Outsourcing companies or providers assist your business to develop a product, as per the stated requirement, in minimum amount and also bring in a substantial amount of features in a limited period of time. It is necessary to keep in mind that an outsourced development house is actually not a plug-and-play proposition but it is actually a tool to be utilized to precise effect. If you need to hire experienced developers, then connect with India’s biggest tech giants today for your outsourcing requirements.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.