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Offshore Software Development
22 December, 2023
Offshore Software Development : A Complete Guide

We are currently living in a high-tech era. Among the latest IT fields that have attracted many people in career preferences are the Software development field. At the current rate, it only implies that we should expect many software development companies in the years to come. The trend has been increasing, especially in the American…

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Cost of Outsourcing the Project
6 December, 2023
Cost of Outsourcing the Project

As a business entrepreneur, you aim to scale your business higher using minimum available resources. Outsourcing projects is one major trend that is revolutionizing many companies’ operations. It is all about sourcing top talents and…

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Risks of Offshore IT Outsourcing
29 November, 2023
Offshore IT Outsourcing Risks and How to Avoid

Advanced technology has enabled businesses to scale higher by getting top talent from different countries across the globe. Outsourcing such talents has proven to be beneficial in many ways. In fact, business owners can now…

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Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons
21 November, 2023
Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Offshore outsourcing is a common practice among many companies and businesses. It involves hiring an external workforce, service provision, or third-party experts from a different country to provide services that a company's in-house team would…

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Software Outsourcing Best Practices
16 November, 2023
Software Outsourcing Best Practices

The trend of outsourcing software development has been on the rise recently and is expected to continue expanding in the years to come. The apparent explanation is the rise of software outsourcing and the many…

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3 November, 2023
Outsourcing Projects from the USA to India

Have you ever wondered why several American companies seem to head the Indian side when they need to outsource a project? Several businesses from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa are turning…

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Outsource Software Development Projects
24 March, 2023
How to Outsource Software Development Projects

If you have a big business, you need to outsource software development services. You will be able to get tremendous ROI. The Accelerance report shows that by 2025, companies will need to spend $133.4 billion…

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outsourcing during the recession
18 November, 2022
How Outsourcing Helped Companies Survive the Recession in 2008

Some happenings in life are inevitable. Things like bushfires, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes, among many other unfortunate happenings, happen in our lives, and there is nothing we can do. Such events leave people in bad…

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NDA for App Development Outsourcing
8 April, 2022
NDA Agreement for App Development

A nondisclosure agreement for app development is perhaps the first thing you should consider when developing your first app. It instills confidence and peace of mind that your concept will stay secure throughout the whole…

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14 December, 2021
Checklist to Hire Overseas Developers for Startups

Startups are pretty standard in this digital era. Startup founders always need a strong and impeccably assembled team capable of achieving prospective milestones and establishing a foothold in the market in a short period. To…

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IT Infrastructure Costs
22 September, 2021
How to Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs

It is common for every business to want to cut their expenses as much as they can. However, sometimes it's hard to lay off the central employees or cash down the production process, and that's…

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How to Hire Node.js Web Developers
4 September, 2021
How to Hire Node.js Web Developers in India

How to recruit a Node.js developer is a frequently asked topic in the modern day. Node.js has grown in popularity among IT professionals for various reasons, which were discussed in the article on Node.js Backend…

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