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How to Outsource Flutter App Development

The field of app development keeps on transforming and taking a new shape. Developers and business owners are on the move to embrace the latest tools & technologies to ensure they scale their businesses to the next levels.

Developers are relying on Flutter thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, ease of use, and flexibility, among other factors. Business owners, on the other hand, are opting for the Flutter platform for their app development projects, thanks to its ability to allow changes as the business expands. In fact, a beginner Flutter developer will easily navigate through the processes when using Flutter for app development.

In this guide, we explore all you need to know about Flutter app development and how to outsource the best Flutter app developer for your project.

What is Flutter?

Created by Google, Flutter is an open-source framework used for developing multi-platform, natively compiled, and high-performing apps using a single code base.

Once you outsource Flutter app developers, the team will develop the Flutter app and offer after-sales service and maintenance services. In a nutshell, an outsourced Flutter app development company like Aalpha will perform the following activities:

  • Write and review the code for the Flutter app
  • Fix any issues, including bugs in a Flutter app
  • Update the Flutter app with the latest trends and technologies in the industry
  • Control the lifecycle of Flutter app development
  • Deliver optimized Flutter app

There are different methods you can use to hire the best Flutter app developers. It all depends on the nature of your project and the goals you want to achieve.

Why Flutter is the best framework for app development: top benefits

Business people and developers prefer Flutter because of the following reasons:

  • Cost Effective

Flutter framework has a reliable widget library with pre-made tools and functionalities to ease the development process and cut down on expenses. What’s more, the faster development process reduces development time, thus saving extra expenses.

For instance, when you outsource dedicated flutter developers, they will take less time to finish your project, and this means they will spend a few hours on your project. Therefore, for businesses that are searching for cost-effective solutions to scale their businesses, Flutter is the real deal. For developers who want a seamless framework that will enable them to develop the best app within a shorter timeline, Flutter is the best solution, too.

  • Enhances the app’s performance

All users want a high-performing app with excellent speed. Flutter is one of the top cross-platform frameworks that guarantees top-notch performance. In fact, Flutter reaches a 60 frames per second speed on smartphones.

Again, it is easy for Flutter app developers to review the code and maintain high standards through Flutter Inspector and Dart Analysis tools. These tools are effective in enhancing the overall performance of a Flutter app.

  • Native App Functionalities

With Flutter, it is easy to integrate native functionalities in an app. These functionalities enhance the app’s effectiveness and target a wider user base. Through platform channels, developers can easily connect data to native languages.

The Flutter libraries help developers integrate the framework with other components such as microphones, cameras, GPS chips, etc.

As a result, Flutter apps can function seamlessly across different platforms. Again, Flutter uses Dart programming language, which is easy to convert to native code, easy to learn, and faster to master.

  • Easy to Learn & Use

Flutter’s immediate rival is React. However, when compared, Flutter’s learning curve is seamless. What’s more, Flutter has a rich library widget that makes it easy for developers to create an app without using complex processes.

Again, even beginner developers will learn and master Flutter easily, thanks to its clear and comprehensive documentation demonstrating how to go about all the processes.

The wide Flutter community, too, plays a vital role in offering resources and help, be it blogs, online communities, and forums; it is easy to access Flutter information and extensive support.

  • Easy and faster app development process

Flutter has a set of useful features that make it possible for developers to create cross-platform apps faster and more easily.

The hot reloading feature is one of Flutter’s functionalities that speed up the development process. With JIP compilation in hot reload, the code modification processes are fastened.

Again, the ability to use a single code base and UI engine for cross-platform apps reduces the time to create different apps for different platforms. Of course, this is beneficial to both developers and business owners. Business owners will spend less costs, while developers will spend less time and deliver high-quality Flutter apps.

All these capabilities make it possible for Flutter app developers to release new and latest products in the market, which scales and grows the business faster.

  • Flutter Provides Quicker Time to Launch

Gaining a competitive market advantage is a real issue for many businesses, especially because it takes a lot of time to build separate apps. Of course, you can decide to focus on a single-platform app for a specific OS, be it Android or iOS. However, this will mean attracting a smaller user base, which could be a disadvantage to your business. Besides, you could spend more but fail to scale the business as needed. Flutter framework will help you solve all these.

First, it is easy to perform testing with Flutter, thanks to the hot reload feature. Besides, with Flutter, you can create an app that is compatible with web, desktop, and mobile phones, a hack that will save you time and money and help you launch the product to the market on time.

  • Better user engagement and overall experience

Every user wants an attractive, easy-to-navigate, well-designed, and engaging app. All these elements will enhance user retention, minimize the bounce rate, and attract a new user audience.

Flutter has a widget catalog that plays a major role in speeding up the development processes while enhancing a high-performing app. Whether you are designing a basic or a complex design, it becomes seamless with Flutter.

Again, Flutter doesn’t require bridges to connect the code to native components, contrary to other cross-platform frameworks, and this makes it a fast and reliable cross-platform framework for app development.

How to outsource Flutter app development

When outsourcing Flutter app development, you can either choose freelancers or outsource a Futter app development company such as Aalpha Information System, The choices vary depending on the dynamics of the project and personal preferences. Below is a highlight of hiring a freelancer or a fuller app development company:

How to Outsource Flutter App Development

  • Hiring a freelancer for Flutter app development

A freelancer is a professional specializing in a specific niche. For instance, you can get a freelancer specializing in Flutter app development, and you can outsource your Flutter app development project to them. You can get these freelancers from different freelancing platforms such as Fivver, Freelancer.com, Upwork, and many other sites. However, before you consider hiring a freelancer for your Flutter app development project, you need to know the following advantages and disadvantages of sourcing freelancer services.

Benefits of hiring freelancers for Flutter app development

  • You can get the best quality within the shortest timeline. After all, many freelancers are striving to build an impressive portfolio for themselves to attract more clients.
  • Full-time dedication to your project
  • Less risks since professional freelancers operate from reputable platforms.

Downsides of hiring freelancers for Flutter app development

  • Different time zones may affect overall productivity and collaboration. This depends on the location of the freelancer.
  • Finding top talents might be a hustle on its own and time-consuming, especially if you need the project urgently.
  • There could be a possibility of communication challenges depending on the freelancers you choose
  • The freelancer might not meet the exact requirements you need for your project.

With this in mind, you can hire a freelancer for your Flutter app development project when:

  • You have a tight budget
  • You have a small or medial project with exact specs
  • Your project is flexible, and you can change it.

Outsourcing Flutter app development company

Apart from hiring a freelancer, another reliable model you can use is outsourcing a flutter development company to handle your project.

Yes, you might spend less when hiring freelancers than when outsourcing a development company. However, the quality of the work delivered should always be your concern.

A Flutter app development company has a proven track record, and they have policies and guidelines that guarantee timely delivery of high-quality work. With such a company, you will sign a contract specifying the budget, delivery timeline, and other agreement basis to ensure both parties are satisfied in the end.

Benefits of outsourcing a Flutter app development company

  • You get to work with experts who have experience in the industry. They can use the skills, experiences, and knowledge they have gained in the industry to advise and scale your project for potential opportunities.
  • You have a bigger team with different skills handling your project. You won’t need to hire designers and QA teams separately.
  • No need to keep tracking your project. You can use the time to figure out ideas and concepts to grow your business.
  • It is easy to formulate meetings to account for all the processes or progress of your project.
  • You can easily go for a skill set that is lacking in your in-house team. For instance, you can outsource Flutter app developers and skip AQ and project managers if your in-house team can handle such.

Challenges of outsourcing Futter app development company

  • Dealing with different time zones, different team members, and different schedules can be a challenge.
  • It can be hard to keep updated or connected with the outsourced company

Despite all these challenges, you can always put in place a reliable communication channel and strategy and get a project manager, if possible, to oversee all the processes.

Best tips or processes for outsourcing Flutter app development

As you plan to outsource Flutter app development, follow the processes or tips highlighted below to ensure the whole process is successful:

  • Define all the requirements, goals, and objectives of the project

Before you even think of the best Flutter development company to outsource, think of all the dynamics of your project. Know what you want to achieve and the scope of your project. This step will guide you in selecting a Flutter app development partner with skills, knowledge, and expertise that align with what you want to achieve.

  • Perform research and select the best Flutter app development partner

With all the requirements, goals, and scope of your project defined, you can now start searching for the best Flutter app development company. Look for a development partner with an established track record of service delivery, check reviews from past clients, review their expertise in relation to your project, and review their experience in the industry. This step is crucial as it determines the overall quality you will get afterward.

  • Establish reliable communication channels

Communication is an important matter in outsourcing. Once you have your Flutter app development partner, create a clear strategy for your communication, including channels, frequency, updates, and raising any issues of concern.

Clear and effective communication creates a smooth, collaborative working environment, giving both parties ample time to enhance the success of the project.

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Be realistic about what you should get afterward. Be open to budget, app project timelines, possible limitations, technical requirements, and any other element that contributes to your Flutter app development project.

Being open and real in the process will eliminate misunderstandings and disappointments, which could lead to blame games in the end.

Knowing what you expect and being real with the outcome creates a smooth working environment between your in-house team and the outsourced company.

Make sure there is a healthy collaborative environment by treating your outsourced team as part of your team. This will create a smooth environment for sharing ideas, giving feedback, updating on the progress, and asking questions where necessary. Of course, giving the outsourced team room to share their ideas and thoughts could scale and grow your business faster than you could ever expect.

  • Track the Progress and give feedback

As the project owner, be involved in the product development process throughout. Monitor, track, and give timely feedback where necessary. This could save time and resources, ensuring you get a timely delivery of the best Flutter app.

  • Maintain Quality Assurance

The quality of the Flutter app is one vital element you cannot overlook. As you track the progress of the project, establish and stress the quality standards, protocols for fixing bugs, and procedures to execute testing processes.

At each development stage, have a plan to carry out a thorough testing process. This will help the teams identify and fix any errors in the early stages.

  • Long-term partnerships are the best

Once you work with a reliable outsourcing partner for your Flutter app development project, create a good relationship with them and establish a long-lasting relationship that will go beyond one project. What if you have future projects? What if you want to scale your business? What if you want some upgrades? Maintaining an everlasting relationship with your Flutter app development partner will save you costs and guarantee you better quality.

What is the cost of outsourcing Flutter app development?

Developing a Flutter app could cost anywhere between $10,000 – $100,000 or even beyond. The varied price range is a result of a number of factors, which include:

  • Complexity of the app
  • Type of the app
  • Features and functionalities of the Flutter app
  • Expertise of the development partner
  • Location of the development partner, among many other factors

Mistakes to avoid when outsourcing Flutter app development

Before you establish the process of finding a reliable Flutter app development partner, make sure you avoid the following mistakes:

  • Shallow Research

Choosing the right Flutter development partner is key to enhancing the success of your project. That is why it is essential that you dedicate enough time to do research and find the Flutter development partner with extensive skills and knowledge that align with your main goals and objectives.

  • Not planning adequately

Besides thorough research, you also need a practical plan that will help create a collaborative and productive working environment for the team handling the project. Everyone should be speaking in the same tone as the project proceeds. Effective planning will guarantee the success of the project.

  • Not giving all or clear requirements

It is key that before you start looking for a Flutter app development partner, you must already know what you want in the end. This will help you provide all the details of your project when you are in the phase of finding a reliable Flutter app development partner.

Therefore, always communicate every requirement of the project to ensure the development team doesn’t miss any important element when starting the project until they finish it.

  • Failing to test the app promptly

Testing an app is part of the development phases. Testing helps identify and correct bugs at early stages. If not tested promptly, an app would fail to function or experience crushes when in use. Rectifying such issues at later stages could be costly and complex.

  • Not Getting Post-Launch Support

The launch or release of the Flutter app isn’t the final phase. There is a post-launch phase, which is vital for maintaining and updating the app to enhance its functionality. Therefore, get a flutter app development team that can seamlessly offer post-launch support to enhance the viability of the app.

Industries where Flutter Framework Thrives Best

The following are some of the major industries that can benefit big time from the Flutter framework:

  • Healthcare

As a way of enhancing patient care and ensuring data security, developers can use the Flutter framework to create a seamless platform to execute processes. Other healthcare essential features Flutter can offer include visualization using wearable devices, real-time health data tracking, and integration.

  • E-commerce

The e-commerce industry is huge, with users searching for fast-loading apps that have impressive user experience. Developers can use Flutter to create interactive and engaging apps for e-commerce on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Logistics 

Real-time communication and efficiency are the basics of the logistics industry. Flutter framework is rich in features, enabling developers to integrate features that will simplify all the operations.

  • Retail

Personalized user experience is the driving force behind the retail industry. A business owner in the retail industry will strive to create and deliver personalized experiences to their customers as a way of engaging customers at a personal level. Flutter has features that enable developers to create impressive UI elements to improve customer experience. What’s more, it is easy to integrate payment gateways for smooth transactions with the Flutter framework.

  • Fintech

Developers are on the move to create reliable, secure, and seamless financial solutions. Since the financial industry is one sensitive venture, data security remains paramount. With Flutter functionalities, using flutter for fintech app, developers can easily create secure and easy-to-use financial apps for seamless financial transactions.

  • Travel & Hospitality

The travel industry is advancing rapidly. Users can now execute most processes through mobile apps. Flutter features make it possible to integrate booking processes and location-based services to users seamlessly. All these processes create a smooth travel experience while simplifying tasks for business owners.

Futter framework is the best solution in different industries. This is because of its rich widget library. The features enable developers to create secure and highly interactive applications. Business owners, on the other hand, get to enjoy business apps that can easily scale and grow their businesses to the next level at budget-friendly costs.


If you are trying to establish ways to leverage the potentiality of Flutter in your company, outsourcing Flutter development is the ideal solution. The benefits will always outweigh the challenges of Flutter app development. Once you understand Flutter development best practices, you can create ways to overcome the challenges and establish a collaborative and productive working environment. This will guarantee you top-quality products within a reasonable budget.

If you are stuck with all your Flutter app development tasks, contact us and let our mobile app development company leverage their skills, expertise, and industry knowledge to deliver a high-quality Flutter product that will accelerate your business growth.

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CEO -Founder of Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd., with 18+ years in software development. I've worked with startups to enterprises, mastering diverse tech skills. Passionate about bridging the gap between vision and reality, my team and I craft customized software solutions to empower businesses. Through this blog, I share insights, industry trends, and expert advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. Let's unlock the potential of technology and propel your business to new heights. Connect with me on LinkedIn.