Payment Gateway Integration in Mobile Application In 2024

Technology has taken over the various sectors of our economy, right from the transport system, communication system, and the payment system, among different essential outlines of the economy. Many people depend upon credit cards for the transaction of payment of goods and services. Life could be challenging without credit cards in some people’s lives since it allows them to spend a tremendous amount of money buying various commodities. People could quickly get addicted and become spendthrifts. Many people have adopted the credit card system of payment in their multiple forms of payment when purchasing various forms of the commodity.

The credit card form of payment has taken a new shift whereby mobile apps have been created to enable users to transact efficiently. Mobile apps are used along with websites, which have taken a monopoly position. Many mobile app developers are primarily focused on designing mobile money apps to facilitate the easy movement of money from individual buyers and sellers of various commodities. Our website is designed to educate mobile app developers who create apps involving money operation without the knowledge of the mobile app payment gateway. We will talk about various methods of integrating and comparing payment gateways in mobile apps.

Definition of Payment Gateway

The only way in which a customer purchases products through mobile apps is known as payment gateway services. The payment gateway operates as an intermediary between the financial institution, the payment processor, and the transaction that a customer needs to perform. Security is essential when marketing finances from the mobile app to the seller of a particular product or commodity. The payment processor and the app cannot interact directly without security details being integrated.

One method of securing sensitive data when using payment gateway solutions is through encryption. Some of the sensitive data of a mobile app user include passwords and PINs, which contribute to a successful payment process. Businesses that require data to remain safe and private need to integrate options of payment into their apps.

Factors to consider before integrating mobile payment integration

Many people need to understand various peculiarities before integrating credit card payment gateway into their multiple forms of payment for goods and services.

  • The type of merchant account to select

The first thing to check before integrating mobile payment is the merchant account. The merchant account allows the user to accept online payment of goods and services and the method represents your business online bank account. The merchant account is designed to hold amounts of individuals temporarily before delivering the money to the business bank account. The service provider of the payment gateway has to verify the transaction before sending the information to your merchant account.

Payment gateway solutions help in facilitating the payment processing and some optional choice. Payment gateway solutions act as security software to assist people in preventing frauds and extending online payment functionality, such as subscription support.

The gateway payment method allows the customers to use simple online security capabilities and online payment. When a user requires opening a merchant account, they can do so in the bank and link it to the payment gateway supported by the bank. Credit card gateways can also support merchant accounts and all-in-one solutions to their customers, such as Stripe and PayPal. The different types of merchant accounts that customers can choose depending on their needs include dedicated merchant account and aggregate merchant account.

  • Dedicated merchant account 

The merchant account is a special account designed specifically for the owner of a particular business. The option is time-consuming and relatively expensive because the owner will spend most of their time going through many security checks. The advantage of the payment method enables you to have complete control of your finances because you can depend on the fee processing rates of payment that rely on your sales volume. The higher you sell, the higher your fees, and when you sell less, the lower your expenses. Additional features of the merchant account include the speed by which money is transferred, usually close to 3 days compared to other versions that take 2-7 days. The dedicated fund is flexible for financial issues, including transaction errors, account debiting, and correction.

  • Aggregate merchant account

The account allows you to pool the money from your business with other businesses. The version behaves like a bank cell that your business shares with other business entities. You have limited control over your business’s finances, and you may take longer to receive the money that you withdraw from the bank. Apart from the delay of starting capital, the method is neither time-consuming nor an expensive process.

  • The type of goods that you sell

When you are integrating the mobile app payment, you need to consider the goods that you sell. A person who intends to sell online products needs to follow guidelines and the in-app purchases from the app store and Google Playstore. All transactions involving purchasing apps from apple store and Google play store are made through Gmail and Apple. Apple and Gmail provide appropriate tools and guidelines to developers of all apps. Google developed some dedicated APIs for the Android developers while apple offers a specialized framework for their developers.

  • Security certificates

People or companies that deal with the banking data of customers need to have a PCI DSS certificate. You will need a secure payment gateway during the transaction of goods and services. Moreover, you need to ensure that your credit card data complies with PCI DSS demands. You will then address the vulnerability of your payment method.

Providers of gateway payment

There are several mobile payment providers in the world.

  • PayPal

The most popular payment gateway solution is PayPal. The app is accessible in over 200 countries and facilitates the payment of products and services through 25 different currencies. The gateway provider also provides some other services, including PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro. PayPal Payment Pro requires the users to integrate checkouts to your app, while PayPal Express Checkout allows the user to place the PayPal button on an app page.

  • Braintree

The payment gateway offers live customer support fraud protection and pays within two days since PayPal’s subsidiary. Braintree offers buyers with individual merchant accounts, unlike PayPal. Braintree supports 130 currencies and is present in 40 countries; it is integrated with software development kits featuring Android support and written in about seven languages.

  • Stripe 

The app provides analytics, checkout features for desktop and mobile phones, and authorization, among several options. Stripe has seven written languages, and it is not integrating the API of line into your app. Stripe takes a small fee for processing its payments. You can calculate the stripe transaction fee through various payment tools.

  • Dwolla 

The app is popularly known to offer various options of payments and their fair prices. The app can invoice 2,000 people and pay thousands of people.


The payment gateway solution is reliable and primarily found in Canada the United States. provides people with dedicated merchant accounts. The gateway offers built-in information management, PCI DSS, and fraud detection.


The above-integrated payment gateway methods are helpful for all people who deal in online payments. They contain secured features and incredible offers. The world is slowly changing to online payments, and the best way is by ensuring that many service providers integrate their apps with the mobile payment gateway. There are several steps to making payments on online platforms. We should ensure that we learn how to use the integrated payment mobile gateway.

Planning to integrate a payment gateway in your existing mobile app or a new mobile app? feel free to contact us today!

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.