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Mendix Low-Code Application Development
30 September, 2023
Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform

The app development process can be complex. As a result, developers ought to have the knowledge and skills to incorporate different technologies and resources to make the whole process smooth. Besides, different teams need to collaborate throughout the app or software development process to ensure the final product meets the user’s requirements. A good platform…

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P2P Payment App Development
28 July, 2023
P2P Payment App Development & Cost

For a long time, technology and the digital revolution streamlined many parts of our lives, saving us time and effort in a variety of ways. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile payment applications and wallets,…

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Super App Development Cost
11 July, 2023
Super App Development Cost and Features

A super app serves as a one-stop shop for all your customers' demands. Essentially, a super app is a platform that houses several services. Everything from on-demand food delivery to transportation booking and payment may…

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Buy Now Pay Later App Development
24 June, 2023
Buy Now Pay Later App Development: Features & Cost

E-commerce is increasing. The deployment of its technology has exceeded projections for 2025. And one of the pandemic-fueled trends is Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services. As the world slid into an unprecedented economic crisis,…

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App Store Optimization
1 June, 2023
App Store Optimization Guide

One of the prettiest places you will always rush for when you need the education, gaming, or informative application is the app store. The app store is one of the most significant channels that will…

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influencer marketing platform development
19 May, 2023
How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Platform? Features, Costs

In the current digital era, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to contact their target audience and boost brand awareness. The need for influencer marketing platforms has increased as a consequence. Though…

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how to build a chatbot from scratch
17 May, 2023
How to Build a Chatbot from Scratch in 2023

If you are an extensive tech product user, you are likely to have interacted with a wide range of advanced features. Usually, texting and messaging or using voice interfaces is one of the key features…

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Legacy Application Modernization Challenges
18 April, 2023
Legacy Application Modernization Challenges

Legacy application modernization is known as modernizing or transferring obsolete software programs to newer technologies, frameworks, or architectures to enhance their functionality, performance, security, and maintainability. Despite the fast changes in the technological world, many…

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How to Build a Scalable Web Applications
8 April, 2023
How to Build a Scalable Web Applications

The joy of every app developer is to create a fully-functioning website that meets business and customer needs. However, there comes a moment when you build a perfect web app; then, the app gets potential…

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what is Enterprise Application Integration
4 April, 2023
Understanding Enterprise Application Integration

It would help if you had enterprise application integration to facilitate the smooth integration of all applications and systems across a business, as well as data exchange and process automation. It is a middleware, or…

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dApp development cost
27 February, 2023
How Much does it Cost to Build a dApp

As blockchain technology gains traction on the web, more decentralized applications (dApps) emerge to convert the traditional Internet into the Web3 universe. Decentralized applications are the future of the digital market, as they are uniquely…

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prevent android app reverse engineering
22 February, 2023
How to Prevent Android App from Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a technique used by software engineers, i.e. attackers, to obtain a source code of an application, disassemble, analyze, and rebuild the principle of the android application, check for the internal working of…

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