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12 October, 2019
How AI is Influencing Android App Development

Not long ago app development and app marketing was not as competitive as it is today. A mediocre design, a mediocre user experience, and mediocre reviews were enough to get your app approved by the masses, let alone the app stores. No more! With app stores being flooded with so million apps - there are…

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android ios development india
17 January, 2019
Which is better iOS or Android Mobile Apps?

The two operating systems used in majority of the smart phones nowadays are Android and IOS. Android has been developed by Google whereas IOS is a product of Apple Inc. Almost 54% of the total…

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php web development india
7 January, 2019
Why Hire PHP Programmers in India and How can it Benefit?

The importance of a good looking, well managed and effectively performing website can’t be elaborated enough and every business sooner or later requires a website and deems it essential or beneficial for the operations of…

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