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How to Estimate the Development Costs for Web Applications

The use of web applications in advancing and expanding businesses has now become a common thing. Currently, sites have been converted into platforms that permit interactivity between organizations or companies with their customers. Ideally, all these do not just come abruptly. A strategical approach is set to define the stages of web application development. A precise analysis of these stages will depict the need for spending considerably when building a website. Some websites vary in one way or another. There are simple websites as well as complex ones. All these have a cost which varies in terms of complexity and as well as other factors. This piece will, therefore, take you through a set of ways through which the cost of development can be established. The guideline will help you handle your web development budget through an established method of estimating the total development cost.

The basics of Estimating Costs for Web Applications

It is ideal or rather mandatory for companies and personalities to understand the amount of money to be spent in building a powerful web application that suits the needs at hand. By observing the estimated costs, an individual or company can plan and budget effectively. After all, businesses always incorporate budgeting and optimization of resources in every almost every area.

The process doesn’t involve confinement to an exact figure but realistically determines the range of cost in which the whole website can lie. The process can be taken lightly and also be mistaken for being easier. You should consider yourself wrong if at all you are heading into such a mindset. Estimating software development is underlain by a range of obstacles and trickeries.

Being armed with detailed insider knowledge is, however, the way out in determining the most accurate cost estimates of a web development project.

Things to Consider before Actual Cost Estimation

Some points should be put into consideration before the onset of cost estimate. Highlighted below are some of the things you need to consider before estimating costs for your anticipated web development project:

  • Planning your budget

Ideas should be planed orderly and carefully. All the things that will be needed by the web application should be drafted down to ensure the original business goals are adhered to.

  • Examining the viability of the idea in mind.

The market is a crucial factor when it comes to business. It is among the essential considerations that should be put in place, especially when thinking of a business idea. It is of no need to provide services and products already on the market; the outcome might be fruitless. It is, therefore, a good practice to conduct thorough market research, especially before establishing the general cost of your web application. The market research will help you define your value position as well as identify your target audience.

  • Pitch the idea in mind

Sharing your ideas with friends, investors, and potential customers is a step that’s likely to contribute much to your project. Explain how the development cost is attained and clarify the expected inflow of revenue after the implementation of your idea.

Features of web app cost estimation

When it comes to the estimate of cost in web application development, some features need to be addressed exhaustively. The critical aspects that should be taken into account are:

  • The type of website.

Different websites can be developed, each with its level of complexity as well as various features and purposes. The price of a website is therefore dependable on the product you are after developing. The ease of developing a complex e-commerce website varies significantly with that of a simple blog. It is much easier for the blog than the e-commerce website.

  • Domain and hosting

The web presence is accompanied by the need for a home and address. With all these needs, then the servers and web domains must chip in. You can opt to set them up on your own as well as acquire them as part of a web development service.

  • The major technology

Costs go hand in hand with the technology chosen for a given web development project. Proper choice of technology will provide you with the desired range of the expenses for your web application. Similarly, technology will frequently depend on the functionalities needed within the web application. A wise choice of technology will give you credit when in need of estimating the cost of your website.

  • Design, development, and setup

The design, development, and set up of a given web application require that an expert be hired to implement all your desires. The expert can be a freelancer or software agent that can do that in a purely excellent way. Always keep in mind that your website is set to achieve desired business goals. To achieve all these goals, professional web developers and UX designers have to take part.

  • Maintenance

Having built a complete website with all its functionalities, you don’t need to relax, thinking that all is done. The already-built site needs maintenance as well. Several professional web development agencies will satisfyingly do all these. These agencies will develop websites on CMS systems that guarantee clients to conduct most changes as well as updates.

The choice of developers for your web application

Upon deciding for the readiness of your web application development, then you need to go for professional developers or agencies who have been in this industry for a long period.

Suppose you are after hiring a particular agency, then some of the factors that will determine your web development cost estimates include:

  • Geographical location

The UK or US-based web developer agencies will tend to charge a relatively higher price. If providers in your locality seem higher as well, then you can opt to outsource web development services from locations with lower living standards. Offshoring is one of the key strategies for lowering web development costs, and the outcome will bring an effect to your cost estimate.

  • Services needed from the agency

After getting the desired agency, take a considerable amount of time in determining the provisions you need to acquire from them. A breakdown of web development costs purely relies on SEO optimization, illustration, design, market research, photography, as well as digital marketing and much more.

Barriers to web application cost estimation

Doubt is one of the common challenges you are bound to encounter when creating your estimates. Web developers are not restricted to knowing or understanding everything on web development. It is a fact, especially in this world, that is full of rapid technological transitions.

Web development frameworks dwindle and rise day-in-day-out. The developers, therefore, find it quite tricky to center themselves on a range of changing technologies. Consequently, they might lack knowledge on the working of some techniques, which can be problematic when any developer in an initial stage hasn’t created your innovative idea.

To get rid of uncertainties, divide the information into three categories. These three categories should entail what developers have vast experience in, what developers haven’t encountered in the initial stage, and can do absolutely nothing about it and what developers have a vague intuition about. Developers with vast experience will always understand that there can be messy, especially where its least expected to be or rather a sudden unforeseen circumstance can arise.

Requirements to Estimate web application development cost

Your estimate costs should entail all the parts and should always be accurate to help you with planning. This checklist will significantly help you in creating web application development costs.

  • Create user stories and engineering tasks

User needs and desires need to be a driving factor when establishing web application development costs. Break them down into individual tasks to enable engineers to have a better understanding. Huge tasks should be broken into simpler ones. By doing this, developers will have a better chance of choosing an incredible technology that suits your project.

  • Define the scope

The scope of your web application should be brought out clearly in a way that can be understood. The range involves the complexity of the web applications, the number of functionalities, and, most importantly, the number of professionals required. You will not only be confined to web developers; some other professionals must chip in as well.

  • Provide an estimate for every task

The project should be divided into easy tasks and an estimate of each job provided. This will make it easier for you and the professionals to determine the approximate costs.

When the development costs for web application is expensive

Suppose the whole thing is expensive, then consider it as a time to give your best. Relatively, you can start by minimizing the functionalities until you narrow down to the major features. These functionalities will help develop a minimum viable product. Similarly, you can explore a range of solutions that fit your budget. Developers will also help you in finding these alternatives.

Generally, don’t be rush in making cost estimation for your web development project. Approach everything with care and create a realistic estimate and wait for the best in the world of web development.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.