Web Application Development Cost Prices in India

Web Application Development Cost/Prices in India

A web application is like any other Software or application but the difference is that this type of application is stored and maintained at a remote server site. The users access this application on their devices through the internet. There is no need for a download or periodic updates as it is maintained at the server site. Simple Web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox can be used to access web applications.

Now the question is, how much does the development of a Web Application cost? And how to get the best developer for it? Most of us like to know the exact amount required for the project before commencing it so that we have a clear view of the required budget.

Unfortunately, no Web Developer can tell you the exact amount but only an estimate. This is because the development process is divided into different phases and it depends and each phase is dependent on a lot of factors. But still, we at least know the range of costs for these and the components that can affect these costs.

  • It depends on your vision about how you are going to take your business ahead. Like if you have a clear view and all you need is a helping hand then this will not cost you much. As for an estimate, a dedicated Web developer charges around $1,200(INR 90,000) to $2,500(INR 190,000) per month that depends on their skill set.
  • On the other hand, if you have no idea about web-based solutions but you got a clear view of what you want to be done, then you need to share this information with a Web developer so he can quote a price for you.
  • And finally, if you have some idea of Web Development and Solutions, but you need some assistance, then the best option is to hire a skilled professional on an hourly basis. This will cost you around $12(INR 900) to $22(INR 1,800) per hour.

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Some other factors can affect the total cost of development, let’s take a look at them.

  • Nature of Business of your Business and the Complexity Level of the Application to be developed.
  • Working Timeline i.e. when do you want the application to be delivered to you. If your Timeline is short, Cost may go up.
  • Digital Marketing plan for adoption by the users. And also, the support you require from the developing firm after the application is delivered.
  • Campaigns run during the marketing process are also quite costly and a percentage of the total budget is spent on this.
  • The project size is the most significant factor while calculating the budget of any project. The larger the project, the number of resources are required to complete and launch it also increases and all these factors impact the cost total.

India has emerged as the next big hub for IT Services. There is a large pool of competitive Web development firms available that can provide you with quality services at an affordable price range. The developers, testing experts, designers, business analysts, and several other roles are involved during the application development process. Each stakeholder charges for the job being performed by them and all these costs add up to formulate the total budget of the project.

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