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Aspects to consider while Outsourcing Software Product Development

Aspects to consider while Outsourcing Software Product Development

For non-tech people, the process of software development usually seems complicated, and it is tough to outsource as well. Once the initiation of a certain software development is done, the critical decision that a business needs to undertake is whether to recruit an internal team of developers or go for outsourcing. Presently, the requirement of outsourcing software product has become a common notion among several companies. It may be certain that you can find enthusiastic developers who are proficient in software product development. However, this does not indicate the end result would meet the expectations.

For example, you are an owner of a business which is running well. Now what to do if you wish to monetize it digitally, by seeking benefits of advancement and your tech-savvy customers. With a purpose to suit the need, you would require a team of professionals. This is when the concept of outsourcing software development proves useful.

Define your Software Product and discover the user:

Before beginning to consider software development outsourcing, it is best to put your thoughts into writing. The failed software products are the ones which do not plan well about the product, market, and competition. Once you have a clear-cut visualization of your product, subsequently, you can focus on the requirements aspect and technologies while looking for a software service provider.

It is useless to strive to resolve everyone’s concern. But if the vision is clear, you can be saved from undervaluing decisions, indecisive performance characteristics, and impractical business values. These may lead to waste of resources, higher cost, or loss of business opportunities.

Consider Agility:

In respect to corporate IT agility, it is possible that outsourcing can be risky as well as lucrative. The same can be useful if an enterprise is short of talent or time. With the purpose to move rapidly and assist your software product reach customers rapidly, it is vital to go agile.

It is found that agile methodology has profitably spread to every kind of industries. Agile assists corporations acclimatize to the continuously changing business environment. Moreover, it facilitates quick delivery with an anticipated cost and plans due to the fixed run duration. However, it is very convenient in terms of changing circumstances, and it assists you to understand things that are the most crucial for your business. Furthermore, it also emphasizes technical excellence as well as solid design. 

Security of Intellectual Capital:

While outsourcing software development, losing intellectual capital is a significant aspect to take into account.  The aspect leads to two major risk consequences for an enterprise. They are:

A firm that has essentially outsourced its software development will lack understanding on ways to extend on an application because the particular outsourcing company would certainly have deep knowledge on it.

The firm outsourcing development is predicted to invite the risk of losing privacy regarding their products concept. This could distort the competitive edge. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that the intellectual capital of outsourcing development Company is secure or not.

Ways in which Software Development project will be managed:

Software development authorizes continuous management; besides, during the process of outsourcing, it is necessary to focus on each step of the way. In case you could not commit to this, it is way better you decide not to outsource.

Your business could discover ways for finding somebody you can put trust into and the one who is experienced. It is important to confirm that they are in contact with the particular outsourcing company to supervise the production procedure. It may be possible that you have limited experience in managing all the processes, in those cases, it is best to find a perfect outsource partner. 

Check whether the outsourcing is cost-efficient or not:

You may have decided to do outsourcing, with a view to either enhance increase your profit margin or to deliver timely work. Moreover, it must be able to decrease labor expenditure along with operational costs. Simultaneously, the quality of the end result should be improved. Therefore, whenever you decide to do outsourcing of software development, inquire yourself whether the solution can successfully accomplish the things. After comparing the prices and services of different software product outsourcing firms, you need to choose the one which is reasonable in terms of cost as well as quality.

It is the best go for a Flat Rate Model approach while outsourcing your software product development work. This suggests that before the process of development begins, the extent of the iteration is fixed as well as the members involved in the product are determined.

Moreover, the price per iteration for the specific configuration is set. Prior to every sprint, it is certain that the team decides the essential functionality be incorporated within the sprint. It suggests that you can precisely know the features that would be included and the cost they would come with prior to every sprint.

Choose the appropriate one based on the requirement:

You need to figure many things while outsourcing the software product development project. This includes asking yourself questions like- Is this a project for a freelancer or a company? Do I need to outsource on-shore or offshore? Is there the need to outsource the whole project or simply a part of it?

Appropriately working on such questions could assist you to choose an ideal candidate to accomplish the project, in terms of pricing as well as quality. Whenever you wish to outsource complex software development project, it is recommended to choose a team of professionals who can effectively collaborate, because it can assist you to accomplish a time-sensitive project faster.

Go for outsourcing enterprise with huge experience:

An outsourcing firm that has collaboration with different technologies and companies will provide improved flexibility, compliance, and advancement as compared to firms or startups specialized only in limited technologies. Thus, whenever you outsource the software development project, choose an enterprise that own vast expertise in handling business work powerfully.

Assess the skill sets:

It is very critical to first interview the development team, in order to assess if they possess the required skills for the particular project. It is recommended to appoint a technical person to interview them for assessing their capability. Moreover, a personal interview can also be conducted with the developer, in order to check if the outsourcing team suits the similar culture as yours. Though they may not work in the same office, they will be still connected for even the slightest update or modification that the project will need. Therefore, it is vital for them to share the same values. If you choose an inappropriate outsourcing team, it might prove to be a breakdown of the company. Furthermore, it is vital to assess if the developers possess the understanding of the Agile methodology because this could assist in quickening the process.

Look into services offered while partnering:

Being an enterprise or business, it should have a clear idea regarding the type of support is provided by an outsourcing company. The reason is, in the majority of cases, businesses may require support for configuring newly installed applications, understanding functionality, and knowing the ways to use the software. It is known that the support obtained after the deployment of the particular software or application is as crucial as the development procedure.

Strive to choose the one with outsourcing transparency:

Successful software product development outsourcing needs hassle-free communication between a provider and a customer. This is because the corresponding projects are mostly complex and appropriate communication will help simplify the understanding of the requirement. It is vital that both the parties must consent on priorities as well as information requirements. When you choose a software vendor that has a thorough and transparent approach, you will be successful in getting the like-minded partner; the one who will be completely dedicated to the quality of your application or software.

Implementing a practical approach of discussing requirements and mechanisms can allow software vendors to present adequate information with better efficiency. It is true that transparent outsourcing service providers may provide prospects for customers to engage them at more intentional levels wherein they can compel a higher value. Appropriately learning the method to utilize outsourcing transparency for the purpose of risk management and controlling provider abilities can obtain a competitive edge to the two parties.

Choosing the developers:

It is always best to recruit a team of outsourcers and not a freelancer. Along with that, make sure that the particular team functions to effectively solve the concerns associated with the project. Moreover, your work must be that of a software product development owner and own liability for approving the outcomes of the work.

Concluding Note:

The discussed aspects are significant in choosing the finest software product development outsourcing partner for your project. These aspects will assist you to settle on a lot of decisions which may be impossible or difficult otherwise. It is true that the software business environment is vibrant and therefore finding a trustworthy partner you can hand over your software product project is important.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.