Importance of Prototyping in Design
11 January, 2022
The Importance of Prototyping in Design

Creating a toy implementation of your future product comes with a wide range of advantages. Usually, prototypes act as identifiers and formulators of the principal path designers need to take when designing a product. Developing a product without consideration of the prototyping stage will bring about some misunderstandings of the ready product. With an in-depth…

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21 October, 2021
How to Beta Test Your Product Before You Launch

It is often said that a product cannot be sold if there is no market for it. That is why many firms, particularly those in the technology sector, will have a small number of beta…

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Roadmap for a Software Product
12 December, 2020
Roadmap for a Software Product in 2022 and Beyond

In most cases, software developers concentrate on the Agile principles to accomplish the tasks faster, give room for making changes, and meet the deadlines. This implies that development teams do not need to plan for…

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