Android 11 Features

The Impact of Android 11 Features on Mobile Apps

Android, a google brainchild, has ranked as the world’s number one for five years plus market share. It proves very successful and popular as a mobile device’s operating system, and the success can get attributed to diverse factors. Chief among them, however, comes because of the open-source nature of the platform. It allows manufacturers to modify and use the software code in whatever capacity they choose. Further, Google keeps enhancing the platform by introducing fresh features every time.

Android 10, Google’s latest and successful release, came with diverse and significant attributes such as sharing shortcuts, dark theme, and gesture navigation, among others. However, with the potential release of android 11, the already available beta version to developers shows a glimpse of the incredible capability when it finally gets released.

The Release Flow of Android 11

Android 11 platform was developed to enable users of the platform to adapt to innovations and devoid of any privacy and security compromise.

The introduction of fresh features besides enhancements of present ones sees Android 11 as potentially proving revolutionary regarding its influence in the mobile application development process. The aim of the article entails guiding you through the transformation besides the incredible facilities linked with the platform

However, it could help if you took a minute to consider Android 11 features highlights. So what attributes highlight this platform?

Android 11 Highlights

Android as a google platform has commendable features that canvass the flawless performance, innovativeness and supporting libraries that make it appear the world over. So what feature highlights characterize Android 11, its most recent android platform?

  • Messaging under a unique chat bubble
  • The chat bubble should have characterized android 10, though it never came to fruition. Therefore, the feature got introduced in Android 11. The bubble allows users to gain access to a conversation via a specific bubble. Besides this, it will continue to perform other mobile operations without staying on the chat window. It allows the user to convert the conversation or chat into a bubble by using the notification screen.
  • Security and privacy upgrade
  • The introduction of diverse security and privacy upgrades by Google characterize Android 11. It shifts the app usage permission from “continuous while in use” to “one-time” permission. However, it only applies to the device’s microphone, camera, and location. The feature provides provisional approval to gain access to your data. Additionally, it also contains Android’s defense-in-depth strategies that cover more aspects, unlike Android 10, among other lesser versions. As such, it adds to the privacy and security provided to the platform’s users.
  • Support for foldable devices and mobiles that prove 5G-enabled. Since Google had embarked on incorporating 5G into their devices, the process has increasingly accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Android 11 has supported the 5G network, and besides, also facilitated the usage of devices that can fold.
  • It offers an inbuilt and unique screen recorder
  • The platform negates the need to download a different application for onscreen recording and risk data. You can access the feature on the drop-down device’s menu. The function in earlier versions proved buggy, however in Android 11, you can enjoy the foolproof and improved extra audio record facility, which proves more functional.

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A Deeper Comprehension of the Developers Preview of Android 11

The platform has different and powerful features that can improve the application development process. It can also enhance different dimensions like security, connectivity, and storage, among others. The platform changes can get categorized into three broad categories that entail security, behavioral, and fresh attributes

So what can all these hold for mobile application developers and proprietors?

  • Extra options when it comes to access permission grants
  • The functionality of apps always works on the premise of asking for a user access grant when launched. It includes aspects such as a microphone, location, and camera. Android 11 considers user security and data privacy through the introduction of one-time permission. When you select the option, the app gains access to the session’s resources regarding the app usage, and upon closure, it loses all the access granted.
  • Enhanced data security
  • Almost every application collects data from the user and puts the user’s sensitive information to risk. Android 11 has advanced data security measures and includes platform hardening, biometrics, and secure storage. As an app developer, you will have to test and adhere to these measures to avoid app crashes when used on the android platform.
  • 5G support. Android 11 enhances user experience by supporting the relatively new and efficient 5G network. It will offer you lower latency and faster speeds. For instance, 5G facilitates a smooth video streaming experience besides quicker loading times of high-resolution games or apps. Such a service will empower the developer regarding diverse creative elements inclusion that they avoid from network issues.
  • Reduced redundancy of data. The platform has addressed the data redundancy issue experienced with earlier Android versions. For instance, before Android 11, other platforms created two copies of a similar data set whenever two applications required a similar set of data to function. Because of this, problems with memory space became prevalent, besides the increased load of the network.
  • Application exit reason. Most app developers find it complex to gather reasons for user exit when it comes to their apps. It requires more energy and time in as much as the information can prove useful in other productive work. Because of this, Android 11 has freed the developer’s pain by generating sufficient crash reports that contain the reason for app exit by users. It, therefore, helps developers to gather the information and use it to improve the app.
  • Better decoding of images and an enhanced camera. The Android 11 platform comes with HEIF, which proves capable of storing images using a technique called lossy compression. It also reduces the image’s APK size, which diminishes the influence on its network. All these prove beneficial when it comes to displaying animations and images
  • Supporting neural networks
  • Well, if you had not heard it, then here you go, machine learning will stay and continue ruling the tech space. As such, Android 11 has extended extra support to apps that base themselves on ML (machine learning). Android 11 also uses NNAPI and other useful API like QSAPI that empowers developers in developing highly functional apps based on ML.
  • Simpler application compatibility testing. Most developers lose sleep concerning app compatibility, as they have to track behavioral app changes. However, android 11 has simplified the process by making it easy to test and track changes. Further, the platform permits the developer to grip the changes in line with what they desire. Such can include disabling change and force-enable from the ADB, and this can free you from application recompilation, especially on standard testing of functionality.

In as much as Android 11 has not hit the market for the general public, it makes sense to stay ahead of the park by keeping abreast of all the new Android releases. The 18th android version provides great promise to users, considering that the world as constituted heavily relies on technology and will continue doing so in the foreseeable future.

It means comprehending all the necessary details of the impending android version to have the right gadgets, aptitude, and latitude, to use it when it finally comes. Further, you employ the services of a developer to help you through the platform change. It will assist you in migrating your app to the most current version or develop a new one that ascribes to the Android 11 specs


The android developers’ preview has generated so much excitement and curiosity among developers and users concerning Android 11.  Most users currently look forward to the advanced platform’s application when it comes to performance. It all makes it crucial to adjust to user demands and innovation. If you prove an app developer, then prepare effective strategies for incorporating the platform in your future mobile app. It will amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of the same.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.