Building a HIPAA Compliant Software
6 October, 2021
A Guide to Building a HIPAA Compliant Software

Due to the enormous revolution of technology in the recent and upcoming centuries, every development sector requires improvements in the equipment they use. The whole world requires software and hardware engineers who can develop and develop the necessary materials and software to run their work. Some sectors that need technological advancements include the education sector,…

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Investment App Development
5 October, 2021
Investment App Development: Key Features & Cost

Investing and trading used to be so complex that it required a specialized degree to trade stocks and generate passive income. However, technological advancements have made investing so simple that even a teenager can do…

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ci-cd for app development
28 September, 2021
What is the Importance of CI/CD for New-age App Development?

Continuing integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are identical in words that include culture, a set of operational principles, and a collection of techniques that make code changes more often and reliably available to application…

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