Android Apps Crashing
26 April, 2021
Android Apps Crashing: How to Fix

One of the strongest features of Android smartphones and other devices is their vast software ecosystem, which provides access to various apps. Google Play has instant access to thousands of apps. Although some of them can cost a penny or two, the majority are completely free. You might experiment with a modern app for a…

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Android 12 Developer Preview
17 April, 2021
A Preview of Android 12 Developer

One of the crucial launches by Google is the developer preview for Android 12. With such a preview leak, most users now have more excellent anticipations on what will major in the following actual Android…

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Machine Learning in Mobile Apps
10 April, 2021
How to Use Machine Learning Technology in Mobile Apps?

Machine Learning refers to a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows the software to learn, explore, and predict outcomes without any help from humans. Machine learning has been utilized in various fields, and it…

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