Scooter Sharing App Development

Scooter Sharing App Development: Features & Cost

Many innovations and developments have changed the global economy in today’s world. There has been a global trend for multiple emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, IoT, cryptocurrency, or smartphone applications. This scooter-sharing service has also appealed to the global community.

Riding an e-scooter provides a healthier and more affordable means of moving around than pushing a motorcycle. They have been introduced as electric scooters (e-scooters). Also, the biggest benefit is that they are getting more attention and popularity. When in the marketplace, stakeholders have supported the ride mode to include transportation options for the entire metropolitan population.

What is scooter-sharing?

Shared mobility has been growing in prominence over the past few years. These businesses have quick-term rentals for scooters. While scooter-sharing apps are comparable to car and bike sharing, they are less expensive and are well-suited for shorter trips.

Like other forms of shared transportation, scooter and bike-sharing solve various problems such as parking and fuel economy.

Sharing scooters for the last mile is a handy alternative as well. The first mile corresponds to the amount of time from the start of a journey such as a bus terminal. The last stretch is the gap between the bus terminal and the destination. Commuters can pursue cheaper modes of transportation to get to work.

 Benefits of e-scooter/Aspects of Scooter-sharing

On-demand e-Scooter sharing apps including Skip, Spin, and Goat have some significant benefits.

  • cost-effective

Batteries that can be recharged are used for electric scooters. Since they are not using gasoline and electricity, the budget savings are insignificant. The scooters use highly economical generators.

  • Capable of being sustained indefinitely

The e-scooters run on electricity, with no smoke or gasoline. They are not pollution associated. This would not affect the climate.

  • Fast/rapidly Available

It is okay for everybody to be able to acquire e-scooters from wherever and whenever they desire. That is what one may not worry about.

  • Time-efficient  

An e-scooter is time-saving in any single way! This is because taxis and other modes of travel do not have any prolonged waits while they are stopped in traffic.

  • License-free 

There is no such thing as an e-scooter driving license. One does not need an electric scooter to drive. Anyone can ride a scooter.

  • Parking benefits 

Scooters do not need large parking lots since they are small. Furthermore, you can park them even in the tiniest spaces.

 Features of a scooter-sharing application

These are the components that are needed to create a scooter-sharing application.

Features of a scooter-sharing application

  • Search for nearby electric scooters

Think of the difficulties when making an app like Bird or Lime Scooters. For that reason, electric scooters should be user-friendly, as well.

This is the initial step for user access to your scooter application. The process should be like hiring taxi services such as Uber or Lyft, which are quite reliable and seamless.

  • Lock and unlock options

Lock or unlock is one of the app’s key specifications if it is to function properly now for electric scooters, there should be a quick and simple way to unlock the hired e-scooter.

Also, the scooter’s locking function should be stable. Trust of customers is enhanced in your business due to e-security.  Additionally, it is critical that the locking and unlocking mechanisms win the user’s confidence in your application.

  • Register by checking the QR code

If you have downloaded the bird application, you will know about a function that reads the QR code on the scooter.

Therefore, to share scooters, you should have a QR scanning option.

  • Secured Pause & End Ride

The scooters work on batteries. Of course, one more thing, users can not be expected to drive unless they are constantly on their way to their destination. There might be a variety of considerations on their mind, like running any errands on the way. Therefore, an option for pausing the ride should be available.

GPS real-time monitoring is a must for on-demand apps. The functionality has been used in Uber, Lyft, and various other smartphone app-based platforms.

  • Online and/smooth payment

Your app must allow purchases electronically for electric scooters. This function is needed since it is an autonomous vehicle with no cash payments accepted by the self-Focused service.

However, in the case of good online purchases, the payment gateways should be reliable, functional, and accessible enough. To generate customer demand, you would have to join forces with nearly all the well-known payment gateways.

How to monetize your scooter sharing app

When you invest in the scooter-in the growth of the shared app, you can anticipate revenue from it. Here are some opportunities to improve your scooter-sharing service revenue:

  • Selling advertisements 

Include targeted ads in your application Furthermore, you can help with nearby restaurant/shop/hotel/tourism promotions.

  • Sell memberships to benefit customers

Give weekly, daily, monthly, or annual passes for free entry.

  • Providing discounts 

Loyalty to your brand may be increased by issuing promo codes and discounts for your customers.

How much does a Scooter sharing app development cost?

The price of e-scooter-sharing apps like this would be less than ones designed on a cross-platform such as React Native and Flutter apps.

Fixing the design after the UX research phase is normal at all stages of complexity in software creation. It is the form of implementation that raises or decreases the cost when needed.

Complex UI and UX designs are responsible for development costs. Another consideration in deciding the app development expense is the team setup that will be needed.

In creating the app, the total scooter sharing app development cost varies from $25,000 to $50,000. As the level of expertise, experience, and qualifications vary, the spectrum of e-development costs varies from company to company.

A scooter app like Bird typically requires 800 to 1000 hours of preparation, design, production, research, and testing time to be built. Nevertheless, the amount of time that goes into building and integrating an app that is services-enabled based on costs is logical.

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There is a lot of demand for a scooter sharing business growth due to the low startup costs and the rise in compact and quicker modes of transportation. One should work to build an e-scooter software that functions like Bird or Lime. Up-to-to-date features can get you and keep more customers and sales for your company.

If you are planning for scooter sharing app development then connect with us today. 

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.