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Ride Sharing App Development : Features

Ride sharing is a ride in which a driver picks their passengers to the same way where he goes and in the end, they both compensate for the cost of fuel. That trip can be mentioned to the services of ride share only in the case when they meet the following conditions during the journey:

  • The car owner should provide their customers the great services. In any case, the passenger will go to their required destination whether he or she has their fellow companions or not.
  • The car owner should not earn money on the ride except for the cost of fuel.
  • When the ride was taken by passengers, the passengers, as well as the car owner, should have to share the total cost of the ride.

ride sharing app development

Important steps to start a ride share work

In order to get the information about the rideshare app to start your own business, you have followed these basic steps:

  • First of all, find the positive and negative points about the mobile application development for ride sharing.
  • Explain your specific place to build a good app of rideshare.
  • Marketing evaluation should be conducted so that to build a rideshare application.
  • For the success of an app, the model of business should be selected.
  • The appropriate way of monetization should find out.
  • Certain legal issues must be required for the settlement of an app.
  • In the end, add the formula of MVP to the application of rideshare.

A great strategy for the development of the rideshare app

A question arises at the mind at the time of making an application of rideshare, that how to start this? For this, as an app maker, you should have to follow certain key issues to make the application more successful and competitive. The way of executing your idea in an intelligent form will provide you the great profit in your future. A company should be hired so that they can provide you a good quality of services for the development of an app.

How to develop a ride sharing app

For the development of a ride sharing application, you as a leader can develop your carpooling service or you can take help from any of the good development type companies. At the beginning of app development, you should focus on the MVP features so that to run the successful rideshare business. This MVP is the development type technique that contains a variety of features to satisfy the early adaptors.

A ride sharing app was developed in such a way that through this application the riders can directly connect with the drivers. The performance has to be completed by the two separate kinds of the application. Among them, one is for the rider and another one is for the driver. The application should also contain dispatch kind of the system that is in the form of the admin panel.

There might be a difference in the basic features of an app, but contrary to it MVP technology should contain these aspects.

Passenger app

In the developing of an application, the passenger app should be different from the driver’s app. Regarding this factor, the key features for the development of the ride sharing app are considered to be as following:


The registration of the user is a basic step in which the user gets registered with the application with the help of their social accounts. To use the app as a passenger you can also login to your email address.

Passenger’s profile

After the process of registration, the riders should have to put their related information to the app. Due to this, they can easily make interaction with the app. This interaction includes management of the requests about the ride, rating of drivers, make several groups, save your specific route, etc.

Tracking system

With the help of a tracking system, you as a passenger can get the new updates about the current location of a specific driver. This system makes easy for you to hire the driver who is most near to you by your location.

Search system

By the use of a search system in the app you can easily find your route and also a driver. For this aspect, there is a great need for the search system to make an app successful.

Filtering option

Due to the advancement in technology, there is a presence of a filtering system in the application. Having such kind of option you can easily select the type of a vehicle that is up to your comfort and in your budget.

Listing of vehicle

The catalog that is designed in such a way that it is well-mannered will enable the passengers to select the car according to their desires. This will make the selection of a vehicle easy.

Booking option

Having the feature of booking option a ride can be easily requested by the passenger or also book that ride for the later use.

History of ride

Such type of feature will give the passengers the allowance by which they can easily check the history of their trips.


By the addition of such kind of feature will enable the riders to register their credit or debit card and give cashless payment at the end of their trip.

Price suggestion

The feature inside the application will enable the app to estimate the total cost of the ride after calculating the total distance between their pick and drop points.

Notification icon

Give notification to the driver about the status of a ride once the request was accepted by the driver. Several kinds of additional information are also included in this notification icon. This information is might in the form of the making of the car, car’s color, license plate number and the total estimated time to reach a specific destination.

Rating system

Due to the rating system, passengers will able to rate their experience of the ride and leave several comments related to the trip.

Support for customers

For the dealing of several complaints and for the help of customers related to their questions, you can manage to do the live chat or in your application direct source of calls is also available.

Location setting

By the use of a GPS module on the phone will help the passenger to set their specific location without providing any address.

Multilingual feature

By the default system, the application can only use one type of language. For the purpose to cover a great market several different languages can be added to this application.

Social type of sharing

This feature will allow the passengers to share the experience of their ride through the help of social media and helps in the promotion of the app among other members of the specific community. This action will help you to increase the total number of customers with very small effort.

Emergency button

Passengers present in the car uses the panic or the emergency button so that they can call the police in case of any emergency. The police will able to find passengers with the help of their GPS module that they received from the passenger’s ride platform.

Live tracking system

A live tracking system will give the passengers the allowance by which their loved ones can get an update about their specific route, their destination and the total time of arrival.

Chat system

Internal type of messaging will develop the direct piece of communication among the driver and passenger with the help of this rideshare application development.

So these are marked to be the basic key features for the development of a passenger application. These features will help in the success of the ride share app and make the life of their customers easy.

Driver’s app

Contrary to the passenger’s app, driver application is quite different due to their different features. For the development of ride sharing app, driver’s basic key features are marked to be as follows:

Current status

The current status of the driver should be made visible in the application and also on the map when they are in the position to pick their passengers.

Booking system

Under this feature, incoming several orders can be accepted or rejected by the drivers. This feature will show the real pick and drop locations of the passengers.

Navigation system

This system of navigation will enable the driver to access several types of information during the ride. This information includes updates about traffic and alternate routes.

Estimation ability

Having this feature in the driver’s application will make the estimates about the total cost of a trip and their discounts.

Report system

This reporting system in the app will show the statistics about the total earnings and the trip.

Rider’s views

Having this app a driver was able to check their reviews and ratings from the riders before the confirmation of the ride. The driver also contains the ability by which they can rate the riders and give down vote to the customers having a bad attitude so that such type of customers don’t match that driver again.

These are marked to be some of the important key features that a developer should make in notice while developing a ride sharing app.

Pros and cons of ride sharing app 

Before developing a ride sharing app you must focus on the positive and the negative aspects of this application development.


How it Works


Following are considered to be the positive aspects of the ride-sharing app:

  • The great positive point about this rideshare application is that due to it you can save your money. It whole depends upon the agreement, by which a passenger can take a ride two times that is suitable for them in the traveling using some conventional way.
  • Make in a notice that the car not only consumes the cost of gas only. There are several items on the car in which there is a need for money regarding the maintenance of car their repair and replacement of different parts in the vehicle. By the reduction of utilizing the total time of the car, you can easily reduce these costs.
  • Few cars on the road help in the reduction in the emission of CO2 in the road by which the air gets clean for breathing.
  • By the less number of cars, there is less traffic jam that helps in the saving of time. By it, the passenger can reach their specific destination in less time.
  • Ride sharing will allow you to travel with your friends in which you also meet your new friends on the journey.

These are some of the positive aspects of ridesharing which makes the traveling of a passenger easy. These characteristics also help a developer to develop a ridesharing app to fulfill the needs of both the riders and drivers.


Here are some of the disadvantages of ridesharing that a developer should make in notice at the time of developing a ride sharing application.

  • The great disadvantage of ridesharing is an indecent type of passenger. Dealing with the specific cost and price with such kind of person is quite difficult. Sometimes these passengers also emphasize drivers to go on that route which is not in their schedule.
  • The indecent type of driver also sometimes plays a negative role. In this situation driver use to adjust about five to six passengers at a time in their small car. After the journey that the driver demands a high price from the passengers at the end of the journey.
  • In some of the situations, different companions are to be picked up by the driver separately. This condition will also increase the time of that whole journey.
  • Sometimes the passengers will not get satisfaction from the driving style of the driver. Contrary to it, sometimes driver also gets annoyed with the companions excessive kind of volubility. The untidiness of the passenger and their lack of manner also create somehow mess during the journey.

These are marked to some of the negative aspects of the ride sharing which you can make in notice while the development of a ride sharing app.


With the help of all these above-mentioned details, we came to know that for the development of a ridesharing application certain kinds of specific strategies should be applied. While developing this app the MVP features should be made in the notice. A well-mannered and organized ridesharing application will lead to a state of success.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.