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Build A Meditation App
21 October, 2020
How To Build A Meditation App Like Headspace And Calm

In this busy world mental stress has become the main issue for human beings. The stress issues have increased dramatically this year due to the rise of a pandemic like COVID-19. The demand for mindful…

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Scale Software Product Development Team
20 October, 2020
How To Scale Your Software Product Development Team

It is quite a challenging task for any organization to scale its software product development team. Before scaling organizations have to find the answers to questions like when is the right time to grow? how…

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Invest In A Mobile App
15 October, 2020
Why Small Business Should Invest In A Mobile App

Digital media plays a very important role in today’s modern high-tech world. Mobile phones are considered the future. The people spent most of their time using mobile phones. Research work shows that people are spending…

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ROI For Your App Development
14 October, 2020
How To Measure ROI For Your App Development

Running a business is a huge responsibility. There are different aspects of a business and all need attention. Spending the available budget on the right things is a major concern for businesses. It is the…

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App Ideas You Should Invest
13 October, 2020
The 5 Interesting App Ideas You Should Invest in 2021 & Beyond

In today’s digital environment a study shows that users are spending about 90% of their mobile time on mobile apps. The mobile apps are expected to generate about $582 billion through the app store and…

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Cost To Hire PHP Developers
10 October, 2020
How Much Does It Cost To Hire PHP Developers In India?

PHP is one of the oldest and widely used programming languages. It is utilized in the development of both static and dynamic websites. PHP helps in the development of web pages that are customizable and…

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E-commerce Mobile App
6 October, 2020
Why Online Retailers Should Invest In E-commerce Mobile App

The most foremost screen used nowadays is of smartphones. Mobile phones allow users to get in touch with the internet all the time with ease. Almost every industry shows a great interest in developing a…

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business idea to the development team
5 October, 2020
How To Explain Your Business Idea To The Development Team

Coming up with a good business idea is always exciting but it is not easy to communicate your passion and excitements to the people who can help you develop your idea into reality. The success…

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Mobile Apps For Small Businesses
1 October, 2020
Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

There is tough competition between small businesses nowadays. It has become a necessity for small business owners to go online. For this purpose, they could create a mobile-friendly website. More importantly, for services or retail…

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Impact Of 5G On Mobile App Development
30 September, 2020
The Impact Of 5G On Mobile App Development

5G technology is the most advanced technology that is used for mobile connectivity. 5 G technology is also known as fifth-generation technology. Some of the main benefits of the 5G network are fast speed data…

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Develop A Language Learning App
28 September, 2020
The Ultimate Guide To Develop A Language Learning App

As the world has turned into a global village now therefore the need to learn a foreign language has become more significant. Learning of new language is very important not only for expanding the business…

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Guide on location-based app development
26 September, 2020
The Complete Guide On Location-Based App Development

In today’s technological world there are numerous location-based apps in the market. In reality, location-based apps have developed into an industry. A lot of industries are using location-based apps to improve their services. Apps like…

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cost of microservices
25 September, 2020
The Cost of Development of Microservices Applications

Microservices have become a popular concept and there has been a lot of buzz about it. The microservices are service-oriented architectures that divide applications into smaller sub-units. Moreover, when companies decide to add microservices to…

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Mobile App For Event
24 September, 2020
How To Make A Mobile App For Event or Conference?

The world is changing and to keep things running smoothly the technology has to evolve as well. The use of technology is increasing in people’s lives as it offers convenience. Moreover, the Apps are important…

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User Friendly Shopping App
22 September, 2020
How To Build A User-Friendly Shopping App?

The eCommerce industry is booming and the current atmosphere seems to have a bright future. People are quickly embracing online shopping as it is easier and more convenient. With a pandemic looming around online shopping…

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Top Web Development Companies in India
21 September, 2020
Aalpha Recognized Among Top Web Development Companies in India by Selected Firms

We at Aalpha feel honored to be mentioned by Selected Firms in their report of top Web development companies in India. In today's rapid time of digitalization and globalization, organizations are constantly trying to transform…

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14 September, 2020
How To Make A Weather App Like 1Weather?

Weather apps fall with some ambit of the weather forecasting software that gives complete information for the weather updates. As several industries are depending on the weather factors, there is no wonder that the market…

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8 September, 2020
Industries where AI is set to Grow

Artificial Intelligence has unbelievable potential for what it can achieve. AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies are being adopted by many organisations in completely different sectors. If we can master AI, then we will…

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video communication
13 August, 2020
How to Develop Video Conferencing Applications?

Real-time communication has become a crucial feature of many applications. The workflows of different industries need to integrate video conferencing to ensure efficiency. Building a video conferencing app is a complex task especially if there…

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application development cost india
25 July, 2020
Application Development Cost Breakdown

From Entrepreneurs to enterprise C-suite, the question about the cost of application development is always top of the line. It’s a very complicated question because the cost of application development depends on several factors. These…

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