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Top Features of Magneto 2 for Ecommerce Website Development

To discuss Magneto 2 we can say that it contains two types. Among them, one is Magneto 2 open source and the other one is Magneto 2 commerce. The type Magneto open source is marked to be the free edition of the Magneto platform.

Many valuable features are included in this version of Magneto. Whereas on the other hand Magneto commerce is marked to be the paid edition of the Magneto platform. In this kind, it includes all the features alike to the Magneto open source along with many other kinds of powerful features.

Features of Magneto 2

Magneto in their work provides several different kinds of resources to their customers to help them to compare open source and commerce. Magneto 2 holds many powerful features that make it demanding and among them, some of the features are marked to be as follows:

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Category Permissions

In the features of Magneto 2 category permissions will allow merchants to make access limited. This access includes browsing categories, view pricing, or the access to add to cart for products within a category that is based on a customer group.

Gift Cards

The purpose to sell virtual, physical or combined gift cards online merchants were allowed by the feature of Gift cards. Through the help of it, the software can easily maintain the record of the issuance or the usage of the gift cards by the Gift card Accounts. These accounts are easily accessible within the Magneto admin dashboard.

Advanced Catalog Search

The feature of advanced catalog search Magneto open source will only support MySQL search. Whereas on the other hand Elastic search is also supported by Magneto commerce. This Elastic search is the high potential, highly scalable and powerful distributed search engine. This search engine is used by the different high volume sites like Wikipedia, eBay and GitHub.


A feature like banners allows the merchants to display images and the block of content. This allowance is visible only to the specified customer segments. At the time when the price rule conditions and coupons apply or based on a schedule, this feature brings distinguish behavior between banners and content blocks.

This Banner is an open-source feature whose main responsibility is to display fixed information like in the form of text, images, embedded video or a kind of dynamic information from a widget. Unlike the carousels rotating banners helps in the cycling of the banners in a specific sequence. It is either in the form of random order in which each page is viewed. Through it this allows the merchants to create an on-site marketing campaign.

Content Staging

Feature content staging will allow the merchants to create, preview, and also schedule content changes to the categories, promotions, products, CMS pages, CMS blocks and also widgets. This process proves to be extremely helpful at the time of scheduling on-site marketing for a new promotion which at the specific time must be published. An easy to use visual dashboard for scheduling content was also provided by Magneto. This dashboard is named as staging dashboard that in timeline view displays upcoming and active campaigns.

Page Hierarchy

The feature allows merchants to make an order or organize the content pages within a great hierarchy. This will also add pagination, navigation and also menus with an admin interface which is easy to use, drag and drop.

Customer Segments

By this feature, a merchant is allowed to display content dynamically and promotions to the specific customers. This allowance is based on several kinds of properties like customer address, shopping cart contents, order history or others like them. Their main function is to enable the merchants to make highly targeted campaigns that are based on customer activity.

This is because under this feature the information is continuously updated so by which the customer’s will might be associated or disassociated from a segment as they shop. Customer segments report play an important role by which the merchants can measure the number of customers in each segment and helps the data to export for the external use.

Email Reminders

Based on a customers shopping cart or wish list activity this feature will allow the merchants to send the automated emails. This will be done to encourage the customer so that they will return to the site and make a good purchase. Based on triggers abandoned cart like emails will be sent automatically. It will be in the form of “item quantity”, “number of days abandoned”, “cart total” and many more like them.

Gift Registries

This feature, for the special occasions the merchants are allowed to offer their customers the great ability to create the gift registries. Due to this advantage, a customer will be able to invite their friends and family members so that they can purchase the gifts from the gift registry by the use of Magneto’s gift registry search widget. This widget will also allow the customer to also search for another customer’s registry. At here Magneto plays an important role to keep the track of all items that are purchased and also the remaining quantities.

Google Tag Manager

This feature will help merchants to manage many tags like a.k.a JavaScript “pixels” or code snippets. Such kind of tags is required for analytics and marketing services to track customer activity. Along with it they can also measure engagement, retarget, personalize content, or to conduct the external marketing initiatives.

Events and Private sales

Events and private sales feature will allow the merchants to create for their customers the exclusive sale events. To look at their options such kind of events can also be configured to be accessible only to the customers that are logged in. because events are mostly time-bound and the Event Ticker at that time may be used to display a countdown to the end of the event. In addition to it, the customers also contain the ability to send invitations to the other potential customers. Here Private Sales Report display information on various subjects like several invitations sent, accepted or discarded. This information also includes the conversion rate for the invitations to each event.

Rule-based Related Products

Products related feature will allow the merchants to specify which product is to be displayed conditionally. This activity will be based on rules, rather than requiring product relationships that are to be assigned manually. These rules will involve the association with the customer segment for dynamic targeting. This great feature is marked to be one of the most powerful and time-saving features of Magneto commerce.

Rewards and Loyalty

To this feature point, an abased loyalty program is offered to their customers. In the reward system, the customer can easily earn points by the step of account registration, sign up of newsletter, purchase, or to invite other friends to this account or to place an order, and for the submission of product reviews. These points will be managed by the site administrator to allow the merchants to control the point’s allotment, remaining balance, and its expiration. Based on cart price rule points will might also be awarded to the customers.

Visual Merchandiser

This feature of Magneto will merchants to merchandise that is in the way to define the order in which within a category product appear. This will either be in the form of visually via a drag or drop interface. This will also be done by applying rule-based conditions that are powered by smart attributes.

Multiple Wishlists

Feature multiple wishlists will allow the merchants to offer their customers the great ability to share or create multiple wishlists. At here Magneto provides the widget which allows their customers to find any kind of public wishlist by their name or email address of the specific wishlist owner. Magnetos this feature is alike to the gift registries search widget. They both are alike except at the time when the item is purchased from a public wishlist by any other customer it will not be removed from the original wish list. As it contains the powerful feature of maintaining good records.

Additional Payment Methods

It supports several additional payment methods to keep good records. These payment methods include CyberSource, Worldpay and others like these for the use of international merchants.

Gift Options

The feature will allow the merchants to provide their customers with the great gifting options in the cart before the time of checkout. In this feature, the customers might add a kind of gift message and also specify the gift wrapping for each of the items either in the order or for the entire order. In this process, there is also make the addition of a gift receipt and printed greeting card. Additional charges are also included in the gift wrapping printed gift cards.

Order Archiving

Order archiving will allow the merchants regularly to clean their workspace by archiving orders. This step will improve the performance and help to keep the admin interface free of any kind of unnecessary information.

Order by SKU

This is a widget that will allow the merchants to offer their customers the ability by which they can add products to their cart simply by entering SKU. Along with it, the quantity information will transfer directly to the order by SKU widget. This will also be done by uploading a CSV file from within the account of their customers. This helpful feature will also be available to all of their customers or for those who are only in the specific customer groups.


The feature will allow the merchants to provide their customers the great kind of the ability by which they can request an item return for the replacement or refund. At this step, the customer will be able to request a return in a way to order their information within a specific interface. If in the case of approval a unique RMA number is then assigned to their customer to identify the returned product. This number will be enabled for all of the products or either only for certain products. This number will be issued for certain product types that are in the form of grouped, simple and configurable. On the other hand, these RMAs are not provided for the virtual kind of products, downloadable products, or gift cards.

Shopping Assistance

Shopping assistance feature will able to allow the merchants to offer about the immediate shopping cart assistance. This shopping will be done by any of the customers who have proper registration of an account on the store. Along with it merchants also contains the ability by the help of which they can simply edit the contents of their customer shopping cart in the real phase of time from the admin interface. The customers shopping cart can be seen by customer service representatives. At this step, the customer will be on the phone and they will be able to see the changes immediately after the time when the page is refreshed.

Store Credit

Store credit feature will give the allowance to the merchants to refund customers for their cash purchases. By the help of this feature, a customer will be able to store credit to pay for purchases and in the maintenance of the track of the status of refunds. By it, they can also store credit from the account dashboard of their customers. The refunding by issuing a memo takes place at the time when the order is placed or invoiced. There is a difference between refund and credit memo because in the credit memo the amount of the credit is transferred to the customer’s account when they can utilize that amount for the future purchases.

Customer Attribute Manager

The feature will simply allow the merchants to add additional customer attributes beyond the default attributes. In this situation the custom customer attributes will be added to the information of an account, address book, billing information and like others to the account of their customers. Address attributes of the customers will also be used in the billing information at the time of checkout.

So these are marked to be some of the great features of Magneto Development which is superior from other like software. It works for customer services in providing them ease.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.