Magento Open Source

Magento the Best Open Source eCommerce Product

Magento the Best Open Source eCommerce Product

If you are thinking of starting your own eCommerce site knowing and learning Magento comes in handy. So what is Magento? It is a content management system (CMS) that is useful for the eCommerce websites. This open source PHP based e-commerce platform helps you upload your items to sell them on the internet. Additionally it also gives you control of editing the site’s outward appearance.

Magento is very similar in nature to WordPress for eCommerce. However, while the main focus of WordPress is the blog post, Magento concentrates on selling the products online.

Magento an Indispensable Tool for eCommerce Sites

If you do have an eCommerce site, or are trying to build an eCommerce site, there are several good reasons to use Magento:

Magento is a tried and tested  CMS that you can trust for any scale of ecommerce web development.

It has hundreds of options and features to meet any vertical/ domain/ industry requirements.

Capable of managing the record, billing tasks, clientele and all these are possible from just one admin panel.

SEO friendly there is no need to download any plug-in as you put in products, add meta titles along with descriptions

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Reasons Why You Should Use Magento for Your E-commerce Website

Open Source: It s great to know that the Magento Community Edition is totally free of charge. Therefore, you will be able to use this edition as you want.

Community Support: Being an open source platform, it allows thousands of developers to work on it so that Magento remains up to date and provides safe and fast services. And the most striking thing is you can get help at any point you need.

Suitable for both MNC and small companies: Magento is preloaded with a number of characteristics that are truly essential in setting up a fully serviceable e-Commerce website. Thus, it is absolutely apt for not so big e-Commerce firms and also the MNCs.

Flexible: Magento because of its open system architecture; Magento allows you to create appealing and unique user experiences across all user platforms.

Superb Performance: we are all well aware that even a few seconds setback in handling the client’s requests is literally intimidating because this way the e-commerce website’s power to convert visitors into paying customers will be completely lost. Magento with advanced caching technology like Varnish as well as other DB optimization methods provides the e-Commerce companies with enhanced page load speed and query processing time to come out a winner again.

Support for Mobile Commerce: offering superior mobile shopping, that is so important for any eCommerce site that both the Community and Enterprise editions of Magento e-Commerce CMS are now incorporating multiple HTML5 capabilities.

SEO Friendly: Magento is a highly SEO-friendly content management system.

Integration is simple: Yes, you can incorporate Magento without any hassle and that too along with a host of services such as payment gateways, shipping, application of the database and following the shipment.

Choosing the appropriate platform for your online store is vital to meeting the business objectives. Try it today to see the results.

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