31 December, 2021
Simple Guide on eCommerce Replatforming & Website Migration

eCommerce replatforming occurs when an online shop creates new technology or selects a third-party provider that delivers an updated or separate eCommerce platform. This procedure may need a transition from one third-party service to another, or it may necessitate the creation of an in-house, unique solution from the ground up. Typically, an eCommerce platform entails…

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29 December, 2021
Test cases for E-commerce Website: E-Commerce Testing in 2022

By the end of 2021, the number of online purchasers is expected to exceed 2.1 billion USD, demonstrating the success of eCommerce websites that have expanded at a breakneck pace over the last several years.…

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11 December, 2021
How to Develop an Order Management System for Small Business

Shopping is virtually entirely conducted online, and competition has never been fiercer. Retailers must be shock-resistant and adaptable to flourish in this hyper-accelerated climate. To overcome the hurdles inherent in an online-only economy, companies need…

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