How to Hire Offshore Developers

How to Hire Offshore Developers for your Startup

Technology advancements have it possible for the field of Information and Technology to grow. Currently, many IT firms get their work done by outsourcing for top talents. According to research, outsourcing generated more than 92 Billion in 2019, whereby offshore development services had 64%. Read on to understand what it takes to hire an offshore development team. There are factors to bear in mind to get the best offshore development teams.

Why Hire Offshore Development Team?

Many global companies prefer offshore software development hiring because it links them to top talents at fair prices. They spent less money during the hiring process. Below are some of the reasons for getting offshore development teams.

  • Diverse Expertise

There are many companies globally that have top-rated programmers. With offshore outsourcing, you can connect to a wide range of experts and choose the best suitable for your project.

  • Performance

If you want the best results for your project, then go for offshore development companies. The companies are always updated on the latest technology and trends in IT. This means that you will get the best services that match current technology trends when you hire offshore development teams.

  • Cost and Time Savings

As highlighted before, getting offshore development teams is cost-effective as compared to in-house hiring. Costs such as office rent, software, and hardware licenses costs are cut down, thus saving you the extra cash. With offshore development teams, you can get the best talents in the game at a lower price than when you hire in-house. Above all, can you imagine the vendors do all the hiring process on your behalf? You end up saving more time or rather focusing on other important things as your project runs well.

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  • Scalability

For any project in development, different phases require different experts. Imagine if you had your development team, some employees would stay idle, yet you have to pay them their salaries. But the trend is different from offshore development teams. You pay for the work done. If an expert is missing in the group, the vendor’s job is to find and fix the matter.

Where can one find the best offshore development team?

But there’s a price to pay for low rates. More importantly, huge time-zone differences with many regions of the globe as well as the cultural gap may lead to numerous inconveniences in cooperation and lower product quality.

Now that we have learned why hiring offshore developers team, the question is, where can one find such experts? Well, there are many outsourcing regions globally, with each having its uniqueness. It all depends on the project you have at hand. Below are the best regions to get the best development teams

Asia– The region is known to produce the best development team at $20-$45 hourly. Considering what it takes to accomplish a development task. This rate is the cheapest. However, take note of the time difference and different cultural practices. Take precautions so that such differences do not inconvenience your schedule and the quality of the work.

Eastern Europe– There are many companies in Eastern Europe ready to offer the best services with reliable offshore developers. Ukraine is among the best hubs in the region that provides the best services at $25 to $50 hourly. The other countries in the region offer around $100 hourly range.

South America– Many tech companies reach out to developers from South America for software development services. All these factors are because of geographical location and reasonable hourly rates of $35 – $50 yet the best quality. s

Western Europe– Many IT firms have their offices in Western Europe. Big brands like Google, Apple, and IBM have their offices in Western Europe, making the region home to many IT activities. Although you will get the best services, be ready to part with $70 to $150 per hour.

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How to Hire Offshore Developers

As you hire the offshore development team, you look forward to the best collaboration, best quality, and timely delivery. Well, to ensure you achieve all these, remember to do the following.

  • State the goals clearly

You must understand what you need for your project first before negotiating with the IT vendor. The offshore developers must have every detail of the job requirements to enable them to do the quality work within the required time.

  • Select the Expertise Required for the Project

There are several IT experts, each with their specific field. You must understand the type of expertise required for your project. Once you know the technology needed for your project, you can now reach a professional company with the necessary technology for directions.

  • List the vendors

Now that you have found the experts that can handle your project, now start searching for offshore programmers to collaborate with. You can search from GoodFirms or Clutch reviews concerning IT firms. When searching, consider aspects such as client reviews, the size, rewards & certifications, and Portfolio

  • Scoring

Now, select the qualified vendors from the list. Choose the ones that can handle your project requirements in terms of services, cost, and deadlines. Schedule a meeting and discuss the project more to clear any misunderstanding. Discuss with several companies and finally choose the best one.

Note: Do not focus on the cheapest companies always. Some companies are a bit expensive but have more experience with expert developers who would even go ahead and advise you on making the project better.

Also, look for offshore programmers who are social and willing to listen and make any required changes to turn out the project successfully.

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Places to get Offshore Programmers

Some platforms give extensive information about IT firms to enable entrepreneurs to make a solid choice. The platforms include:

Clutch This is the most popular platform. Visit Clutch, and you will get many companies, each with detailed information about their services. There is also a place where previous clients leave a review and ratings about the company’s overall experience.

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GoodFirms– The platform operates similar to Clutch

99firms It is a website with many vendors, each providing different IT services. Some moderators approve the firms so that those searching for offshore developers can get them quickly.

IT Firms- You learn more information about different IT firms, previous clients, their services, and rates.

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Forms of Contracts

Now that you have selected the best offshore programmers, it is about time to sign the contract. The contract terms include payments and the process of accomplishing the project. Below are the forms of contact you can choose from.

Fixed Price – Here, the cost for the whole process is fixed. The negotiations take place before the project begins, and both parties agree on the amount. The fixed priced terms depend on the urgency of the project and how complex the project is. However, fixed contracts are not the best, especially for complex tasks, because constant reviews and changes must be made now and then.


  • Financial risks are low
  • There are exact time frame and fixed cost
  • The schedule is simple to follow


  • Not the best for complicated projects
  • There is a high rate of inflexibility
  • Consumes time while planning

Dedicated Team – This contract involves hiring offshore developers to handle your project remotely. This is the best model, especially when you don’t have iOS developers in your team. You control the entire team, and they work according to your requirements. Although this contract requires frequent communication, you might face difficulties due to time-zone differences.

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  • Very flexible
  • There is a wide range of experts
  • Easy hiring process
  • There is transparency as you manage the teams
  • Cost-effective


  • Difficulty in constant communication
  • You must have IT the knowledge to manage the team

Time and Materials- This form of contract requires you to pay the time the team spends on your project. This contact is best, especially for MVP products and testing on customers, because you have room to make changes as often as you want. The problem is that you can’t be sure when the project will be released and the total costs


  • There is transparency
  • Maximum flexibility
  • You can easily change the priorities during development


  • No clear deadlines
  • Low-budget control, you can’t be sure of the final cost
  • The product owner but be available full time.

Challenges to bear in mind when hiring offshore developers teams

  1. English language- Ensure the team you settle on can communicate with fluent English since it is the universal language for both parties and product requirements.
  2. Time Zone Difference- Different regions have different timings. Plan all the meetings to avoid poor communication due to time differences.


The IT field keeps growing, and trends such as hiring offshore developers teams are on the rise. Take advantage of such movements to get the experts to handle your projects. However, remember to consider the above factors to ensure your project turns out successfully.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.