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What are the Recent Ecommerce Development Trends?

What are the Recent Ecommerce Development Trends?

The market of E-commerce is booming every year, according to a study. Presently, lots of people are doing their purchases from different E-Commerce websites. Also, majority of people are now acquainted with the meaning of e-commerce as there is gradual rise of emergence of online retail stores such as eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. Basically, Ecommerce is electronic commerce which encompasses the commercial transaction made online. In this, any vendor can vend his/her products just by showing the images and later customers can purchase it via online payment. Though this is the fundamental definition, with the passage of time, this technology requires evolvement in order to upkeep the interest of consumers and also to survive well in today’s competitive world. If there is no chance of inclusion of changes, the competitors would surpass in the competitions as they keep up-to-date with the trends. Hence, there is need of acceptance of Ecommerce development trends by all the online vendors today.

With increasing competition, the owners of business wish to create their websites appealing and functional as well for users. The recent development trends as well as technologies in the field of E-Commerce have facilitated the developers to assimilate different latest technologies directly in their E-Commerce websites. By the use of recent technology trends, it is known that Ecommerce development firms wish to enhance the user experience of the process of online shopping considerably.

Let’s have a look at few of the topmost E-Commerce development trends in recent times:

Ecommerce development will facilitate Hassle-Free Checkout:

Creating online purchases in a rapid manner is gradually attaining momentum. Nowadyas, quick checkout that needs consumers to fill in comparatively lesser number of forms is actually an approach to entice higher sales. This is because loading many pages one after the other, each one requesting the users to enter the details could be a restriction. It is known that payment gateways such as PayPal, ShopifyPay, AndroidPay have created the process of online payment process fast and simple. Moreover, saving the consumer’s data along with their chosen mode of payment as well as showing them while making the next purchases lets the entire process to be stress-free.

The trend of Virtual Sales Assistance:

There are number of customers who prefer to accomplish online shopping; however many out of them simply miss the tailored experience of having communication with sales assistance. At this instant, the concept of virtual assistant performs a key role. It facilitates different customers to comment, ask, and resolve their concerns in real-time basis. By the help of virtual sales assistance, every fundamental queries arising in mind of customers could be rapidly answered by help of bots which could be easily programmed to learn the manner to reply to different customer queries. In addition to that, several other complex queries as well as concerns could be replied through sales staff and manager.

Prevalence of Storefront Digitizing:

The concept of Storefront Digitizing is like the brick-and-mortar; it would always rule and would never mislay its value, in spite of the increasing amount of e-commerce stores. In order to upkeep people’s interest, anything innovative should be adapted. With purpose to create a better influence on mind of customers, organizations such as Walmart, eBay, Delta Airlines, have all initiated the concept of Storefront Digitizing and they make use of memory mirror technology. This is nothing but a digital mirror wherein any customer could see him/her and then they can visualize how they could appear after wearing a specific outfit. In this, they need not to wear it literally. It is known that the mirror is capable to save their information, their preference, and hence can interrelate with them afterwards if a specific item comes in, for instance specific color and size. The technology is about to provide cutback in returns to higher extent.

The trend of Mobile Commerce:

Mobile internet is performing a gradually bigger role in the market and even in the world of e-commerce technology. In last several years, there is a huge boost in utilization of tablets and smartphones for taking a visit to e-commerce websites. Presently, the trend is that the mobile phones are even being utilized in high amount and often for placing orders.  The corresponding trend is anticipated to persist in next few years. Thus, it is vital for your Ecommerce store to work hard on tablets and smartphones.

Increase in Cross-channel integration:

The trend of Cross-channel integration is not much new, but it is growing quickly in the field of eCommerce industry. The concept of Cross-channel suggests that you could flawlessly and interchangeably use different channels to market, trade and communicate with different customers.  It is found that the Cross-channel integration possess the supremacy of remarketing different product with ads even post any customer has discarded the purchase or the website. In the upcoming years, it is expected that retailers will incessantly integrate their eCommerce inside the cross-channels because it signifies incredible growth opportunity.

Investment in Chatbots:

More and more number of retailers would invest in chatbots in order to assist shoppers with essential information and carrying out a transaction. Basically, chatbots (alternatively recognized as messenger bots) is a portion of software that could be utilized by different retailer to chat with clientele through voice or text. It is confirmed that a well-designed chatbots has capability to provide customized assistances, improve the user experience, easily process orders, track shipments, offer product suggestion, mechanize the processes, and many more.

At present, chatbots are growing Ecommerce development trends for any business that can offer seamless experience to its online shoppers.  It is found that this technology has developed to smarter level in matters of processing speeds and providing response to relative awareness. For that, the credits go to the use of big data technology and machine learning. It allows the human interaction only when there is extreme need. Moreover, the bot behaves more like a friend and explains the process systematically. However, the navigational experience is comparatively less text-based; it is more conversation-based with purpose to get any information.

Trend of Drone and Droid Delivery will continue:

Drones were presented several years back but it was out of imagination that would convey stuffs to civilian addresses. This is considered to be one of the greatest pioneering technologies which is about to shape up the upcoming retail industries. There is a U.S. based start-up Company which delivers medical supplies, known as Flirtey, and the company has by now fruitfully delivered the parcels to relevant individual’s addresses. There are many portions of the world have not extensively adopted this concept; also the testing is continued in this area, but one thing is clear that there would come a time when the concept of same-day or same-hour shipping would turn out to be a reality.

A Droid is essentially a tiny robotic machine of changing shapes and sizes which aptly follows the commands and carries out the tasks as instructed. The device usually travel on the ground over the pedestrian lane and they are able to successfully handle weight normally in range of 20 to 30 pounds in span of 30 minutes or less. The devices can successfully climb upwards and downwards the stairs; possess nine cameras to watch the surroundings and it can also stream the live video. Moroever, they even possess microphone in order to interrelate with the customers as well as a GPS tracking is provided amongst the source and destination. Different to the traditional systems in which there is a delivery boy who initially discovers for parking, then parks his vehicle and later he walks until he reaches the mentioned destination, the small would swiftly get on to the delivery address as well as it can hand over the parcel to the relevant customer, excluding any type of interruptions.

Acceptance of Voice Searches:

The trend of Voice Search is in progression for few months now, and it is the occurrence of looking products up through help of your voice. It has prominent features which are all equipped to create searches in user-friendly as well as stress-free manner by allowing users rest their fingers and vocalize their needs clearly. Through Google Assistant as well as Alexa turning prevalent, it is just a matter of certain time before “voice searches” comes out to be the frenzy in eCommerce stores.

The trend of Biometrics verification is viral:

E-commerce industry is a speedily growing wherein the major concern for any retailer is to provide maximum comfort and safety to its buyer.  It is observed that grave security concerns like spamming, hacking, online fraud and stealing of confidential data are yet holding back lots of online users from buying the products via online medium. It is found that the biometric verification is a latest and one of the finest eCommerce technology trends that works to gauge the physical characteristics of any users like palm, fingerprints, face, or voice in order to resolve security issues.  By this trend, there would be no issues of forgotten or stolen password problem, Moreover, the enhanced security measures would also let forging hard for intruders.

Concluding Note:

In order to facilitate growth in the Ecommerce sector, all the businesses should adopt and continue growing with the discussed recent Ecommerce development trends. However, while adapting these trends, the core principle of a business should not be overlooked – customer first.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.