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Omnichannel – eCommerce Solutions that Connect Better with the Consumer

Omnichannel – eCommerce Solutions that Connect Better with the Consumer

What matters most to a shopper is their experience of the brand, regardless of the channel. This makes it ever more necessary for retail organisations to create a cohesive customer experience – and drive revenues.

With the enthusiastic adoption of consumer technology by most shoppers today, the focus for all organizations has shifted to providing a seamless customer experience. As the world witnesses, rapid shifts in customer demands and practices and available technologies, the need for omnichannel transformation has reached its peak.

What Omnichannel Constitutes?

Omnichannel also spelled as omni-channel is a multi-channel approach to product sales that provides the customer with a problem free shopping experience irrespective of whether he or she is shopping online using a desktop or mobile device.

As digital usage has grown, many people more often browse online and purchase in-store and vice versa.  Therefore making desktop and mobile fully compatible with point of sale and inventory systems is necessary, for retailers to be able to provide a truly seamless experience.

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The Omnichannel Advantage                         

To reap the full advantage of Omnichannel solutions makes it necessary think out a strategy and chart out a roadmap:

Omnichannel involves crafting Web sites and apps for mobile and other portable devices that engage customers, with an eye toward delivering measurable business value.

Strong Omnichannel Capabilities directs the traffic and brings in more customers, improving conversion rates through enhanced capabilities such as multivariate testing, internal search, and streamlined checkout.

Help build customer loyalty through effective CRM design

Relevant marketing messages delivered through digital marketing can help the business, increase the catchment size, acquire more customers and lower the cost-of-operations.

Building Omnichannel Capabilities

Delivering what customers expect, involves a re-examination of the organization’s business model and includes everything from realigning roles and performance measures to reassessing the technology architecture investing in Omnichannel Capabilities tailored to its culture and customers.

Reassessing technology architecture often results in selecting and implementing the most viable digital platform for your mobile and tablet capabilities to improve your digital commerce.

Probably the biggest challenge and one that omnichannel is best suited to dealing effectively with is service. Customers do not expect problems but when they are encountered they expect someone, just anyone in the organization to be able to resolve the issues and offer them an acceptable solution.  A bad experience in one area will affect how customers feel about the brand as a whole.

This requires that the systems are well and fully integrated to provide insights across all channels. Allowing, everyone in the organization to access and act on information about the full customer experience.

The Multi-Channel Approach to Sales

Today there is a whole host of a new breed of companies enabling retailers to compete with e-commerce giants. In effect, they are—democratizing information technology in a way that allows retailers to focus on the important part of the business, sourcing great products and serving their customers.

Today it has become possible to drive sales of any product in stores, online and via mobile with integrated omnichannel solutions that makes the process activating selling and upgrading connected devices within the omnichannel environment much simpler. In today’s technologically enabled environment, Omnichannel solutions are an imperative. Providing consumers with the uninterrupted and harmonious retail experience that they have come to expect, and now demand.

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