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Importance of Digital Experience Platform Marketing

Also known as Customer Experience platform or User Experience Platform. So what exactly is digital experience platform? Stay tuned to learn the following key aspects of the digital experience platform and the marketing benefits involved:

  • Definition of Digital Experience Platform
  • Why Digital Experience platform is important
  • What Digital Experience Platform offers you
  • The marketing benefits of the digital experience platform

So, what exactly is the digital experience platform? I believe you have come across such terms once in a while. Well, some define it as a software that manages, delivers, and optimizes user experiences regularly on every digital touchpoint. The main purpose of the digital experience platform is to reach out to potential customers by formulating strategies, networking, and processing information by the use of advanced technology to fulfill its objective.

Digital Experience Platform can also be defined as a set of technologies used to bring together the content, applications, services, and processes to improve user experience. The services of a user experience platform include

Importance of Digital Experience Platform

  • Enables you to build great applications for the user audience
  • It has several digital channels including mobile, connected devices, web, and social
  • It helps many user personnel, including employees, customers, suppliers, partners, among others. This provides room for interactions between the users.
  • It serves users at different times of their operation.

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Types of Digital Experience Platform

Digital Experience Platforms comes in three distinct forms. They are categorized based on the individual cases of an organization. They include the following

  • Commercial Digital Experience Platform

The primary purpose of commercial digital experience platform is to advertise and promote content to their website for commercial purposes. They are used by retail brands to deliver the required services.  The services offered by commercial digital experience platform include pre-purchase, fulfilment, and product return initiative. Other services include payment and stock management, as well as shopping carts.

  • Portal Digital Experience Platform

Such platforms operate in the manufacturing sector to fulfil post-sale and customer support. They target to focus on the loyalty of the customers, how to maintain them and renewal of the customers. They as well aim at bringing together corporate intranet portals to ensure both supplier and partners’ needs are all fulfilled. Apart from front-end presentation, portal digital experience platform also offers features like workflow automation, CMS, and mobile support.

  • CMS Digital Experience Platform

The business world of today such as advertising and marketing firms requires a lot of efforts more than the basics offered by the CMS. CMS digital experience platform provides persona-based segmentation for pre-purchase consumer and analytics affecting customer needs such as demand, customer acquisition, personalized promotions delivery, and accelerating sales funnel.

Marketing Benefits of Digital Experience Platform

  • It has Promoted Digital Transformation

For any business to prosper in the current competitive world, a lot of efforts have to be put in action. That is why Digital Experience Platforms are in existence. They provide trending technologies in the business world, touchpoint information, decision tools, and modular components to facilitate the growth of digital transformation. In simple terms, digital transformation involves managing front-end user experience and back-end systems. The back-end and front-end systems operate effectively as a single unit with the help of digital experience platforms. The joint operation then collects information about the customers and how to improve the experience of the customers at large. Digital experience platforms have a system that is flexible, and it provides incredible services that promote digital transformation. The features pave the way for trending technology to take place for the success of the company.

  • Digital Experience platform is a site for profit-generating revenue

In the era before digital transformation took place, businesses had to put different software products for the separate running of the business. For instance, analytics were used to tracking, campaign management helped in controlling distinguished marketing campaigns, portals were meant for content creation, and CMS helped in managing the content. It is evident that having different platforms to operate separately was a bit expensive and complicated. An instant solution was introduced at the beginning of digital experience platforms.

Digital Experience Platform brings together all the technical aspects into one platform that is smooth to run and operate. When digital platforms bring together the technology into a single unit, it creates a way of creating useful applications which bring more revenue to the establishment that takes the chance in it.

  • Effective time management

Getting to know the information about your customer’s data such as the time they browse, their contact information, transaction history, and their social media platform is the critical aspect of any business enterprise. When you know your customer inside and out, you are able to strategize on changes on how to keep the business moving. When Artificial Intelligence is fixed within digital experience platform, it speeds up and simplifies the process of finding customer-related data within a short time and without much struggling. This saves a lot of time and resources as well.

At the end of the day, digital experience platform gives a chance to operate stably, correctly, and updates information at the same timeframe.

  • Optimization Centre for Rich client/User Experience

As technology advances, so is how to get targeted customers for the convenience of the business. Digital experience platform enables a customer be accessed to customer’s information such as website details, mobile devices, social media, face to face communication, or even the e-mails. Digital experience platform formulates strategies that analyze the customer conduct at each critical touchpoint which helps in understanding and improving all the customer needs. When you know all your customer preferences quite well, you will always work towards doing away with anything that the customer dislikes. Improving customer preferences is achievable through giving reliable, consistent and the right content at every point of interaction.

  • Provides a better view of the activities undertaken by the customer

Through digital user experience platforms, you can anything required by providing a better view to any business personnel. The view shows information about customer data and how the activities they do are displayed on the digital platform. When a business person is able to notice customer behavior, which is all that matters. The data collected, whether good or bad helps in making decisions for the business that are under performing. The solution is then gathered and changes made where applicable through digital experience platform.

To add on that, the single interface operates as a center for customer information and therefore helps in predicting what trends will come in the future and give out correct approach solution to the trends that will make the business standstill. Hence, this is the most worked on advantage of digital experience platform as it promotes good customer experience. A satisfied customer is the one that keeps the business running.

  • Help to remove all the frustrations aimed at the customer

Building good customer relations into your business is not a walk in the path. The moment a customer joins your digital platform, it takes a lot of efforts to make them long term loyal customers. You have to move out of the comfort zone and analyze the market, monitor customer behaviors, know what a customer needs and work towards the changes at every single point of interaction. With a digital experience platform, a business is always keen on how they approach the customer especially marketing strategies. This will, later on, help business enterprises to remove any possible hint that shows unsatisfied customer from the data collected.

The information collected helps to analyze the end-user problems relating to how they interact with digital experience platform and suggestions on how to walk along with customers. In the process, you will be able to point out and remove any possible source of frustrations channeled towards the customer.

  • Digital Experience Platforms promotes the growth of the business

The only way a business grows and expands is through retaining customers, and the reason for creating a business is to witness it grow steadily. So, to achieve business growth, the solution is engaging in digital experience platform. It is a platform that focuses on commerce and content to satisfy the customer’s experience.

Digital Experience Platform has stood out to be a reliable system that works together with business enterprises through Application Programming Interface. It offers an opportunity to add new services to the platform that later on leads to improvements.

At the end of the day, your business will increase its sales, increase customer loyalty, and this will push your business on extreme levels of extreme growth. This only means that the productivity of the business will also rise. After all, you will realize how effective is to engage a digital experience platform into your business is the best idea. You only require a strong team with technical skills to implement and put into action digital experience platform.


So far, you now understand that digital experience platforms bring together customer data, customer experience, and business operations at large at the same time. The benefits discussed above shows clearly how digital experience platform helps to grow your business and make significant revenue out of it.

Take chances and transform your business with digital experience platforms.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.