Web Design Mistakes
16 June, 2022
10 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Every website at least looks great to some extent. However, with the continued advancements in the development field, competitors are on the go to develop websites with little to no web design blunders. Websites with great functionality and exceptional features will always tend to attract customers. Therefore, the first step to check out your website…

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best UI design patterns
15 June, 2022
Selecting Good UI Design Patterns for a Website

Designing a professional and reliable website requires an exemplary user interface design. Establishing the proper UI design patterns for your website is a skill every dedicated web developer or designer should have. However, do you…

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Button Best Practices
10 June, 2022
Button Best Practices and Placement on a Website

Designing and developing a website is one of the crucial activities skilled developers consider in their daily schedule. However, with design, the placement of buttons on your website matters a lot. Every kind of button…

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