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How to Identify if your Company is Undergoing Digital Transformation

The world of today requires trendy technology in order to beat the odds because of the competitive pressure existing among business organizations. This has made business people get out of their comfort zone to make sure they stay at the top. Giving the customers great products and services in an easy and satisfying way can only happen to businesses that are ready to undergo digital transformation. However, for a business to undergo digital transformation, it has to take time, resources and efforts. It is not just something that takes place abruptly. A lot of strategies have to be put in place including business operations, trending technologies, and information and technology process changes. Let us go through the following information to understand better

  • What is a digital transformation?
  • Importance of digital transformation to a business
  • How to know when your company is undergoing digital transformation

Understanding Digital Transformation

In simple terms, digital transformation involves putting new technologies in place to come up with innovative business operation process. The operations include improving customer experience and adapting to new changes in the market to stay ahead of competition.

Digital Transformation overtakes the roles of marketing, sales, and even customer service. It is all about new ways of meeting the needs of customers and maintaining them through trendy technologies. Any serious business person will evaluate and see ways to improve their businesses, and digital transformation is the way to go.

It is the best decision because paperwork is involved but only applications on how to manage your business. This minimizes the use of a lot of resources and even saves more time.

Good news is that even a person starting off a small business can oversee the future of the business and transform it right away. All that is involved in the process is having a sustainable plan, thinking ahead, then digital transformation will take its course and grow.

How to Evaluate if your Company is Undergoing Digital Transformation

In this advanced world of technology, a lot of companies and business enterprises have emerged. This implies that the rate of competition is extremely high. In the process, they figure out how to push their businesses to extreme heights, and the answer is digital transformation. So in which ways will you know that your company is transforming digitally? Let us discuss below:

  • Understanding and Managing Risks Effectively

Digital transformation the business an extra motivation and bring up new challenges that will adopt new technologies at a faster rate. Only the people who are ready to take risks in their businesses succeed. A business that implements new ideas and new technologies at the expense of taking risks is the business undergoing digital transformation.

Taking risks to transform your business simply means the business is making decisions with a positive mindset of staying ahead yet not sure if it will stay up or how it will get back to its normal operation in case the initial plan fails. To know if your business is transforming digitally, the following should be happening within your organization:

      • Planning on small experiments after another
      • Has an effective means of managing risks
      • Getting information from stakeholders
      • Repeating something until it produces the desired results
  •  Going for the Right Decisions

Any organization headed for digital transformation will always look ahead and make decisions that will benefit the company at large. The company will make the right decision when there is open communication which will lead to getting the desired results. To analyze if your company is on the process of succeeding in digital transformation, you will have to get a professional digital analyst and invest in the following technologies:

Solution delivery – Any transforming business must have a way to get solutions to any matter quickly. Therefore, to ensure your company is on the right track towards delivering the right solution, you have to implement DevOps integration to achieve this.

Implementation of Business and IT: Any organization ready to undergo digital transformation must have a great relationship between the trendy technology and the business itself.

Platforms: A successful digital transformation must have integrated data and processes to make the process more efficient and effective.

  • Focusing on Data-Driven Solutions

Data is something that cannot be used. Most businesses have a lot of data and they do not know how to store, process, and use it. When a company introduces the technology which focuses on the process of oriented data, it implies that the company is actually transforming digitally. Data-driven decisions are the ones which implement and fastens the process of digital transformation. The following factors will show that your company is undergoing digital transformation when making a data-driven decision:

      • Integration of data flow
      • Adding a good data strategy
      • Automation of data flow
      • Making informed-predictive decisions
  • Bringing up Innovative Business Ideas

For any business to stay on top and survive, you have to be creative, plan effectively, and bring trendy technologies into your business. This implies that you have to think about various ways and means to achieve this. Failure to observe technological changes will automatically lead to closure or failure of your business.

When you do not have plans to uplift your business with new technologies, you are actually risking your business at large; hence, no digital transformation can actually take place without new ideas and new plans.

To know if you are heading in the right direction of digital transformation when making decisions, you will have to do the following:

      • Build an environment that encourages learning new things
      • Build a norm of open-minded people and the spirit of togetherness
      • Be a risk-taker in every aspect of your business
      • Be innovative at a higher level
      • Implement a new idea each day
      • Learn from your top competitors and borrow useful ideas from them

Once you put the above points into action, you are sure of transforming your business digitally.

  • Encouraging Good Leadership among all the Employees within the Business Environment

When transforming your organization into digital transformation, it has to be across the whole organization and not just selected areas or teams. To achieve this, a strong leadership spirit is required among all the people involved. The basic foundation of strong leadership starts from the top. When top teams have poor performance when it comes to leadership skills, then digital transformation will be a hard process to achieve.

The top leaders of an organization should support open and active communication at all times within the business environment to achieve the desired results. So, why communication? Well, communication is a key aspect because all the people involved need to know what change is about to take place, Why is the change important? And how are the changes going to be effective? When you can answer the three questions to your employees and communicate effectively, it means that you are on the right track to digital transformation journey.

Note: Any new innovative plan for your business must link or blend together with your business. This means that when transforming your business digitally, you must know the key elements of your business inside and out. Take digital transformation as a product and brand it according to your business needs.

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What Happens after Digital Transformation?

Up to this point, you now understand what digital transformation is and how to weigh your organization if it is transforming digitally. Now, you may wonder, what happens after your company has transformed digitally? Is there any effect? Will your company gain some benefits out of digital transformation? The truth of the matter is that you will reap more benefits once you go the digital transformation way. Below are some of the benefits you will experience after the entire process:

  • Business Growth

Digital transformation will bring more people together, services will be accessed quickly, and all the services that your business offers will be available instantly. This only means that your organization is staged to grow to extreme heights.

  • Profit Maximization

Once your company grows bigger, it becomes more efficient and more productive, thus increasing the profits steadily.

  • Highly Skilled Employees

Digital transformation offers courses available online. This means that you can as well train your workers via an online platform. Training will give you better employees who will maintain the standards of your organization and they will always be ready for new innovative plans.

  • Better Reviews for your Company

When you have a highly-skilled workforce and a large profit-making organization, your company will be rated highly and it will have a positive repetition.

Those are among the benefits you can reap from digital transformation. Isn’t it something worthy? Well, you better transform your business digitally if you want to outdo the competition and grow steadily.


The goal of any business is to grow, be more productive, and then most importantly fulfill the customer needs at all costs. There is only one way to achieve this, and it is all about digital transformation. It all requires the right attitude, teamwork, and outstanding leadership skills.

Take advantage of the emerging trends in the world of technology and raise your business to another level. Once you start experiencing the above-named factors, you know you are on the right track.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.