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How to make Digital Transformation a Boon for your Company?

With the growth in technology, customer expectations have also increased. The norms have challenged the organisations to make changes in the way businesses operate. Every business is adapting and innovating new ideas with the ongoing demands of customers. What is mostly observed nowadays? People are transforming digitally and thus, digital transformation in businesses have become mandatory. First we need to know what digital transformation is and then we what is needed for it to succeed.

What is Digital Transformation?

The growth in technology has made the businesses to embrace digital methodologies so that people can understand what is needed from a business. When an organization redefines itself using digital technologies to fulfill the demands of consumers the term that comes into being is called digital transformation. Digital transformation is not a stationary process but it is a continuous process that need evolution with time. Digital transformation isn’t something that you need to buy or it isn’t a plug that you need to switch on but it is a journey that means more than just an ongoing app or a website.

For a complete digital transformation you need to redefine all business operations and improve the agility of the company so that it becomes stronger than it was previously. For a successful digital transformation you need a good commitment from senior leaders and organisation’s C-suit. You need a good modification of outdated CMS. You need an executive support to convert a minor business function digitally. Once confidence is established, it becomes easier for organizations to execute bold projects. Digital transformation of companies make them lucrative. It helps organisations to be relevant, adaptive, as well as competitive in the market. It helps in redefining customer strategies, improves the agility and makes an organisation flexible with the growing customer demands.

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Right Talent in right direction may lead to successful Digital Transformation

The digital transformation process isn’t just a game of one click but needs a well management as well as execution behind it. The organisation needs the right amount of talent to execute the digital transformation project. As per the analysis 68% of managers don’t consider that their employees can successfully deliver digital transformation project because many don’t have the talent to do so. Many business leaders look for talent with business skills to invest in digital transformation objectives. Thus, they get confused on creating an inhouse team or buying it from outside. Well, in such a case continuous learning of employees may be of great use. It involves reskilling of employees so that they learn continuously about modern technologies. Adaptivity is another important transformational effort, an ideal adaptive organisation is the one that can be upskilled quickly.

How can Digital transformation bring success to your organisation?

If your organisation wants success in business then there are some essential aspects that need to be followed for digital transformation. There are certain traits that are important for the effective business digital transformation. If your organisation follows these core elements in digital transformation, it might definitely offer success to your business.


Right Leadership is the base of successful Digital transformation

Right mind-set is what critical for Leadership. When senior leaders care about company’s ups and downs as well as are familiar well with digitization of organisation they are working in then it definitely gives a successful digital transformation outcome. An organisation with dedicated chief digital officer or CTO had a good rate of success. Leadership runs parallely with Digital maturity and this sets goal of digital transformation. What qualities are needed by leaders of an organisation for the success of digital transformation:

  • Adds updated technologies to the organisation continuously.
  • Locate opportunities to make technical changes.
  • Optimize systems and not just fix the things which are already broken so that organisation functions with its best potential.
  • Encourage innovative ideas and experiments.
  • Learn from past failures and find new opportunities for the next success.
  • Serve business goals and requirements by accepting different opportunities.

No organisation can work well without the support of CEOs and CIO’s. Thus, digital transformation can work well in a company only if its supported by its potential leaders.

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  • Be Bold to Digital transformational efforts for its success

Research has shown that unless an organization faces top-down overhaul, it doesn’t tend to implement digital transformation. Digital transformations can succeed only if organisations adapt it at proper time.

  • Agility in Action

If a company can convert its disruptions into advantages then it can be said that the company is digitally mature. A company needs to optimize cross collaboration between all the functions if it aims to succeed in digital transformation process. Agility in organisation comes when CRM systems are updated as well as upgraded. Your company needs to reallocate savings to critical projects and a strong IT team to focus on analytical part. No doubt team formation and certain dynamism is a necessary element for agility of organisation, but it should also focus on team structure. Don’t look for talent that can fulfill an assigned role bug view talent as building blocks of company such that they can withstand the drifting needs of the company. The needs of businesses don’t remain steady, it fluctuates very often. A team that can bond quickly and respond to the shifting demands of the company is the true agility of the company.

  • Adaptivity of Organisation while Remaining Secure

An organisation is said to be adaptive only if it can restructure well securely. It means to incorporate new systems speedily as well as prepare an organisation about the newer systems too.

  • Data Focus

Any digital transformation involves data focus because its a fuel to changing requirements of an organisation. Without a good focus on data, most good technologies fail. Data is most essential of all the aspects for the success of digital transformation.

  • Talent that focuses on latest technologies

A successful incorporation can be only built if organisations talent is primed. Companies invest more in digital marketing training and retraining programs for speeding up the stakeholders. A company culture needs to be crafted for talent acquisition as well as educational opportunities.

Digital Transformation as an important feature of an organisation

Digital transformation helps to transform customer experience. The world is moving towards socialization and it is the need of hour to desire for an easier life. People nowadays demand for faster solutions of their problems. Digitization is all about increasing customer experience. Thus, digital transformation is a cutting edge technology which is directly proportional to customer experience. Many companies have realized this and are moving towards the best digital transformation strategies. How to succeed customer experience through digital transformation:

  • Digitizing customer journeys
  • Speeding up the agility
  • Customer adoption of digital customer journeys.

Consolidation of process and operations makes the best out of digital transformation. What technology has given people? The best thing is that technology has connected people around the world. By digitization, companies can not only bring their workforce together but can also enhance their architecture. This includes everything from social media, project management as well as analytics. If processes and operations are consolidated, it helps businesses to satisfy the needs of customers and target a good audience.

The best thing about digital transformation is that it can track metrics as well as analyse the data for best digital marketing efforts. It helps to drive data based insights that can be used to optimize strategies as well as process for best results. There are two aspects that are vital for any kind of business that is cost and revenue. Both these things can be changed massively if data based insights are integrated in an organisation. Data driven insights helps building relevancy, feedback and agility. Businesses can use structured as well as unstructured data pulling data from all the sides to perform successful digital transformation.

Collaboration across different departments is the key of digital transformation process. People are generally afraid of changes. If an organisation thinks of a massive digital transformation, it might create fear amongst the employees. Its obvious that all the strategies as well as processes needs to be addressed. Thus, this might create a good opportunity throughout all the workforce to collaborate with each other and there will be strong communication between everyone in the company. If all the employees are encouraged it can cover the differences between all the age gaps leading to successful digital transformation. This would also improve the digital intelligence of workforce.

Digital transformation helps to build a flexible and apt digital workplace. This allows the workplace to be more productive as well as it helps to engage the employees in transformation process and they don’t feel disconnected towards the entire process. Technology alone cannot help and is not enough in any place. For a successful business, the organisation must adopt it and apply the culture so that it brings a good digital transformation.

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Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.