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Factors Affecting the Success of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has now become an essential area as the need for mobile applications that suits various needs is in demand.  A great background on mobile app development is, in most cases, a guarantee that wonderful and great apps will be created. But come to think of developing accessible apps that are encountered by flaws. It is a disgrace, right?

Lots of enterprises have now ventured into mobile apps as a form of expanding and boosting businesses. This came to be, just after the realization of what the apps could do, especially in aiding the growth of companies. After that, everyone went for it and brought about considerable expansion of the field. Businesspersons, companies, or other persons who are much into a business can as well hire the services of any renowned app development company and get ready to go. The major aim here is to come up with an interface that supports the least person with no idea of what prevails. This, in turn, enhances understanding without leaving any of the features out.

Before the final stage of app development, a step by step procedure of all stages are conducted to ensure the outcome is a powerful, desirable app. Currently, mobile app development and design stand out to be the trendy ideas running the Information technology market. This, therefore, serves as the best time for such enterprises. A lot of mobile apps are being developed day and night; many of them are being updated every month. But with all these, there is a likelihood of having a minimal success charge.

Not a single development company would love to deliver shoddy applications as every company is at the helm of producing the very best of their apps just to meet users’ satisfaction needs. Huge costs are also spent in the whole process of app development ranging from requirements, users’ on-demand solutions to demands in achieved the final goal.

As initially stated, the design and development of mobile apps have transformed the IT sector. With this, we’ll, therefore, need to understand the factors to consider to attain the success of mobile apps as well as the most critical factors affecting the success of mobile app development.

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Factors Hindering the Development of Apps

Every mobile application is designed to serve a specific purpose or support some core functionality. The development of these apps will always go hand in hand with security considerations. Some other mobile apps may also be developed to serve consumer-oriented purposes. These generally focus on providing the user with a satisfying experience. Development of mobile applications desires that persistence and time be allocated to each app development project. Therefore, this study takes you through the essential aspects that are key in determining the working hours, especially if the goal is to come up with a timely, successful mobile application.

A detailed study of the success of app development provides a clear view of the essential factors responsible for identifying the period of app development. These are outlined as follows:

User-friendly Applications

Any software or application should always be designed by putting the end-user into consideration. Therefore, for mobile applications, all screens should be excellent and clean and not disorganized and cluttered. User-friendly apps should limit themselves to a considerable number of options because many options are likely to hinder navigation through the app itself. This usually happens on small smartphone screens. Additionally, only a significant amount of valuable features is a good thing to go for. Overloading the app user with a truckload of non-essential features will bring boredom and with no self-satisfaction from the user. The app should be easy to use with the run area sized to fit all thumb sizes. A good app should be able to support all kinds of users ranging from the more tech-savvied ones to the less tech-savvied counterparts.

Focus on the main Feature

A nice feature should define what the app addresses. A good number of users would prefer to use a simple application with a defined feature than use complex apps with a range of undefined features. The confinement to one strongest feature in every app is actually what defines the successes of a given app. To confine yourself to a single outstanding feature, you, therefore, have to review the driving aim to the development of the app. The very reason will also be the app’s driving feature.

Speed of the App

Some mobile applications might be a bother to their immediate users. This sounds quite disgusting, especially when the user needs to perform an urgent action. Applications should be as fast as possible, especially when alternating between different operations. If pages take longer to load, then the user’s attention should be captured through animated indicators. Through this, the user’s patience is maintained when the application loads until opening. Developers should always be after ensuring that apps do not load too much to the extent that tires the immediate user.

The App should be User-centered

Amongst the first things to put into consideration is the well being of the end-user of the app under development. The users’ likes and dislikes should be considered as they help in determining a suitable way of coming up with an app that will satisfactorily be enjoyed by them. A user-centric application will always tend to enhance the number of active users, viewers, as well as proper engagement. To be able to understand user needs or suggestions, the app developer will have to assess the user feedback and modify the app accordingly. A user-centered application is likely to take into account all the things required or preferred by the user. This, in turn, builds affection within the app users who will, after that, adopt to consistence app use.

Customer Support and Maintenance Services

The customer support system is quite essential because it acts as a way of accessing user grievances and needs. In the first place, no app should lack a customer support system unless otherwise. The system caters to the needs of those who are not well acquainted with tech issues. The support system should be fully functional and at least address all areas that can be a barrier to users who aren’t tech-savvy. Therefore, performance and design should backed-up by a secure customer support system. The application should also devise measures that should stand in place of maintaining the application. An already developed application should always undergo periodic maintenance to enable perfect use by the users.  Maintenance services should be scheduled accordingly and also be done accordingly. This is of importance as the developer will need to alert the users of planned maintenance to prepare them psychologically.

Application’s Functionality

The center post of every application is its functionality. The principal aim at the start of app development is to come up with a fully functional app that serves almost all user needs. The application’s features work precisely well as desired. Buttons within the app should respond immediately in a single click just to facilitate smooth navigation. This promotes the development of a glitch-free and stable app. Additionally, the app in progress should be flexible to work perfectly well on a range of associate devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Customization in the App

Applications that are restricted to only developer preferences might seem unfriendly to the users. There should always be a chance to manipulate some of the settings just to suit user preferences and tastes as well. A lot of people prefer to go for apps that restrict them to the least extent. They are, therefore, able to customize the applications into suitable personal preferences. Customization of applications can occur in different ways. These make the app more attractive to the eye. In the end, users under aesthetics are likely going to keep using this app. However, customization should be done moderately to maintain the initial functionality of the app.

Offline Capacity

At times accessibility to WiFi or data connection is tough to some people. The easiest way is having a preference for apps that can be accessed even when the internet is cut off. At times, it is always better to develop applications that support online and offline versions. These make the app much useful to the users and provides reassurance for more resources even when offline. The user of the app will, therefore, adapt to it and maintain continual usage.

App Complexity

Complexity stands out to be one of the critical factors that are paramount when developing an app. Every element has its complexity, and this determines the outcome of the application and the delivery time. Let us consider an instance where a business-related application is to be developed with product images. Another gaming application is to be established, as well. Considering these two applications, you will discover that the business-related one requires minimal effort than the gaming application. Both applications are interactive, but the latter takes a considerable period just to come up with the final app for the user. The gaming app will require many sophisticated features and functionalities, as well.

Generally, many factors are attributed to the success of developing mobile applications. When all these factors are incorporated and observed in a single app, then there is a definite assurance of success. All these are dependable on the developers, and it is up to them to identify various ways of coming up with the most essential, user-friendly, aesthetic, and pleasant app the works perfectly well.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.