Best Practices for eCommerce UX

Best Practices for eCommerce UX

UX is a vital factor in attracting the attention of users to your website and the design practices which must be followed are listed below


  • Design Stability

Design stability or consistency is described as a thing that ties UI elements with each other. With the help of some distinguishable and predictable actions, this process is performed due to which it is considered to be a key for the great key performance. Design stability is marked to be the way by which things get simplified. It is the way due to which one can think of it as a commitment that will make to their users. Just like in the case when the user sees the light gray button in the popup the user can easily assume that it will get cancel and the popup will also get closed. Due to this action, one can easily interact with the product.

In the case of stable or consistent design, the person will become its regular user and begin to trust that product more and more. To provide the consistent UI different five practices prove to be useful for everyday design. These helpful practices will be marked as follows:

  • Design Research

For the consistent experience, nothing is more important than the research of its quality. In any condition, this practice will not be underestimated. Budget, as well as time, are marked to be an important consideration in the product design. Without the absence of these, a product will never get success. As these are important to the process, on the other hand, it is also important to not lose sight of one who uses the product. Keep the users at the top of the mind. It is necessary that in the beginning stages of the product planning the research will not be overlooked.

  • User Goals

For the sake of the success of a product, it is important to get into the mindset of the new user. You will be able to know what they want to accomplish? By the help of the application how they will help their users?

At this point, we take an example that we are building the travel application. By the help of this travel application, their users can easily select the vacation time frame and will be able to find the specific deals on the flights and the hotels by remaining on their budget. At the same time, this application will not be just the travel site or the app. Along with it, it can also be connected with the Facebook account and due to which a person can plan the top five vacations that are based on the content which a person has shared. The user of this app selects their vacation plan that seems to be best and all the details of it are taken care of.

For more detail here are some of the main user goals that a person prefers more:

> In specified timeframe vacation options will be viewed.

> Different vacation options will be compared with each other.

> User’s interest plays an important role so it is better to select the vacation that involves a user’s interest.

> While in the vacation budget matters a lot so it remains in control.

By the help of the above mentioned, we become familiar with the breakdown of goals. Now the next step in this process is to design the project to meet the user expectations.

  • Familiarize oneself with the common UX Patterns

Recurring patterns in the UX design will help the user to solve the common design problems. It is obvious in this case that the designers will not only copy the entire layout of the other application that seems to be similar to it. Based on specific user goals the main need of the design is to filter and also modify the patterns according to the demands.

Product grid is marked to be the typical kind of pattern in e-commerce. By the help of such kind of the pattern a user of it can easily browse and will also be able to see the information of the product.

At this time it is right to say that patterns in this design have been evolving and the users at the same time will become aware of the standard location of the elements. While using such kind of the design most of the users become agree that to search something the search bar seems to appear in the upper, right or in the center that is marked to be its common placement.

  • Making of Design Patterns for the Production of Design Consistency

The main key for the consistent and successful UX design is the user performing several tasks with the help of minimum actions is. For example, a task that takes almost four steps in the process will be completed in two. For this advantage, we can say that such type of design will be made to develop the shorter task flow.

  • Design Hierarchy 

Along with the design patterns for the presence of established design hierarchy does wonder for the consistency of the UX design. Whether the users of the design are aware or not they pay clear attention towards the priority and the order of the elements they interact within the case.

Some elements in the case of the visuals and the human eye will take precedence over others like bright colors, bigger sizes and others like them. It will depend on the fact that how much notice they are. As a user, we can think about the screen visuals in terms of the fact that what a person will see first, second, third and then so on. Such kind of advantage will allow the designers to ensure users find the primary functions that are comparatively faster than others. Besides it, they can also present the secondary and the tertiary functions with the help of the appropriate kind of attention.

  • Design of Elements

There are numerous kinds of design elements that go into UX applications. At this time every design will build in the form that produces UX patterns. At here it is important to keep an organized inventory and also check that for the consistent experience the elements are used properly.

  • Branding Elements

It is better to stay consistent with the overall elements of the brand. These branding elements include correct image styles, typography, brand color schemes, logo, etc. these elements will be reflected in the application alike with the other properties of the brands. Do several questions arise in the mind of the users that is the correct logo used? Are the branding colors that are used are consistent? Does the typeface of the product match the others? The consistency of the brand will allow the project to feel like the part of the family of the brand, and not like the example of the black sheep. In the case of need for information style guides to providing all of them to their users.

  • Typography

Typography element is considered to be the most visual impact should always be on-brand. The visual element in the product is very important not only for the hierarchy of the design but also for the entire UX design as well. For the improvement in the scalability, readability and even navigation, the arrangement, fonts and the changing of the sizes play an important role.

  • Components

During the time of the research, the user will become familiar with the UX patterns and their components. In this process, the user will become familiar with the behavior of the components that how they behave inside and outside of the pattern.

For the making of the pattern the components of the product can refer to any number of the elements, just like as mentioned below:

> Progress bars
> Lists
> Panels
> Buttons
> Cards
> Forms

  • Templates

It is better to use the templates in the case of having difficulty to standardize the app or the site. Most of the applications allow the templates and just because of the reason that elements and the layout look like they streamline the UX features across that product. It will also give another benefit to their user that such kind of templates can be reused over and over and also even years down the line.

  • Design System and Pattern Library

This design system will not be faced by the user but for good consistency, it is an important key. To keep everyone on the same page nowadays, many of the teams use the pattern library or the design system as a point of their reference. This is considered to be the rulebook that anyone present in the team can easily use them at any time. It seems to be essential for team-wide consistency.

  • Application-consistent Actions

At the time when the application is easy to use everyone will in love with it. Due to this property that application saves the time of their users and also avoid headaches and also the user can easily meet their goals. By their consistent action, the work will be in the flow and run smoothly.

  • Product Content

This category of the design will not only deals with the visual effect of the product but also involves the text throughout the application. Consistent terminology is marked to be another important key in each place of the application.

  • Structure of Content

As mentioned above the content plays an important role in the UX elements whether in the case of simplicity or the complexity. This content is not considered to be just the words themselves but in this, we become familiar with how to copy text that is presented visually such like as the body copy, list the items, table of contents and other like them.

  • In Content Brand Consistency

In content, brand consistency plays an important role due to which it will become easier for the user to use them. Inconsistency will indulge the user in the state of confusion. Just like an example if one of the buttons says layout and another of it was saying sign out.

  • User Defaults

By making the user goals upfront a person can set the realistic kind of the defaults to decrease the burden to the user of the application. At this point, it is also important to give clear attention to the forms. As this the great opportunity for the defaults to decrease the amount of the user effort.

  • Consistent Kind of Communication

In communication, several kinds of things are involved just as the search results, error windows or form submit messages. For the success of the application, it is necessary to communicate with the user and informed them about every step. At here the communication should be consistent so that the application can flourish.

  • Reduction in User’s Frustration

The main reason for the frustration of the user develops at the time when in the application they don’t know what to do in the next step. Some specific kind of instructional text can easily make the user out of this condition. At here the error messages also proves to be helpful by which the user will become familiar with their mistake and they know how to solve it.

  • Helpful Information

The user of the application will not waste their time whether the action takes place or not. For this purpose form field, submissions prove to be helpful. At the time when this situation is not much cleared a quick kind of the success or the error seems to appear on the screen for the success or the failure of the user. Take such kind of the condition to be safe. Even at the time when it’s apparent that the action of the user was successful. As this is an important point so that many of its users still prefer such kind of quick information.


By the help of all of the above-mentioned facts and the details, these are marked to be the important practices involved in the UX design. Their consistency or stability will allow their user to use the application without any kind of confusion and difficulty.


Written by:

Stuti Dhruv

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.

Stuti Dhruv is a Senior Consultant at Aalpha Information Systems, specializing in pre-sales and advising clients on the latest technology trends. With years of experience in the IT industry, she helps businesses harness the power of technology for growth and success.