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Designing a Blog for Maximum Readability

Sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings often requires different ways of expressing yourself. Among these common ways is the use of blogs. On almost every website, you won’t miss out on a blog section. In this section, readers find fun and read more about content on various niches to understand the website and services provided better. Therefore, every website owner must invest in the blog section to capture much attention from readers and even bring about a higher engagement rate while increasing traffic. However, do you design or come up with a blog anyhow? That might cost you as a website owner. Your blog and its section need a perfect design and aestheticism to attract readers. From this perspective, we have designed this blog to ensure adherence to a design fit for reading among various readers.

Creating a blog can be more accessible but designing it serves much when there is a need to attain maximum readability among users. Attracting readers to read your content can sometimes be a nightmare – but it isn’t until you master the ins and outs that ensure someone gets engaged with your blog until the end. It all starts with your textual design – the mode in which to design and arrange your text on the blog. Such counts a lot since it determines whether readers will read through your blog to the end.

We shall therefore dive through a wide range of procedures and techniques to ensure your blog’s maximum readability.

Proper font choice

Readability goes hand in hand with the type of font used in the blog section. There are many fonts you can opt for. However, it is good to understand that not every font is meant to be used anywhere – each font has its proper area of use. It is thus essential to pick your fonts appropriately so that your readers might not end up straining reading through the blog in your blog section. It is always helpful to consider a clear and louder font that can generate maximum impression among prospective readers. Dull and unclear fonts might send away readers just at their first impression. Choosing proper fonts requires you to choose appropriate font sizes and types. A font size lying, on average, between 14 to 16 pixels is good enough for your readers. The use of huge or very tiny fonts will always generate negative energy and reactions from potential readers of your blog.

Furthermore, mobile phone usage is currently up on the scale in the technology industry. Therefore, most users can access your website’s blog section through a mobile phone. Therefore, using larger fonts with no responsiveness might appear differently on mobile. Consequently, you should ensure to go for a font that’s good for the eye and enhances the reader experience.

Drop capping

Incredible drop capping in your blog will never be a turn-off for users, so the need to ensure its proper usage. Drop capping involves increasing the size of the first letter in perhaps a given paragraph of content. It is among the common strategies employed by most authors who write stories in print publications. The blog’s case on your website isn’t any different. Just as readers of print publications will be attracted to proper drop capping, your readers will get clued to a blog that employs good drop capping. You must increase the size of your introductory paragraph, which is a strategy to generate interest in prospective readers. Even as you do that, ensure that the content written in your first paragraph is captivating enough. Understanding that you can always drop cap a given letter using some inbuilt HTML elements or even using a styling language such as CSS is essential. While drop capping, always ensures to modify your code as per the blog’s theme. Doing so ensures much readability. It is also crucial to ensure consistency when implementing drop caps. If you choose a given font size for the drop cap, stick to the font size in any other drop cap applied in the blog section. Inconsistency in drop caping characteristics will always bring about a loss in valuable readability, and thus your readers might lose interest in the end.

Optimum space provision

Spaces also play a crucial role in enhancing the readability of any given blog. However, this doesn’t mean we feed the blog section with enough spaces within blogs. When overdone, space provision might reduce the spark of your reader along the way – it is thus essential to do it cautiously. When creating space within elements in the blog, you must consider crucial factors such as line height and column width. The duo is a common term for anyone who has handled computer packages. Line height means the space between two consecutive lines in your blog, while column width is the space between different but adjacent text columns. The two are fundamental creators of white spaces surrounding the text. Packing text and letters close to each other brings exhaustion to the reader – they don’t enjoy refreshing breaks for the eye.

It is, therefore, essential that you provide optimum space good enough for enjoyable reading. However, while you provide space, keep considering the two factors – the line height and the column width.

Go for a light and calming background.

While your content might be more innovative and more captivating, it is essential to keep it attractive. Gaining attraction from potential readers requires that you use different techniques. Among the methods is the use of a proper background – it could be a background color or background image. Good choice of your background ensures an appropriate rhyme with the content you have written and thus ignites the spark of your reader. You should expect them to read even more once you implement this strategy. Usually, an excellent, calming background will do the reader better. Avoid tainting your background with a wide range of colors, as it will always turn away some users.

Keep the paragraphs shorter.

Sometimes longer paragraphs might cause frustration to the readers. They might get impatient and end up losing their concentration on the way. Writing for readers on the web differs from writing for usual readers. It is thus essential that you keep your paragraphs shorter. If you have to write long paragraphs, let them be straightforward and illustrate the exact idea in hand with no fluffiness. However, you have to strive and avoid long paragraphs at all costs.

Arrange your content orderly

While writing requires that you divide your content into various sections, it is essential to understand and appreciate the benefits of separating content. Your flow of ideas should start with a captivating introduction, the body, and a conclusion. A properly arranged scope will always bring the reader into your flow, and this causes them to focus on the end. Otherwise, poor arrangement of content on your blog might bring difficulties such as misunderstanding the written content or even challenges in reading. Therefore, ensuring a proper flow in your entire blog is essential.

Proper highlighting of titles and subtitles

An extensive blog article will always contain many titles to address. However, without proper highlighting of these titles, the reader might get confused on the way. Therefore, it is essential to highlight these titles in their correct order. In addition, you can use specific styling for the headings associated with the blog. Some styles you can consider when working with titles include bolding, italicizing, and making the titles larger. Such stylings are easier to implement through various elements provided by web development languages such as HTML.

Proper image inclusion and placement

Images are the visual aspect of expressing yourself. Therefore, at least your blog should include some images to illustrate more on whatever you are explaining. You must consist the images in your blog correctly. It is also essential to focus on the choice of images for your blog. Always go for high-quality images that match the content within your blog. Once readers have a visual impression of digital content through the image, they tend to start understanding even the problematic areas they couldn’t get through the text. Such brings the reader back to track, and they continue reading through the blog for complete understanding. However, ensure to use of sizable images with proper placement. You can consider placing your image between or below the text so that readers can gain insight into understanding the blog.


The blog section will always be the selling section for your website. It is here that you need to pull and attract readers through blogs. Therefore, ensuring the above-discussed design will help you leverage the blog section for maximum readability among readers and prospective readers. As a blogger, you should spend your precious time understanding how you can structure your blog, as it is the essential determiner in the success of reading through the blog.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.