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Things to consider before Financial App Development

Smart phones are becoming common with each passing day because of the amazing features and apps they offer. One of the top five applications widely adopted by mobile phone users are financial apps. These apps offer users and owners with a huge range of benefits. Famous financial apps include Mint, Pocket Expense and Prosper Daily, etc. Financial apps help users in carrying out activities like control personal finances, online shopping, share money with others, pay bills, manage their bank accounts etc.

Financial app developers have a huge responsibility upon them to build apps which are high risk, secure and trustworthy. The points which must be kept in mind while building financial apps are listed below:


Financial apps involve money making them extremely high risk. During the recent years hackers have managed to carry out a number of data breaches, credit card thefts and a number of such activities making it a necessity for financial app developers to build applications which are secured robustly. The mobile app security essential must be implemented on such apps. In addition to those the finical applications must include support for digital signatures, password strength checker and frequent updates in order to ensure maximum security.

Simple Apps

Nowadays the financial application developers prefer including narrow functionality in their app so that the loading time can be reduced. Previously these applications used to take long to load with an average loading time of 10 seconds, this was due to the fact that the developers tried to include as many features as they could resulting in low performance but the trend has completely changed now.

Cross-platform Development

The financial apps must be able to run on various platforms enabling a wide range of users to utilize these apps. Consequently native apps also cost much more as compared to cross platform development making it an un preferred option by the developers. Programming languages such as HTML5, JS, CSS make it easier for developers to build mobile applications which are platform friendly.

Cloud Solutions for Data Integration

In order to keep tour data organizes and secure cloud solutions are being used nowadays. This approach also helps you in cost reduction and less maintenance costs as well. The level of security provided by cloud solutions is greater as compared to local servers and it’s far more difficult to steel data from these platforms making it more suitable for financial applications.


The financial applications must comprise of a user friendly interface so that people do not face any difficulty while carrying out their money related activities using apps. The design principles must be followed strictly in order to provide financial app users with an enhanced user experience.

Quality Assurance

According to stats 23 % users abandon a mobile based application after using it for the first time. This implies that you must get your financial app thoroughly tested before making it available for end users. In this manner they will not experience any bugs and carry out their financial transactions smoothly.

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