Agile Transformation Journey
3 March, 2023
Agile Transformation Journey

Is your organization trying to adopt an agile methodology, yet you don't know a clear process and steps to follow? Then consider reading this guide to the end as we unleash all you need to know to accomplish the agile methodology successfully. Before your organization adopts an agile methodology, you should know that the agile…

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What is Visual Positioning System
16 February, 2023
What is Visual Positioning System (VPS) and Use Cases?

Visual Positioning is a technology that enables electronic devices such as mobile phones and drones to determine their physical location on geographic maps using massive data systems like Google maps and visual clues, e.g., landmarks…

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Tech Stacks for Software Development
2 February, 2023
Top Tech Stacks for Software Development 2023

When building software, choosing the right tech stack ensures the project is less costly and the development successful. This is especially crucial for start-ups and small businesses because their budgets and resources are limited. Tech…

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