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How to build a Workout Streaming App like Peloton?

Online workout classes are the latest trend, applications such as the Peloton app are super popular among gym fanatics. Gym Owners who are inclined to sell their workout session a mobile app can benefit from applications like Peloton.

Peloton offers music to perform workout sessions at home. It provides information about diet plans, strength workout, and cardio exercises. Peloton streams classes daily with the interaction between the user and a professional gym instructor. Various activities are held during the workout session so that people do not abandon the exercises and the application itself. People can exchange ideas regarding workout on Peloton.

Important features to include in workout application

  • Workout

Exercises consisting of different types of activities are the main focal point of any fitness tracker application. A great strategy would be to filter workout by music, difficulty level, area of exercise, equipment type, duration, etc. Showing health metrics live during a workout session is recommended.

  • Achievements and bonuses

Before starting a fitness, tracking app determine why would people want to commit to training their bodies? The reason people go through a tough training period is that they need to feel that they have accomplished something. Give bonus tips to people with exceptional results so they cheer up. Show performances compared with other users to motivate them.

  • Route for a workout session

It is crucial to integrate a fitness application with mapping software to display routes for sprinting, cycling, etc. Mark checkpoints on the route so the user may know of his/her position.

  • Notifications

Notifications can serve as reminders for workout sessions or about new messages from any friends. Sending notifications to a user who is inactive for a couple of days is imperative. The quick response to notifications such as rescheduling a workout session is important.

  • Social Interaction

Fitness applications are adding a messaging facility between users and admin to make the session more interactive. Users can share pictures of their meal, accomplishments in strength, or cardio workout. Fellow members can also be added as friends, communication between friends may help in attaining a positive experience.

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Steps to build a workout Application

There is a lot to consider while developing a workout session application. Managing workout routine videos daily can be challenging. To make the application stand out from the crowd keep in mind the following steps.

  • Enhance User Experience

A simple and friendly interface is always a positive experience, especially while developing a fitness tracking application. Think through the concepts of UI and UX so that the user can accomplish the desired action with the minimum number of taps on the screen. For a workout streaming app, surround all the user activities on the main page. Some useful tips include

  • Be creative with description, imagery, playlist.
  • Layout a filtering option, so users can find classes that they prefer.
  • Design a timetable for live workout sessions.
  • Allow users to switch profiles between different devices, so they can train using the same profile on different devices like a tablet, smartwatches, or TV.
  • Video classes for workout sessions should be recorded and available.
  • Social and vivid interactivity

Developing a fitness streaming application while including vibrant elements is an excellent approach. Since users take part in classes from their homes, it is essential to install a sense of community in them. Some useful tips are

  • Allow the users to rate, review, and share classes on social media
  • Trainers should have access to usernames during a workout, so they can interact with them directly
  • Rank the users based on their performance to give them an incentive to work harder.
  • Use integrated sensors

A fitness tracker application adds value if the trainer makes the training session regularly. Showing their progress is essential, using data gained during workouts is a good strategy. Some tips on hardware implementation include.

  • GPS will allow the user to visualize their performance on a map and will help them navigate their achievement.
  • Motion processor will count the user’s steps.
  • Android phones consist of an optical heart rate monitor which is quite impressive.
  • Monetize the application

Peloton is a prime example of how a fitness streaming application should be and can make money. Sell premium fitness bikes and treadmills to users and offer them subscriptions on the application. Consider the following tips.

  • Implementing a method for payment option in Apple’s or Google’s domain is easy
  • Add in-app purchases that are convenient for the users
  • One option may include limiting users to purchase only via the website that is present in the application.
  • Launch an MVP

Launching a minimum viable product (MVP) is an excellent strategy that gives user feedback timely. Launch an application with basic features this way adjustments can be held before launching the application officially.

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Estimated price to make a fitness Application

The price to create a fitness application depends on whether a business owner launches a minimal viable product or a full version of the application.

For the MVP it will cost around $45,000, and for a full version, variant application costs around $85,000, or $150,000. Developer cost also comes in factor, developers cost depends upon market value.

It is worth knowing that a workout streaming app is often to work equally well on various devices besides smartphones. For example, smartphones, TV, smartwatches, etc.

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Covid-19 pandemic

The last year has been tough for gym-fanatics who are disappointed. Gym-goers miss the environment of the gym and their personal fitness goals. The workout music at gyms inspired them to meet their personal fitness goals.  The lockdown has spared no one leaving gym enthusiasts with the only option of working out from their home. However, fitness applications like Peloton come to their aid. These times are a golden opportunity for a business owner to develop a fitness application. Keep in mind the important features and the steps to develop a fitness application.

If you have any idea about building a workout streaming app then feel free to contact us today.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.